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She Will Be Loved
This music was playing in 2004 when I broke up with my boyfriend, when he said: she will be loved, it was like a message, I would find love. I met my real soul mate later and married.
Soulful and beautiful track! Fantastic lyrics and adam levine... He's amazing!
I dedicated this song to my ex.
SUCH AN AWESOME LYRICS. Love the music and everything
[Newest]This song gives me hope that someone will love me this way one day.
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My favorite so far after Won't Go Home Without You Vote for this for number 1 please, thanks for supporting Maroon 5
This song is beautiful. You should check out the music video, I think its pretty cool
The first time I listened to this song I fell absolutely in lve with it. Adam's voice is GREAT and I LOVE the lyrics to this song. Great beat!
[Newest]Its an amazing song
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3Moves Like Jagger
Just an amazing song. Its so catchy and fun 2 just listen to and dance to. And i honestly just love everything by m5
Awesome song! Just love it christina's voice in it! Not to mention that adam levine's voice is also awesome! Great song!
Best 2011 song from Maroon 5 ^_^ gets all the attention it needs from teens to adults! I just love it and have you seen the dance videos? The choreography created for such a song is so motivating! ~
[Newest]Whenever I hear MOVES LIKE JAGGER, I just feel to leave everything I am doing, start dancing. This song works as a stress remover for me. And... I JUST LOVE THIS SONG!
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4One More Night
! This song has got to be in number 4! Adam Levine's beautiful voice tops it with the catchy tune. This has gotta be there best song!
Maroon 5's new hit single should be first it is the best I love the part when he says got you stuck on my body on my body like a tattoo but in a certain way at 2:43
People just listen to this song this is what song is the voice defines the song its not the song is filled with catchy tunes it has got amazing background nice great cheery tune at starting but what catches is the way adam sings its just great a song picky person like me if likes this song at first glance I think hten it is one of the best song of maroon 5 at least better than misery and should be thus placed at no. 4!
[Newest]The best song ever by adam, it should be in no. 1

5This Love
Absolutely love this song! The lyrics are amazing and the beat of this song is out of this world!
just love it! >>I can't forget it since the first time I have listened to it on the radio
I never listened to this band in a long time but this is the only song I can still remember.


[Newest]The temptation to sing along with this song is irresistible.
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This song is absolutely amazing, possibly my favourite song of all time. Heard it once and now I listen to it every day :D Misery you are Awesome
Because This Song Is So Great, So Beautiful, Adam Noah Levine Really Make This Song With Heart, And This Also Contained My Love Story...
Great songs. Love the use to catchy tunes to describe an emotion that is best described as dark...
[Newest]This song is great when my friend play it in his phone then I said I like that song can you play it again then I download it on my phone then I always play that song for several times I really like this song maybe "Misery" is in first haha just joking!

7Won't Go Home Without You
Sad song. Actually I heard maroon 5 sang this song for a girl and the girl rejected
I listen to this song because its just the story of my life :( if I had to choose between my ex and my life, id choose my ex... but she hates me :'(
The video is so sad I heard the name of the song, and I knew it would be great! Absolutely brilliant, hands down, maroon 5's best song! And that's a big deal, because they've got a lot of great songs! I adam
[Newest]This is an incredible song.

This should be number 10 because it is such an amazing song
This is an awesome song and deserves to be in top ten. This song is very important to me and reminds me of the best night of my life. I love this song and strongly feel for this song. Maroon 5, awesome job with daylight!
[Newest]The melody, the vocals, the lyrics... Love, love, love!

9Sunday Morning
Anytime I'm down I listen to this song and it really just makes everything better
It definitely makes you think that life is really worth living. Listening to this in the morning, definitely makes your day brighter.
Yes, This Song Nice, Perfect For Your Tea Break Partner, And Also When You Feel Alone In Morning, This Song Is Yours
[Newest]Best by a mile in sound and lyrics.
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10Never Gonna Leave This Bed
Top 5 rare you crazy it should be in top 3 this song is amazing! This is the song that made me love MAROON 5, vote for this song people! And how can harder to breath be better than this songs :S or even makes me wonder :S you'll make me wonder by voting that song so people vote for this song!
Majority not always right that's what I have seen today. This song must be in top five, But what I am seeing is really surprising. this song emphasize a imagination in which I always be and I think most of the people. so please drag it into top five.
Why is this song just 16th? It certainly deserves top 5 and no less! Seriously? Vote this one up, people!
[Newest]This is honestly one of their best songs ever. Not only is it overlooked, most people don't even know of this song. This is not okay

