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This song is absolutely sick live

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62Nothing from Something
63The Noose

Such great riffs, vocals, and lyrics. I even wonder why the hell this song is so underrated. It has to be the best song on splinter in my mind. Still after I heard this song a million of times. I would have to say that this song made me listen to the other songs by the offspring. That's why I love the offspring so much.

Very good riffs and that's why they gave the guitarist of the offspring (kevin) has a nick name called noodles because he noodles the guitar so well. Dexter (the lead singer of the offspring) had a very good voice in the song and the lyrics of the song made me enjoy the offspring even more.

Such a great riff, such a great voice, such a great band! When I listen to this song, I just feel like jumping like a kid in my bedroom and headbanging! This song is so underrated, and is much better than everything that is on "Rise and Fall... ". Wake up Offspring fans! Vote for that song!

Is The Perfect Song The Best Song Of SPLINTER

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64Kill the PresidentV1 Comment
65Lightning Rod
66Rise and Fall

An epic last song of the greatest album of the Offspring. There are better songs but it should be at least in a top 15

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67No Hero

Should be top 10. Has some of the most powerful lyrics I have ever heard.

Epic song! The best one of The Offspring!

68No Brakes

This song is one of the most pinky songs they have.

69Get It Right
70Fix You

Very different song compared to other Offspring songs. Reveals a softer side of The Offspring but its still very good. Should be rated much higher.

A different side to The Offspring. A much slower pace but a still a really good song. Should be much higher.

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71One Fine Day

Memorable song from crazy taxi

How is this 64th!?
This is one of the best songs made by the offspring (in my opinion), at least top 10.

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72Walla Walla

Awesome song. It really captures the punk rock feel that they're known for.

73Trust In You

How is this song not higher? So many great songs I know, but this is easily a top 10 for me.

This is my favorite song of offspring

74Stuff Is Messed Up

Very good song because it is telling the truth about pollitics and its hilarious to.

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75Nitro (Youth Energy)

You live like there's no tomorrow

76I Wanna Secret Family (With You)

One of the Best songs of the new album, same good as Days go by in my opinion

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77Not the One

This has to be one of my most played songs by this group.

78Hurting As One
79Jennifer Lost the War
80All Along

This is one of the shortest music, not the best, not the worst! Just a song who brings some rock and roll from inside out...

Somebody, please explain to me: how these 1 minute and 30 seconds of awesomness aren't in the top ten? This is ridicilous. The song is absolutely great. So short and yet so good. Nice lyrics and music. Definitely the most "energized" offspring song, it makes me happy and optimistic

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