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Naughty Dog has been called the best video game creator people ever. They've been making PlayStation exclusives since Crash Bandicoot on the PS1. Now they've made Jak and Daxter and Uncharted.
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The Top Ten

The Last of Us
The perfect swansong for the PS3 doesn't matter what type of man you are when you start, you will come out of this experience a different man one of the best games ever made
Such a great game! Honestly one of the best games I've ever played! And definitely the best Naughty Dog game I've ever played. Great story, awesome characters, sweet zombies and AMAZING graphics! Can't wait for a sequel!
I've never played a game like this, This is truly one of a kind. The story was gripping the graphics were insane I can DEFINITELY say this, Is THE best game I have ever played would pay millions for them to make a sequel
[Newest]It's now on PlayStation 4 in the shape of The Last of Us:Remastered

2Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
In my opinion, not technically "better" than The Last of Us or Uncharted 3, but the first game that really made me think "this is next gen" I was not impressed by any PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 game before this and this game for me marks the breakthrough of this generation of gaming.
No game comes close in entertainment, technical achievement and cinematic narrative.
The Last of Us is probably better in very category, but Uncharted 2 is way more fun, which is what really matters.

3Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Although Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, and The Last of Us are fantastic games, Crash Bandicoot started it all, and this is easily his best appearance. Although the story is fairly generic, it succeeds in EVERYTHING ELSE. The gameplay is addicting, the bosses are amazing, the characters are insanely memorable, the replayability is endless (still need all the platinum relics) and the build-up throughout the entire game of Uka-Uka and his power, and every other boss didn't disappoint.
THe BEST crash game ever! I can't wait for naughty dog or another gaming company to make another crash game
Tied for my favorite Crash game with Tag Team Racing. Also enjoyed Crash: CTR and Crash Bash.


4Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Its an amazing game. I love everything in it. I love the game's graphics and the puzzles inside and all the secret and treasury stuff that you find on the way. AWESOME GAME!
I've played a little of this game, and I did not enjoy it. But the reason is that I do not like puzzels very much, and that's basically what this game is. Puzzles. Also, I did not like the gameplay of this game. It was just confusing to me. But I played, and enjoyed, The Last of Us, and the controls are basically the same, so I may go back to it and play it now that I understand the controls. I still can't stand the puzzles, but I heard it has an amazing story, and the graphics are phenomenal.


Uncharted 3 is the best out of the Uncharted series. (In my Opinion)
[Newest]I like uncharted 3 because I played it and it is sick

5Jak 3
I just don't get it... If uncharted is 10/10 then this is 20/10. People who say uncharted is better they are fools that haven't played this game. Uncharted does have better graphics, but does that make it a better game? Uncharted is all jump here jump there climb this climb that. This is a REAL game.
Back when naughty dog actually focused on quality level design and varied gameplay. Nothing they have done since Jack 3 touches it.
Jak is Original and Nothing can replace that series.
[Newest]Why, this should be first. Screw Uncharted and The Last Of Us.

6Jak II
Best game ever well the second and the third of Jak and Daxter series it's just the best games I've ever played since I was little and now
Seriously underrated game amazing time bending story line, great comedy, graphics and music and atmosphere only game that beats this is Zelda oot.
This game is my favorite game. I <3 it so much. Also I think it's the best game of the series Jak 2 should be number 1 in the best. VOTE JAK 2!

7Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
This is the first game I got for my PlayStation 2 when I was about 7. I even have it now in the Jak and Daxter Collection and still LOVE it! It is not only a classic naughty dog game, but a really fun platformer and action/adventure title. It might not be their BEST work, but it is one of my favorite games of all time!
Just got the Jak and Daxter collection for PS3 a few days ago, and I absolutely LOVE this game! I'm only 32% through the game, but I already rated it a 10/10. Not as good as Crash Warped or The Last of Us, but it is right behind them. I prefer it over the Uncharted series.


Why isn't this game first!? It is absolutely amazing! I think this game should've definitely be number one. It is the best Naughty Dog game ever!

8Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Has great challenges ahead of you and would keep you at the edge of your seat! Drake's fortune may have not been as good as the other two, but this game is a GREAT start.

9Crash Bandicoot

10Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
Crash 2 is arguably the greatest game on the playstation and best of the crash series. It brought everything we loved about crash 1, fixed all the problems, and polished the already golden masterpiece. Crash 3 is an outstanding game, but it cannot stand up to the perfection crash 2 set first. 3 felt too much like 2 but with crash superpowers.
Not to hard not to easy. Perfect game for playing 100 % on! 1 to hard and 3 to booring playing time runs.

The Contenders

11CTR: Crash Team Racing
Best racing game there is. Its is an outstanding game.

12Crash Bash

13Crash: Tag Team Racing
Tied for my favorite Crash gam with Warped.


Best PSone Multiplayer Game no matter xhat and also far away better than Mario Kart.

14Jak X Combat Racing
Loved it. Very replayable.
Crash Bash and Tag Team Racing were NOT made bu Naughty Dog! They were made bu Eurocom and Activision!

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