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July 31, 2015 - This is based off of lyric quality, articulation, speed of rapping, and the writing of the beats. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Eminem seems to be really popular in rap-related lists. Anyway, Eminem wins this, hands-down. Tupac is great too but Eminem has always been my favourite in rap. Best freestyler, best lyrics, best everything. Eminem is truly a lyrical genius. I have friends who hate rap but they love Eminem. He pretty much invented rap music. Eminem will always be my favourite rapper, no matter what. I love him.
He's undoubtedly the best rapper. Even people who hate rap like him.
He is the best rapper frigging ever. Eminem makes sense in what he raps. Tupac is second even though he just cusses.
[Newest]Truly he is the god of rap

Tupac just rocks seriously, I'm sad he died young
He was a true poetic. Left poetry to continue his legacy after death
Only spoke the facts n always had a Black man point of view
Tupac deserves the number1 spot..
[Newest]Needs to be no. 1

3Dr. Dre
He the best he should be number one
He sexy and the best

4Sagopa Kajmer
ı love you sagopa kajmer. Sagopa kajmer ıs the king
Sagopa kajmer perfect rapper.
Perfect rapper sagopa kajmer
[Newest]This man is the best

5Snoop Dogg
I'm a Biafran-Nigerian but I must tell you that snoop dogg is the realest G in the music industry, if you argue it then think of why the rest of them respects him so much even the most richest of them.

6Lil Wayne
Yes lil wayne is the best rapper in the world
Lil wayne is the best rapper in the world
Forget Eminem. Lil Wayne #1!
[Newest]I have a crush on you

7Biggy Smalls
He got swag to his rapping & when raps I just get into it. ♡"

8Tupac Shakur
A flow that flows.

9Heavy D

10The Notorious B.I.G.

The Contenders

11Tyler the Creator
Just picked him because this list is so stupid.. Heavy D, Dre, Tyler, Snoop shouldn't even be on this list GET THIS CRAP OUTTA HERE LMFAO NO JAY-Z, RAKIM, LL COOL J, EVEN KANYE WEST... TRASH BIN!
He's the best rapper in Life... You don't be knowing...

12Ice Cube
The predator. He wrote the majority of lyrics into the straight outta compton. He made classic solo albums. Yeah, I got some last words... Respect from Hungary. Peace.
What kind of a name is ice cube idont even know who that is

13LL Cool J



16Wiz Khalifa
Wiz comes up with good beats &when you listen to his lyrics he has some good opinions. He just came out as a rapper but although with that he is pretty good with his talent &he already has many songs &many fans.
They missed spelled wiz khalifa's name and the spelled Eminem
I love his new song see you again it makes me cry when the man died I both 560 Point for him


He's the Best fast rapper
Best rapper on here


The second best rapper (number one is Eminem, duh! )
[Newest]He is the best!

1950 Cent

20Norm Ender
His best song - Çıktık Yine Yollara


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