Top Ten Best Nu-Metal Songs


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The Top Ten

Chop Suey! - System of a Down
One of my favorite System of a Down songs ever. The song carried toxicity so far down the road to greatness and deserves its own spot in the hall of fame!
System of a Down is the only nu-metal I like, of course I choose this song, without System of a Down nu-metal wouldn't be worth spitting on

satanmakesmekill the way system of a down plays many genres but System of a Down is a alternative Metal band, they just play nu-metal in the early days and chop suey isn't nu metal, like many songs here on the list, many songs here and chop suey too are alternative Metal or Alternative Rock, but I know alternative metal is very simliar to nu metal, and I love both genres all over the world! ;D
[Newest]This my favorite song to sing.

2Points of Authority - Linkin Park
thats right, forfeit the game before somebody takes you out the frame -> to all others on the list.
the rap part is simply out of the world..!
Points of Authority just gives you a unique power


[Newest]Linkin Park is the best Nu Metal band ever. At least Hybrid Theory and Meteora yes. Figure.09 is my favorite though

3In The End - Linkin Park
Best Song Ever Heard... Inspires A Lot..!

Great Lyrics Great Music Great Feel... :-)
What the heck this one is better than twisted transistor. This song has best lyrics and best combination of mike's rapping and chester's vocals
this is the best inspiration number ever
LP rocks
[Newest]Best Linkin Park song in my opinion


4Duality - Slipknot
just hear to the drums it's just awesome... joey jordison you are the boss
In my opinion the greatest nu metal song by the greatest nu metal band. Come on people! 6!? People can easily relate to this song and it was the very first Slipknot song I ever liked now I love every single one of them x)
Just... Brilliant, I honestly think slipknot are one of THE greatest new metal bands around, they have a depth and sheer awesomeness to their music that is nearly unmatched.
[Newest]I push my fingers into my eyes it's the only thing that slowly stops the ache but its made of all things I have to take jesus it never ends it works its way inside if the pain goes on I'm not gonna make it

5Twisted Transistor - Korn
I don't think this song is the best song of korn, it must be Blind or Freak on a leash but I also like this one. I vote just because this song is the most favorite song of new KoRn fan generation( I am the old generation of Korn fan) and that is the motivation for me. Why Linkin Park always are the best in Nu Metal? Korn is Number 1 so Korn song must be Number 1. All children of Korn, please stop vote for other korn song below, just vote for this one to make at least 1 Korn song become the best Nu Metal song. Step by step: This song first and the other next and finally we make this list become top 10 best Korn song
Korn is considered one of the founders of Nu Metal, the first band ever to be labelled Nu Metal, and it's because of them that the New Wave of American Metal started. Jonathon Davis' voice is amazing and he is in the "Top 20 Rock Vocalists", their music is unique and their sound is unmatched, No band has or will ever be able to make songs like Korn does.
why would I not vote for this song I'm a diehard korn fan


[Newest]Great song! Just learned it not too long ago. It is pretty simple, but the solo can be tricky to beginner level guitarists. Should be no problem for intermediate players.

6Down With the Sickness - Disturbed
Well considering disturbed slipknot and five finger death punch are the only good nu metal bands and disturbed is the best out of the three and this is there best song, makes this #1
I don't understand why "Down with the Sickness" is so low on the list. It should be sitting at no less then five, especially since half of the Linkin Park songs listed here and absolutely horrible.
Down With the Sickness is by far the most delightfully psychotic nu metal song of all time. It probably has the best metal scream (O-WAH-AH-A-A! ) as well.
[Newest]Should be much higher. awesome song,

7Freak On A Leash - Korn
Freak on a leash deserves to be Number one. most of the other songs above apart from duality and chopsuey. Freak on a Leash PWNS!
Best nu metal song. Straight up classic Korn!


Freak On A Leash is the best nu metal song of all time. This is original nu metal, Chop Suey is stupid!