The Contenders

This is a new song, just watch it creep up this list. Massive shame if it won't. This is the best maroon 5 song I have ever heard. INCREDIBLE. Even at the start the lyrics kick in. Incredible song, works VERY well with the lyrics, just KILLS. 34th is too low WAY too low. I hope when people are reading this it is higher.
This is a new song, just watch it creep up this list. Massive shame if it wont. This is the best maroon 5 song I have ever heard. INCREDIBLE. Even at the start the lyrics kick in. Incredible song, works VERY well with the lyrics, just KILLS. 34th is too low WAY too low. I hope when people are reading this it is higher.
"Just like Animals, animals! " yeah! Awesome song..
[Newest]This is their best song

12Harder to Breathe
AMAZING! I LISTEN IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I DEDICATED THIS TOO MY EX. Maroon 5 is awesome. Yeah they are! I'm their Huge Fans!
This is EASILY their best song, it's really their only ROCKING song with great riffs and vocals, love the beat. NUMBER 1!
Best song ever. To be honest I had almost forgot about it but hen I heard it come on the T. V and then I remembered just how me and my twin sister used to love this song. Can't get it out of my head and could listen to it over and over.
[Newest]When I listen to it it gets harder and harder to breath... absolutely breathtaking

13Wake Up Call
What the hell! This song should trade rankins with misery! In this song Adam kills the cheater who cheated with her girlfriend
Best song of maroon 5
This song deserves to be number 1
Awesome rhythm and really amusing
It is surprising that this song is not even in top 5
One of my favourite song
My most favorite Maroon 5 's Song! So Beautiful and So Unique. Love the SONG so much. Good Job Maroon 5

[Newest]This song should be number 2 or 1 it has a REALLY good beat

14Makes Me Wonder
It was the first rock song in 6 yrs to top the billboard hot 100!
Makes Me Wonder is so catchy!

<3 this song a bunch, thanks maroon 5!
Probably one of the best songs ever. So upbeat and the beat makes me want to dance! I hope Maroon 5 keeps making songs like these.
[Newest]This song should be number 1

15Love Somebody
Man it's unbelievable that its here it should at least be in top 10
What the heck is this song doing here? It should be at LEAST in the top 10!
It's one of Maroon fives cleaner songs but the lyrics just spoke to me from the minute he sang "I know your insides are feeling so hollow."
Its got a great rhythm and meaningful lyrics.
This is a great song I agree this really should be on 1-10 what is wrong with these people
[Newest]Best song ever besides maps

My favorite song, hopefully will be in top 5 once its been out longer. Deserves better than current place. Very catchy and also can be a little relatable, which is nice.
Absolutely brilliant song, nobody can stop it to be in top 5 ranks. Very catchy song and will get hooked in mind of listeners.


This song should be #1, or at least in the top 5. I've heard this song over a thousand times (more than any song I've ever heard) and I"m still not tired of it. It's just so enticing and touching. Great lyrics and amazing tune. A great song for whatever mood you're in. I really hope this song goes way up the chart.
[Newest]Wow! What a song... it should be in top 5 at least

17If I Never See Your Face Again
Rihanna and Maroon 5 melded very well on this song.
The chorus is great, and the bass makes me dance.
:) So Good! Especially the normal one. Rihannah sort of ruined the beauty of the song. BUt the feat. Rihanna is still alright!
An awesome combination yu could think of! Rihanna and Adam...
[Newest]Great song! The bass was so cool!

18Must Get Out
The awesome one! Best maroon 5 slow song ever...
It kills me when he sings " This is not good bye she said, it's just time for me rest my head"..
Its just so attached to my love, the girl who ditched me is always the same, Maroon defines in their songs..
Way to go Maroons, and thanks to you Adam for your such god gifted heart drilling voice...
Words cannot express how much I adore this song! Goodness. The chorus just killed it. My itunes count says that I've played this for 46 times haha This city's made us crazy and we must get out. I love their slow songs but this one's the best
All the Songs About Jane Songs should be in the top 10, but this is by far their greatest song ever. Newer songs like Moves Like Jagger and Payphone don't capture the same emotion as Must Get Out.
[Newest]I think that this song is amazing and so catchy! I love this one.

