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41Pendulous Skin
42Hunters of the Sky

Great song how come no one knows it

45All the Heavy Lifting
46The Hunter

This is my favorite song on the new album.. Chill for Mastodon, but brilliant tone and substance with the guitar solos. Great for long drive playlists.

This song should easily make it to top 10 but I wonder why it's not even in the top 35 songs that appear in this thread.

47Bedazzled FingernailsV1 Comment
48Ember City

In my opinion it's between this The Czar, Spectrelight, Bedazzled Fingernails, Where Strides the Behemoth, Sleeping Giant, Seabeast and The Wolf is Loose for best song.

V1 Comment
49Asleep In the Deep

This song got me into the band! The video is a cat getting stoned... come on guys

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50I Am Ahab

The environment this song creates for me is incredible. I can almost feel the sea salt in my lungs.

My second favorite on Leviathan, it pounds so hard and never lets down

51Circle of Cysquatch
52Octopus Has No FriendsV2 Comments
53This Mortal Soil
54Once More Round the Sun

Very Queens of the Stone Age, but that isn't a bad thing, is it?

55TrilobiteV1 Comment
56Ole' Nessie
57Joseph Merrick

I believe most people overlook this songs because it' s far too different from Mastodon' s riff madness. However, I think that is why it stands out, it is an extremelly moody song, and my personnal favorite.

58White Walker

The new song from the Game of Thrones Catch the Throne II mixtape. This song is so awesome it really builds up an athmosphere and pulls you in.

60Trampled Under Hoof
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