8Wait And Bleed - Slipknot
Impossible, no other nu metal song can beat Wait and Bleed. This song deserves to be number 1, not number 32. Corey Taylor's melodic vocals, Mick Thompson's guitar riffs in this song are way better than any other nu metal song.
For its great chorus harmony and beautifully obnoxious yelling-like vocals, Wait and Bleed is one of the Knot's greatest masterpieces.
Slipknot was/is the best in the nu-metal field, and this song is most likely their best.
[Newest]Slipknot are the /kings/ of Nu-Metal. This song is PURE NU-METAL, come on!

9B.Y.O.B. - System of a Down
I think (only out of the ten of these) this should be number 1. I love System of a Down, but I think B.Y.O.B. is better than Chop Suey! Also, I like KoRn, but System of a Down is better. Slipknot is ok. I'm not going to say they suck, because they don't. I don't listen to disturbed very often, I'm not a huge fan of their music, and Linkin Park should be thrown out of this list forever.


This booze-celebrating, anit-political song is my personal favorite from System of a Down. "WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SEND THE POOR?! " is another great nu metal cry.

10Aerials - System of a Down
Don't call it a song, it's a masterpiece. A song that manages to be poetic while being heavy at the same time. My favourite song of all time.

The Contenders

11Dig - Mudvayne
This song is so metal compared to all the other stuff on this list. It's quite a shame that so many Linkin Park songs are so high. It shows what direction our youth are going in
Such an awesome and intense song. Very fast talking- great to listen to. Hail Mudvayne
This needs to be in the Top 10. For a 2-minute or so song it manages to toughen out the true nu-metal songs, screaming vocals combined with rapping lyrics, a lurching guitar riff, not to mention a memorable bassline at the beginning, topping it off with a more vocal-oriented breakdown. THAT'S WHAT MAKES A GOOD NU-METAL SONG.


[Newest]Dig is the best nu metal song and Mudvayne the best nu metal band.

12Blind - Korn
Are you guys serious? A Nu-Metal list and 33 songs through their is still nothing from Korns self-titled debut. That was a groundbreaking debut and one of the only "Nu-Metal" albums I actually like.
Why is this so low?! This is the debut song that pretty much paved the way for the other Nu-Metal bands to come!
[Newest]One of, if not the best nu metal song ever by the best nu metal band ever if korn didn't make this album this list would not exist so vote for it if you don't then you're crazy

13One Step Closer - Linkin Park
I think this song is the best ever Linkin Pak song..


Why is Afterlife and Nightmare above One Step Closer? These songs are heavy metal. One Step Closer should be above these two songs. By the way, it is one of Linkin Park's most aggressive song of their album Hybrid Theory and out of all their songs released on radio.
Best song ever... It has got nu metal quality with chester's screaming voice... Linkin park rocks... Intelligent music
[Newest]A very good song

14Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine
Damn how is this not number one? Best nu metal song ever by the best nu metal band ever (except maybe linkin park) come on people VOTE for Killing In The Name!
Rage against the machine is so strong, although I would not classify only in Nu metal but definitively as one of the best song of metal! Funk metal but the best one!
This is one of the most energetic nu metal songs


15Last Resort - Papa Roach
Thanks to Papa Roach, everyone in the world knows their life will be cut into pieces and this is their last resort.
This song saved my I life

16Toxicity - System Of A Down

17My Own Summer - Deftones
This song was in Around the Fur not White Pony and it is nu metal, Deftones were one of the main pioneers of the genre.
This is Alt Metal at it's finest. Deftones were smart to rid themselves of the silly Nu Metal label with the release of The White Pony.

18Death Blooms - Mudvayne
Very underrated song really


19Sugar - System of a Down

207 Words - Deftones

21Rollin' - Limp Bizkit
I am still waiting to hear a track to at least compete this one. Masterpiece of rap metal. Keep on rollin', y'all. L.B. forever.
Everyone hates this song but I love this song so much. Gets me pumped for a game or a fight. KEEP ROLLIN BABY!
Should be in the top ten easily

22Forest - System of a Down
The most underrated song of all time.