19Just a Feeling
This song is too underrated (it doesn't even have it's own music video, and maroon 5 don't sing this in their concerts) But it's the best song for me, with all the emotion placed into this song. Definitely should be in the top 10.
Totally enjoyed this song! My kinda music. And Adam's voice
Now this song, is just beautiful. I'm really surprised that it isn't in the Top 10. The lyrics are incredible and great overall feel. A really great song from Hands All Over.
[Newest]I agree this is so underrated. This song is a waste, the band didn't perform this that much in concerts and other places. It is very soulful and deserves much better treatment. This is my most favorite song out of my favorite M5 songs.

Nice song ever from maroon 5. I'm really love this song seriously. Vote this song until 1st
Rhyme and lyrics are quite good for one who trying to get love
This song is great! I believe more votes can upgrade the rank... because I think most of people love this song!
[Newest]Get sugar into top 10 it's such a good song

Are you guys serious? This is by far the most compelling and heart-breaking song in their history. Simple and sweetwuth that grit,
Under appreciated just the lines at the opening immediately start to tell a story set up videos in your head the music is good and of course Levine sings it to perfection. His good taste always keeps the song from going too far.
Love it
This is definitely a song that is really unappreciated. This is one of Marron 5's best songs period should really be up there.
[Newest]This song nearly brings me to tears whenever I hear it. It is the most heartbreaking and beautiful song by Maroon 5

22Lucky Strike
! Come on people! The music in this song is so great. You need to listen to it and then vote this song the best. How can you not? Lets take this song to the top!
It rocks
Can't get it out of my head
It so god!
How can this no be in the top 3? Its awesome! Your such a motivate got to get ya away so sick of saying yes sir yes sr. Ya such an instigator gotta play the game saying that's her that her
You got me so high and then you dropped me! Love that song. It's not that popular but we could make it. Such a cool up beat sound and rare to find in the radio. Really awesome!
[Newest]This song is THE best! It's awesome! I can't believe it's not in the top ten

23Nothing Lasts Forever
This song should be in top 10. My most favorite besides payphone
My favorite song from them. It gives me the loving memories of our past, it also gives you a lesson you will carry.
After I broke up with my long distance realtionship, this song make me feel so alive. The music, the lyric. I'm feeling alive

This song should be 5 instead of 15, everyone needs to vote this song up to the Top 10! I mean seriously this song is awesome with just listening to it one time you'll fall in love with it
, this song is about the best song by Maroon 5! I definitely think it should be in the Top 10! It has a really good beat and I just love Adam Levin's voice, strongly recommended song
[Newest]For all of you that have only heard the mainstream Maroon 5, you have to listen to this song! It's super underrated! Absolutely AMAZING SONG!

25Goodnight Goodnight
Good song, quite well written lyrics, and of course, the tune makes it one of the better Maroon 5 songs... Maybe not the best, but definitely in the top 5.
Very sorrowful song especially if you've seen the music video. You can get the message, "Choose carefully in making relationships"
Well, it is really popular here in this country
[Newest]I'm sorry, I did not mean, to hurt my little girl

26Sweetest Goodbye
The way Adam sings this song is so brilliant, it touches you suddenly after all the creepy songs randomly selected by your winamp..
This should be on top 10, less pop, but an intense song, vocals and the guitar are awesomely correlated
You've to watch their in fryday 13th when they're sing this lovely song. Its make me wanna cry to think it.

27Beautiful Goodbye
This song should at least be in the top 20. Beautiful song.
Are you guys kidding me? Oh! C'mmon this song deserve to be on top... Best song from M5
Maroon 5 got me by this one! I think it deserves on the top ten list. It is indeed super cool and heart whelming song of them! So great!
[Newest]And I remember your eyes were so bright

28Give a Little More
Like the "rive" of this song. It really gets you up and moving. Adam Levine's voice is superb on this vocal.
This music is amazing. Maybe one of their best music. But the their best video music/ music is she will be loved of course. Moves like jagger is good too. I saw their perfomance on Rock in Rio Lisboa yesterday, it was their first time in Portugal and the concert was amazing.
This song is a total eargasm! First song in forever that just really makes me want to dance. Misery is a close 2nd. Most of the better ones are ranked near the bottom.

