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Grace Kelly
The singer has an amazing voice! Perfect song! The singer is like the new Freddy Mercury!
This song is so upbeat and yet still meaningful. I love the theatrical influences, and mika really shows off the true potential of his voice in this song.
Amazing... Really the new freddy mercury :) love you both
Best mika Song In the world such a good mika masterpiece


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2Relax, Take It Easy
I LOVE THIS SONG*----* It's the best one I've ever heard
This is the best song ever made all over the world
Best Songs Ever; This just portrays emotion unoike many other songs that you will ever find anywhere EVER!
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3We Are Golden
We Are Golden is how it feels to be a teenager. It is upbeat, fun, and great to scream out when listening. We Are Golden could play on repeat for hours and not get old. It is how MIKA is snapshotted in my life and how he should be in everyone's
Its really great my name is mika to I'm 9 years old.
Personally I think this is Mika's best song, just hear the vocals and the rhythm
Amazing song. Catchy tune, truthful message and a feeling of nostalgia and happiness that is quite rare in a song. 10/10.
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4Happy Ending
Songs like this make you realize that life is beautiful, no matter what happens. AMAZING.


Wow this song is really great, worth downloading
Very nice. One of the best songs of Mika. The music vedio is also can be seen by children
I love this song so much I watcher it nine thousand times and I can't stop crying!?
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5Love Today
Superb fun song... Like something you listen to when you wanna feel silly, and carefree... Awesome song... Yummy singer
Mika's singing is great in Love Today. He sounds a lot like the great Freddie Mercury in it. Unfortunatley this is his only song I enjoy. I am not a fan of Mika but this song is amzaing. I am suprised this song is not number 1.
O come on its for 3rd spot at least
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Lollipop is the song that made me fall in love with Mika in the first place. Despite all the other songs' complete brilliance and individuality, Lollipop will always be the winner in my heart.
I love lollipop. Its so upbeat and I have loved it my whole life. I'm young
Love this song! It gets everyone dancing including my friend ella.. very embarrassing
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7Kick Ass (We Are Young)
The sound alone blew my mind. I personally don't even like Mika, but when I heard it all I thought was: "that's a human voice? That's A MANS VOICE?! How can It sound so pure yet so strong!? " His voice made me tremble. The lyrics made me feel so understood... Like an anthem for everything I stand for. SIMPLY UNIQUE
This Song is one of the best song Of Mika. His Voice Sounds Amazing and it's really fun to listen!
Absolutely love this song.It's amazing.
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That song is one of the music miracles. You can actually feel all emotions of that song. I really respect songs with soul, and that is the main reason, why I like it.

Mika, you really deserve respect.
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9Elle Me Dit
I find this song very inspiring. I love it because it is so upbeat and optimistic. 'Elle me dit' is the best song by Mika!
She said me dance! Dance! Dance!
It's one of the best songs I've heard although it's in French. The English version "Emily" is very different
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10Popular Song
This is my favourite song on the new Mika album because it has a really good message, Not to care if you're unpopular because in the end you'll be a nicer and more successful person.
The original song is amazing but this version captures it in a completely different light... Something very few artists are able to do.
Obviously second place after Grace Kelly! Amazing voice AND video! It's very meaningful and gives hope to those who have been bullied.
This is a great song. I really like it. It is my fave right now plus he sang it with Ariana Grande. Two amazing singers who can also song unaturelly high- to much for me to handle. Kept singing both of ya!
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The Contenders

11Blame It On the Girls
WHAT THE HECK! This one is one of the best songs of him, NO DOUBT! Should be #3 or something like that, but not 14! Where are you mikafans? "blame it on the girls"was the first song that I ever heard from MIKA and then I fall in love with this amazing singer you guys should listen to it and then you will NOT regret...
I love blame it on the girls better than some of these other songs. Sure it's not the best song but it's better than last. I also think popular should be on here. That's my opinion.
This should be number one... Heard this song and I traced it back to the singer.. And fell in love with him...
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This is just an incredible song from mika and should be definitely number 1. I've been listening to this song a lot. Its one of my favorite songs.
This is very incredible and fantastic! I love this song. Is my favorite!
This song sound so great
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13Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
This song is so fun and upbeat I love it! Should definitely at least be in the top ten! Seriously BEST. SONG. EVER! Whoop
Fun, upbeat and sweet. My favorite by far! Made me fall ing love with mika's music... GO MIKA!
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14Origin of Love
If you have some knowledge about what Dan Brown is talking about in the Vinci Code, then this song will give you chills. (translate the Latin part)
So meaningful. No other artist can write like this.
AMAZING, GENIUS! And so alternative!
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15Stuck In the Middle
Great music, great lyrics, very good song... It is really a song that I truly liked and Mika said that it is about his grand mother, he's "stuck in the middle" with her, in a concert he said: "Grandmothers, you hate them so much but you love them even more, and my grand mother was a very strong woman! "
Upbeat and great to listen to!
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16Tah Dah Listen to sample

17One Foot Boy
I LOVE this song. It's so catchy and I sing it for the rest of the day. This should be #1.
The best. It's got meaning but it's so damn silly.
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18My Interpretation
Oh, I just love this song!
I actually enjoy much of MIKA's songs, this one feels different though.
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This song is so spiriting you! Cause the music is so beat. And this song make you dance, even you not a better dancer.
Its an amazing song, should definitely be on Top 5
This song make every celebration even better. The lyrics & the music is AWESOME...!
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20Good Gone Girl Listen to sample

Just a perfect song
I love this song Mika is the best :D
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22Live Your Life
Best song ever, meaningful lyric, upbeat. Love it!
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23Blue Eyes
Sad song that consoles you at the same time...
Wayy better than half the songs above it.
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25Any Other World
Best song EVER. Must be at least on top 5.
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26Boum Boum Boum
Let's face it, MIKA hasn't written many French songs to compete with his English ones, but this one should definitely be in the Top Ten, because the video clip is phenomenal and the lyrics is interesting, even though it is still quite disgusting when you really listen to the words. I also like how it has been created, but I am not going to say it, in case there are younger children.


This song is amazing
Awesome Music! Mika is a very talented singer and he has an amazing voice which makes this song een more awesomw!

27Love You When I'm Drunk
Obviously the best choice if you listen to the acoustic version
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28Lover Boy Listen to sample

29Ring Ring Listen to sample

30Ring Ring Listen to sample

31I'm Falling
This demo version of "I See You" is quite amazing.

32Comme Le Soleil

33I See You Listen to sample

34L'amour Dans Le Mauvais Temps
Best French song of Mika

35Touches You
This song is great! I don't understand why it isn't popular. It progresses nicely, the backup vocals are great and Mika is wonderful of course! I mean, overall very well done.
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36Billy Brown
! This song is acctually an amazing tune! I love it! I want it at my wedding! I Want over it (sometimes) :') LOVE IT! X
"Then billy brown fell In love with another man..." So funny
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37Over My Shoulder Listen to sample

38Overrated Listen to sample

39Vive Le Vent Listen to sample

40We Are Young

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