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101 Hey Angel Hey Angel
102 Kids in America

The guys have done very well in this song

103 Half a Heart Half a Heart

The most beautiful song I have ever heard! This song should should be #1.

Should be in the top 5 at least... Best song on the new album...

It is so amazing. I don't think if ever heard a more beautiful song. Should be in the top 10 not top 50!

WHY IS THIS 98? It's so cute and just an amazing song

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104 Wonderwall V 1 Comment
105 Love the Sound of the Beat

Please don't post a comment if you hate 1D. This website is for people who love 1 direction

Seriously I would never say that! I love 'em

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106 Dividida

I love this song very much. Especially with these 5 handsome guys, they really don't fail to inspire me everyday. Love lots. More power to you guys.

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107 Where Do Broken Hearts Go Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Why nobody votes for this such wonderful song?!

This song deserves to be at the top of the list. Where Do Broken Hearts go is sincere and catchy, mixing the sweet tunes of Midnight Memories with more serious subjects from Stockholm Syndrome.

How can anyone not vote for this song?

This is one of their best songs. Why the hell is this here?

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