Love Adam's voice in this song, the slow rhythm makes me crazy whenever I listen to this and the guitar has been used beautifully.
Underrated. That's all I want to say, but I have to put in more to have minimum number of words met.
What?! This needs to being the top 15 at least! It's a very good song, trust me, once you listen to it, you'll love it.
[Newest]Surprised this song is not in the top ten. I think it's one of their best songs, love it!

30Through With You
This song is so real to me. Makes me think a lot about myself in relationships and how hard it must be sometimes to be with me.
So deep and dark. These is how all Maroon 5 songs should look like.

Great song! It's understandable why it's in 41st place, though.

32Wipe Your Eyes
I was crying when I was listening to this song, and I was yelling, "Hey, Adam! I'm crying! I thought you'd wipe my eyes or somethin'! " Kidding aside, OH MY GOD PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS SONG. This is like, the best Maroon 5 song I've ever listened to. Such relatable lyrics, and the melody is sick. Vote up! Wipe Your Eyes for the win. M/
For the Sake Of Jesus Listen it and vote for it! It Should be there in the top 10! Please Listen and Vote 4 This Song! "Hey You, come on Let me Embrace You" So Catchy Lines I LOVE IT
One of the best maroon 5 songs of all time. Outstanding melody with palpable lyrics. Wipe tears from my eyes.
[Newest]It's amazing. This song. When I first heard it at Aeropostale freaked, trying to find the title. Every time I listen to it I want to cry and smile at the same time. This song is, no doubt, undeniably perfect.

33Better That We Break
Weird connection, the first time I heard this song I was in Ingles, as soon as I heard it I knew it was Maroon 5, Maroon 5 rocks!
This is the best song about letting go the person you love for everyone'e goodness! Here's some inspiring lines from the song:

I'm not fine, I'm in pain
It's harder everyday
Maybe we're better off this way

It represents his pain when he has to breakup with his girlfriend.
In conclusion, best song ever! Its tune is catchy, and the lyrics is relate-able. This song should be on #1!

34I Can't Lie
It has some nice and epic rhythm. It's so jazzy and so feels good especially for a good outlook on a very good day. I wonder why, but Maroon 5 has just did some thing they can't lie
This song is amazing. A really nice song to listen to anytime and sing along to. Great background vocals as well..
Awesome song really love it... The guitar is played so well and adams voice is great!

35Back at Your Door
The melody to this song is amazing. It's an absolutely beautiful maroon 5 song. Super underrated, try listening to it!
This song is one of Maroon 5's least popular songs, but by far one of the most beautiful.
Sounds amazing! Should be in top ten.

36The Sun
Come on people, this song was never really played in the radio but it's maroon 5's best song... Their first 2 albums were incredible and made them better than any pop band at the time, now they're just another pop band


I wish it was still 18th! This song deserves to be so much higher on the list than this!
Best Maroon 5 solo, james valentine make magic with his guitar in that song, top 10
[Newest]This is their hidden gem... Its definitely in their top 5


Some memorable lines:

"I'm asking for your help. I am going through hell. Afraid nothing can save me but the sound of your voice"


"Why does the one you love become the one who makes you want to cry? "


"No I don't understand the meaning of love, I do not mind if I die trying".

This song is seriously so intense, emotional and beautiful! Vote it up, this is a song for the true Maroon 5 fans
This could not be perfect, perfect sound but it for sure got best lyrics ever, you can't place this, should deserve a list itself. Listen to it when you're down for breakup. Cry. Damn cry. It just describes your story and your feelings. Best maroon song Ever.
This song is gorgeous! I really think that it should be at least in top 20. The lyrics is so meaningful (esp when you just had a broken heart. I did think at first the lyrics is so nerve wrecking, but in the end I totally fell into it. Good song indeed
[Newest]I am a die hard Maroon 5 fan and I have listen to all of their songs but nothing else comes close to this one-this is their best (even better than She will be loved and Payphone

Come on! This song should be on the top 10 list, not 23rd! Vote it up! This song is so catchy and awesome! My favorite part is then Adam says, "I'm taking time to think it I don't think its fair for us to turn around and say goodbye. "
Great Song, extremely enjoyable and fun; probably one of the best Maroon 5 songs of all time!
! This is my favorite Maroon 5 song EVER! The tune is great and come on he is so sexy in the music video! The lyrics are meaningful and deep. VOTE!
[Newest]Amazing lyrics amazing video and the magical voice of adam levine. This should be in top 20 I just love it.

