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1Can't Hold Us

This is my favorite song I listen to nowadayys. I love macklemore's rapping <3 I love the singing part too! MAcklemore is the best rapper ever :D

This should definitely be #2. It's way better than same love. Thrift shop is still #1 for me though

Come on really? Same love! Really! Stupid song! This song inspires me to do my best and to never give up! It motivates me to get stuff done! A masterpiece by Professor Mac!

Can't hold us is still the best

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2Same Love

"When kids are walkin down the hallway, plagued by a pain in their heart. A world so hateful some would rather die than be who they are. And a certificate on paper, isn't gonna solve it all, but it's a damn good place to start. No law's gonna change us. We have to change us. Whatever God you believe in, we come from the same one."

Love is patient, love is kind. Maybe Rap isn't my favorite genre, but this song speaks a powerful message that moves me to tears every time. - keycha1n

So inspiring to people that like the other sex, and it shows us all how it is okay to be different, because it is who we are in the world, an after all, in the fine words of Mary Lambert:

I can't change, even if I try, even if I wanted to...

Number 3? Really, had this song never existed, chances are, I never would've came out, because this is what I made my parents listen to while I did that. If this song never existed, I'd be in the closet my whole life, never would've gotten married to the love of my life (Chris, and my life would be a major bum. This song seriously needs to be higher.


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This song saved my life, back in 1988 I time travelled and was sent to here. I was going to buy a boat, but then I heard this song and decided not to buy the boat. I could have drowned! Anyway I studied the lyrics in this song and realised if you sing it backwards and then spell your name in Chinese you go back in time! I am writing this back in good old 1988! Thanks Macklemore for this stunning tribute to time travellers

This isn't music. This is inspiration for life...
Great song, so much meaning behind it, reaches out to your soul.

Has the most meaning story behind it. The song is about Macklemore's drug addiction and how rappers influence kids lives.

There is no other song like this song!

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4Thrift Shop

I'm gonna pop some tags only got 20 dollars in my pocket I'm I'm I'm huntin for a come up this is F... Ing awesome once you get it in your head it's stuck there

I really love Can't Hold Us, but Thrift Shop is just amazing. I have to admit, Can't Hold Us made more sense and involved more skill, but still, something about Thrift Shop is totally epic.

Thrift shop is way better then can't hold us

Love this song it make my blood flow more fast

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In my opinion this is the best song of Macklemore. IĀ've listen to it like a 1000 times and I can still hear it without getting bored. This song has helped me a lot of seeing the truth of this consumerism world I recoment to you all to listen this song at least once in your life

This song is beyond amazing. The verses are great and the chorus is outstanding. I love the sound and feeling of this song so much.

Addresses many real life problems and is in some ways inspiring. hell of a song and makes you think about life. if you want inspiration listen closely to Ten Thousand Hours by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, if you want to be great, take Ten Thousand Hours to heart.

I love this song it always makes my bad days better

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6Ten Thousand Hours

Should be closer to the top. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis spent over 10, 000 hours working on The Heist.

Most inspiring song about how hard work pays off!
Love it!

7My Oh My

My Oh My is just an amazing song. It talks about his history and I think that this is enough to make it reach top 6

Waayy too underrated. I get chills every time I listen to this

My Oh My talks about history and no rappers actually rap about the past

8Starting Over

This song is amazing! It is about his relapse with drugs and you can just hear the emotion he puts into it. It has a great beat, great lyrics, and a great chorus. I wish more people knew about this song!
"And you know what pain looks like,
When you tell your dad you relapsed then look him directly into his face"

It is a really great song that you can tell he really put a lot of his feelings into. And a really great beat to it

Nobody knows this song but it is incredible. Listen to overside then starting over. I listen to it on replay. If I can be an example of getting sober, I can be an example of starting over

Literally sobbing over this song. Just beautiful - keycha1n

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9Inhale Deep

Got me through a lot of hard times. If it wasn't for this song and starting over I wouldn't be six months clean. By far best song

One of the best songs I have ever listened to. This song is not on top only because not many people know it.

Finally made me realize that I no longer need weed to be happy... That instead I simply need to focus on living my life

This song is the best for listening while smoking weed

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#3 behind my oh my and wings

Come on guys... shake and bake. This song is underrated. Nothing to special but this has to be better than number 9.

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11White Walls

The only reason this song isn't in the top ten is because no one knows it! Everyone has to listen to this song its definitely top 5!

Best macklemore song by far. Lacks some of the deepness that others possess but it's music video makes up for that. hella funny.

I love macklemore, he never disappoints

Crazy song... its very addictive

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12Neon Cathedral

Great song about Macklemores personal battle against alcoholism! How is this not top 10?

13Hold Your Head Up

The moment I heard "Inhale deep" I added it here and the moment I am listening "Hold your head up" I am adding it here. One of the best song!

Great sing from the album the language of my world

14Make the Money

The music in this song is just amazing. I love it 'because this song is great and we should learn from the lyrics, which tell us the truth.

Honestly think this song needs more attention. Amazing from start to finish

Love this never get enough of it

15Irish Celebration

This song is so inspiring. It should be #1!

This song should be higher its really good

16Victory Lap
17And We Danced

Big. Long. Pick. Strong

I am OBSESSED with this song, his voice just sounds completely different than it normally does and I just LOVE this song!

This Song is flippin AWESOME! Not as cool as Thrift Shop I Admit but still give it a shot... My best friend's cousin wasn't kidding: Macklmore is cool...

Big. Long. Big. Strong.

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This song is like a cold lemonade on a hot summers day. It will fill you with energy and motivate you at the same time. Just an amazing song, this one should be number 1 on this list.

This song just really gets you on your feet. It has an amazing beat that's fun and energetic.

The song is epic. The video makes it even better.

It glorifies mopeds

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19Thin Line

This is so amazing! One of those songs you put on repeat and listen to over and over until you get bored of it. #4 behind Thrift Shop, Can't Hold Us and Wings.

Pleasee listen to this song. It is truly amazing. Give it a chance. The chorus is amazing. It's probably the best chorus in all of his songs.

20Jimmy Lovine

So catchy, good meaning not just some rap about greatness and all that crud. Macklemoore is the best rapper his raps have real good meaning.

Last 45 seconds are the best part

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