23Give - Cold

24No Life - Slipknot
Slipkot always dominated the nu-metal genre and this songs does as well.
This song makes me tread The high untrespassed sanctity of space
its different from all other nu metal songs and all of there songs


25Bodies - Drowning Pool
This song should be at least top ten and a lot higher than some of these other ones. Back when this album came out this single was playing non stop on the radio and used on every video. Still my favorite nu metal song of all time
Seriously? This one deserves a good spot at the top. After all Dave William's legacy still lives on even after his way too early passing
It's the best metal song.. should be number 1
[Newest]Amazing kick ass song should be higher, much higher

26The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
One of the best songs ever but its not nu metal!
This is very best song here.. But anyway it is not even nu metal.. But anyway it is number 1
Great nu metal song.

27Before I Forget - Slipknot
Duality is 5! And this is 28 this is the best slipknot song and nu metal come on please vote!

28Bawitdaba - Kid Rock

29The Way You Like It - Adema

30Here to Stay - Korn
When I first heard it when it came out in 2002 I almost cried at how awesome it was.
What 29th are you serious... This should be way up there!

31Falling Away From Me - Korn
One of Korn's best songs deserves to be over Twisted Transistor in my opinion. Everything about this song is perfect.
I just really love this song.

32The Night - Disturbed

33Bring the Noise - Staind

34Step Into the Sideshow - 40 Below Summer

35Don't Stay - Linkin Park

36Critical Acclaim - Avenged Sevenfold
Amazing. Just as simple as that. The entire song is head-exploding-awesomeness.

37Mudshovel - Staind

38Forgotten - Linkin Park

39Again & Again - Taproot
I don't know why it took so long for a taproot song to come up, best nu-metal guys out there (along with early deftones)

40Lying From You - Linkin Park
Linkin park is the only one band that inspires me the most. This song should be in top ten. Each & every song of linkin park is evergreen song, that's why this is the evergreen band.
One of the catchiest tunes on Meteora
This is one of the best songs ever!
The only reason why this isn't in the top 10 is because fewer people have heard it than the others!

41My Way - Limp Bizkit
26? Well its in a bad spot but anyways great song to listen at some point I couldn't stop listening to this song
Should be number one absolutely amazing list
One of the greatest songs of the last 20 years still yall.

42Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
Come on man, Bring Me To Life rocks, this song is that should be in top 10. Better voice (Amy Lee), better guitars (Ben Moody), better drums and better feature (Paul McCoy).

Best Evanescence song and best nu metal song and music video is EPIC.
Bring Me To Life rocks!...
I simply adore Evanescence.. A work of art.. Especially this song, it touches my soul.. Amy Lee is COMPLETELY EPIC!
Bring Me To Life is definitely number 1.
[Newest]Idiots! This song is easily in top 10.

43I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

44The Devil In I - Slipknot

45Nookie - Limp Bizkit
hey, listen this song that's so fun and joke
i like rapcore of limp bizkit
Best band with silly lyrics to party

46Facade - Disturbed

47From the Inside - Linkin Park
This is quite a Remarkable song! Some may argue that there are songs like in the end numb and crawling and so on and so forth because with LP you can just go on and on and on but this songs definitely has spice that rips you wide open! A superb start, absolutely robust, it's the start that makes you wanna listen to the entire song! And then the slow melodious voice of chetser buildin it up to the chorus and then towards the end an ear bleedin scream and then just when the screamin comes to an end an absolutely thrillin DJ hahn special that totally takes you to a new high!

48And One - Linkin Park
Shame no one has really heard if this song as it's a song from before Hybrid Theory, this was the best song of the early years

49Immortal - Adema

50Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) - Deftones

51Prison Song - System of a Down

52Payback - Flaw

53Psychosocial - Slipknot
what? 105? it must be top20...

come on... you must be joking man...

i listening this music 3 time a day like eat...
Oh my god are you just joking me?
Take a look at, 5this music are awesome, I listen to this song 7 times a day, I think this song are an epicness, you've should rank this snuff higher than 63
I love corey taylor and this song always blow my mind

All hail slipknot "
[Newest]One of the songs I've got to listen to every day

54Headstrong - Trapt
This song should not be listed in nu metal, as far as am concerned with this number... The one reading this should check this song out... Its really amazing by out of nu metal.. One of my best song by trapt..