39The Man Who Never Lied
39? What in the hell?
This is one of the most awesome songs from Maroon 5!
Please help it to climb up to Top 10!
"i was the man who never lied... "
Great song the beats are great, come on vote this song people
Honestly until scrolling through this site is never heard this before. Now that I have, I think it's definitely a top ten song.

40Not Falling Apart
One of the best Maroon 5 song's, I can't believe it's not even on the list here! It's a really good song and Adam for a change sings in a deep voice. The lyrics have a ton of meaning, and it is so good.

I love the chorus. It's really powerful:

"And now I can't walk, I can't talk anymore since you walked out the door. And now I'm stuck, living out that night again, I'm not falling apart".

I love, love, love, love, LOVE it.

Good song for hardcore Maroon 5 fans
How come it is in 49th place. This should in the top 10.
Good, song if you like a fast chorus but slow melody.

It's definitely good. Try to listen to it.
One of the most addictive songs I have heard so far. FANTASTIC
Amazing listen to this song youll love it so much its so awesome and the best maroon 5 song. IT IS GOD

42Hands All Over
Really underrated song... It has a really unique vibe to it that is really upbeat and lively. People are talking about Maroon 5 selling out to pop, but this song is really proof that they still have their own individuality and quirkiness.
Best maroon5 song how is this 34 this should be 1 and is definitely the coolest and strongest song
Great song, off their last album before they completely sold out

43Not Coming Home
Oh no.. I love this song too! But I wonder why No Curtain Call doesn't feature on this list...
Back to Not Coming Home, this song is totally awesome.. Especially the guitar..
Am I really the only one out here who loves this one? It just sounds so powerful and the guitar in it is awesome.


Too low. Way too low. Amazing guitar and vocals in it. It has a sort of funky sound to it.
[Newest]Awesome song! Should be way up in the list!

44The Way I Was
This really should've been left on the original track listing for "It Won't Be Soon Before Long." The music itself is fantastic; I love how the band just jams out at the end, and it's a good song to sing along with. A very, very, very underrated song.

45Until You're Over Me
Such a good song, has really good lyrics and I like it. It's kinda sad though too, but still great Maroon 5 stuff

46It Was Always You
This song in top 10.
I love this song! Should be at least in the top 5! Wait, no... top 3!
This Song is one of Maroon 5's best songs... Should be in top 5
[Newest]My favorite song. This should be on top 20

47No Curtain Call
"No Curtain Call" is extremely epic... It's the type of thing you'd hear in a movie. It's really great. It's definitely one of my favorite Maroon 5 songs because it's so different from their usual stuff. It's really great. I mean, I like listening to songs where they can have multiple meanings like this one, it's so creative and I love listening to it.
Its one of the most unique songs I've ever heard by maroon5.. It's not something I would have expected of them it's REALLY good. It gives adam the opportunity to show how great his voice can sound.
I love Maroon 5 so much...but No Curtain Call is my favorite song by them. It sounds like the group did back in 2002, but still has that touch of modern. If you get what I'm saying.

48The Air That I Breathe
I can't believe how this song didn't make the top 10. It's one of their most beautiful songs; it perfectly describes how relationships end because people don't realize how much the other person means to them until it is too late. Take a look a these lyrics, "I figured what it is all about.
It's you that I could never live without.
Your everything,
The air that I breathe.
Stupid not to know it all along,
And everything I ever did was wrong.
Sadly it's too late for sorry. "
These lyrics combined with the song's melancholic tune thoroughly illustrates how people realize too late that they can't live without another person. It really brings out the saying "you don't know what you have until it's gone"
I love this song but awesome and inspiration for my live thank's

49Losing My Mind
This is my absolute FAVORITE Maroon 5 song. The piano is gorgeous and the sound of Adam Levine's voice is incredible. The lyrics have so much meaning... Beautiful song.
How isn't this song at least in the top 15? The meaning is absolute..

