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This song is just amazing! Can't believe it's the last one of the list... SUGAR makes me dance but it's also emotional. Leona made it again, she made me fall in love with her music, lyrics and her voice ♡. ♡

42Misses Glass
43Crying is Beautiful

I know she is quit underrated artist but this song is so out of the world... Superb vocal... I know its not official a part of any album I expect this song in GLASSHEART but might be in any another album. N love LEONA n this song highly recommended you should really listen this song MAZ'in song

Not officially released but it is relly mesmerizin me... Love the choros n what an amazing singer n vocal!

Come on people is something like you people have stop using this website or smthing... She is such an amazing mezzo saporano.. N this song will soon be seen in top 10 that's for sure n please stop under-rating her n she deserves more than rihanna JLo Britney... Her voice can be easily compared with ADELE n she need spotlight

46A Year Without RainV1 Comment

This song keep the capability to drive me totally crazy n she have amazing vocal

48Rain and Thunder

This song is one of my favourite songs!


Can not understand how this song is not on the list. Everyone should know this one. One of her best, if not the best song. - zigasajtegel

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