55Tears Don't Fall - Bullet for My Valentine
56! Come on guys...
I have nothing to say.. Vote for it..
It definitely deserve better place...
A big joke it should be at number 1... Best lyrics, best song deserve 1st place... Vote for this song...

56Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
This song should at least be in the top 5.
It is the coolest song ever and you get to hear it for over 6 minutes.
It sounds like a lullaby at the beginning, but then it crashes into loud drums and bass. It has the coolest guitar solo, you can actually tell what the bass part is, and their drumming is always great.
This song deserves far better than 51. I am not much of an Avenged Sevenfold fan, but this song is one of my all time favorite pieces of music. If you have never heard it before, do yourself a favor and listen now!

57Mr. Jack - System of a Down
The other most underrated song of all time.

Awesome song about a rapist

58Spit It Out - Slipknot
the guitars on this song are amazing


59Collide - AxeWound

60Faith - Limp Bizkit

61Denial - Sevendust

62Got the Life - Korn
Oh man...
This song is dope, this album is dope, this is the most powerful song ever
Makes me violent!

63Fly to Stay Alive - Manga
I remember looking at this and I thought Chop Suey was the best but then coming back I saw this was left behind. Manga are the Best!


64F.E. - 40 Below Summer

65Atwa - System of a Down

66(Sic) - Slipknot
Seriously? Sic should be in top 5

67Not Falling - Mudvayne

68My Generation - Limp Bizkit
"Welcome to the jungle punk" classic L. B

69Numb - Linkin Park
This is a joke this should be at the top of the list
It should be rank 1... Anything below that for numb is like a bad practical joke...
It shows that voting system here is a bit weird. Best song ever made.

70Stupify - Disturbed
I think this was actually Disturbeds first hit song.
Awesome song by Disturbed so far!
Come on this song is the bomb!

71We Could Be the Same - Manga

72Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park
Really... ? Somewhere I Belong outside Top 50?
It is one of the best nu metal songs ever made...
This song changed my life!

73A.D.I.D.A.S - Korn
This will always be my favorite nu metal song because of how stereotypical it is. It sounds like Limp Bizkit in terms of lyrical content, but the chorus is really catchy. Overall a really great album.

74Left Behind - Slipknot

75Jumpdafukup - Soulfly

76Believe - Disturbed

77Fine Again - Seether

78Joker and the Thief - Wolfmother

79Tear Away - Drowning Pool

80If Rain Is What You Want - Slipknot
This is amazing. and those lyrics

81Engage - Edgewater
Look guys, I don't like Nu-Metal and I'm a thrash metal guy I'm not nu type of metalhead but this song is one of the best songs I've ever listened... It's better than many songs of bigger metal bands!
One of the best songs I've ever heard.
Really great song, check it out.

82Liberate - Disturbed

83Truth - Seether

84Take a Look Around - Limp Bizkit

85Given Up - Linkin Park

86Asylum - Disturbed

87Counterfeit - Limp Bizkit

88War? - System of a Down

89Diluted - Slipknot

90Happy? - Mudvayne

91Roots Bloody Roots - Sepultura

92Sun Doesn't Rise - Mushroomhead

93Click Click Boom - Saliva
Seriously? Why is this so far down? The chorus is out of this world and always pumps me up

94Youth of the Nation - P.O.D
Seriously? This band consistently ranks as one of the top ten Nu Metal bands. Why are they so far down?

95Get Inside - Stone Sour

96What Comes Around - Ill Nino
Aargh! The most underrated Nu-Metal song ever. Ill Nino for life!
Best NĂ¼ Metal song of the centeury

97Sober - Tool

98Solitaire Unraveling - Mushroomhead
Kyle melcher is a queer and watched his sister have sex and did a nottie with mekenzie gonzalez
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Go look him up

99Haze - Device

100Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine
Good song bring it higher up
RATM was the best with anti-political messages and screeching vocals in a metal song back in the 90's. Tom Morello's squek and wah-wah guitar effects make it much better as well.

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