I like TicketS. Just thinking that It should be higher
I love this song. Should be MUCH higher.
Amazing song, should be in top 5

51Last Chance
Love this song! It's sorta undiscovered but its super catchy and any self respecting Maroon 5 fan should listen to it! 😍 - ✨💕"💞💖💋❤💚💜💙💛
Top 10 song for sure! How the hell is this 29th. Listen to it and Vote!
Its a very catchy song and should be in top 10

52If I Ain't Got You
This cover is absolutely amazing. I love listening to it whenever I can!

53My Heart Is Open

54Lost Stars
This song should at least be at top 5. Have you not even listened to it guys? This song is amazing! Smooth song, beautiful lyrics, and good rhythm. And the best part is his wonderful and continuous head voice. guys really?
This song is one of the newer ones from Adam Levine, but it is definitely one of his best. Listen to this song full blast, it's absolutely breathtaking.
Such a great wonderful meaningful lyrics

55Out of Goodbyes
One of the best songs I ever heard!
I give it 9.5 out of 10..
Vote it up please
One of the best country songs out there. Just the first line, it has already won my favor.
Don't you love Lady Antebellum... best song of Maroon 5

Super catchy.. Should be higher!

57Leaving California
This song has a great soul to it. It should be become famous once it has been out for long enough.
This song has a soul that other, more popular, songs like One More Night lack. I love it!
I love this song:). I hope they release it! One of the best on the new album

58Come Away to the Water
Unlike anything they've done, easily my favorite, a unique and perfectly tailored song for The Hunger Games.
Subtle and electrifying. I love anything m5 but this takes my vote
Best song by them hands. Down!

Coolest song by maroon 5
This is a SEXY song
Very underrated... Exceptionally smooth

60Get Back In My Life
This has 50 cent and engine with Adam leven

61Wasted Years
Why is this song not included in the top 10? It is one of the best and it is catchy
Very catchy and very unique among their songs.

62Coming Back for You

63New Love
This song has a perfect beat to it and it should be in the top ten
Get this higher please.

64Is Anybody Out There
Shouldn't this be called "Harder to Breathe"?

65Soap Disco
As Kara's Flowers, before they became Maroon 5, these guys rocked! Soap disco is like a mix between the band now, and Weezer. It's weird, but awesome. Plus, some of the best solos from the band to date!
Soap disco will make disco

66Don't Know Nothing

I love this one, it shouldn't be this far from the top ones!
I love dis song... Especially d starting music... It's awesome. The lyrics of this song are beautiful... ! Must be in Top Ten.

68In Your Pocket
This is the best

69Shoot Love

70Unkiss Me
This is the first song I liked from V album
This should be in top 10
WHAAT? Really 70 position? I'd think nobody actually heard this song! It's the best one ever, the lyric is so perfect... This should be in the TOP 10

71Take What You Want

72Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
The #1 Best Maroon 666 song. Underrated. You will be left with genuine confusion. Is it Happy Birthday? Merry Christmas? Is it about the war? Which war? The revolutionary war? I don't know, either way it is OVER!

73Doin' Dirt
I love this song! It never fails to put me in a good mood, and I listen to it all the time! I have to say, it is one of my favorite songs ever, and it just gives me good vibes. Even though it is somewhat sexual, it puts me in a good mood
Totally my favorite song by Maroon 5. 😋 It's so catchy! If you haven't listened to it, I recommend it as a morning jam while you're getting ready for work/school. It really sets your mood for the day! 💕
Love this song... It's quite catchy, makes me feel better I must say
[Newest]When it stops then slams the chorus, I actually shake my head like crazy.

74Fortune Teller
This song! This is really awesome! Definitely should be in the top 3! I catch myself singing it all day.
61... Voters get a life and also vote for goodnight goodnight

75Can't Stop

76Little of Your Time
I have no idea how this hasn't made the list
extremely catchy song with a great tune!
It is supposed 2 be on no. 1

62 what the heck! This song is... Like their best song! Too good and Adam's voice is damn too cool should be at least in top 3
Dang! Why this song on 62. listen to this first


This song is good enough it's should top 30

I love dis song

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