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I really love this song, I'm not saying it should be number 1, but it should be at least in the top 20, it's not really a song that most Ne-Yo fans have heard, but I would recommend it to everyone

42Say It

Love this song. The melody. The tempo. The words. It all just connects so wonderfully

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44Alone With You (Maddie's Song)
45Make It Work

Great song great lyrics, should listen to it, wont regret.

46Baby by Me
47Thinking About You
48Get In
49Be the One

BEST song on his 6th album. Its straight fiya and brilliant song

50So You Can CryV1 Comment
51Coming With You

I'm literally voting so that She Knows gets closer to the bottom. - WonkeyDude98

52Make Me Better
53Should Be You

How can one forget this one?

54Miss Right

This song is amazing and beautiful. It's the reason I love him! You can't just forge it!

48! This is definitely a top 10 song... its just that most people haven't heard it


Good song its feel me sad

Its one of the song that I like its beautiful

56I Know You Want Me

Creativity... unexpected featuring that gave a wow

57It's All Good
58Telekinesis V1 Comment
59The Way You Move

Probably the best song, deserve a number 1

60Burnin' Up
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