Best Pink Floyd Songs


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Comfortably Numb
I went into a trance while listening to this song... simply amazing...
best solo of all time! dark and light solos!
It was either this or Wish You Were Here, but this song epitomizes exactly why I think there is no better guitarist than David Gilmour, songwriter than Roger Waters, or band as excellent as Pink Floyd!
[Newest]Best Song Ever. Amazing vocals, beautiful acoustics.
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2Wish You Were Here
How I wish...
How I wish I was born in 1960 to live the most impressive years of music.
Such a perfect song, with beautiful vocals from the great David Gilmour.
This is a music you can listen everyday!
Somehow, this song makes me smile even if I am really sad.
It kinda speaks to me.
Oh how I wish I was born in the 60s
Music today has lost its quality
When I listen to this song I remember one of my old friend we had a same idea about music and politic. F
[Newest]I don't know why this isn't number 1 §! It's the reason I listen to Pink Floyd
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shakespeare, wordsworth, keats, frost are good;
but roger waters is the best poet of all "time"!
Dear site admins, please fix the bug in your site and put "Time" back on number 1, where it belongs.
Best lyrics of all time!
This song speaks so much to me
And the drums are amazing
And of course that solo!
[Newest]I suffer from depression. This song made me cry. I love it, and Pink Floyd too.
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4Shine On You Crazy Diamond
If anyone has the time to spend a half an hour just to listen to the 2 parts to this song, they will realize it should be number 1. The orchestration is way beyond anything recorded ever
When I was 12, my dad gave me the Wish You Were Here album to listen to. This was my first rock song and a really life changing moment. It is still my favorite: the way the intro seems suspended in time with that fantastic deep synth pad, Gilmour's amazing blues solos, the thrilling moment when Mason comes in on drums, and the best lyrics Roger has ever written. The end of part 1 drifts off into infinity. Part 2 is also incredible. The song is really touching when you understand the Syd Barret context. Top class.
Melodic to the core and very symbolic lyrics, great intro, almost hypnotic
[Newest]Shine on because my sister used to be a crazy diamond and now she is loosing herself. A very sad story. I wish you all never to have sad stories in your family.
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5Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 2
Hard choice but yeah A.B.I.W. part II is it. We dont need NO education. Thats a double negative... seems like you do. XD


The famous rebellion song, I haven't met anybody who doesn't know of this masterpiece
From the 'Wall' album. Strong drums, a well-known base line and distinctive guitar parts in the background with a smooth, but edgy guitar solo.
[Newest]So far, the best Pink Floyd song

This is actually in my top songs of all the songs I like. Its awesome! It's 23 minutes of pure awesomeness- not one boring second in the whole song. The best!
Epic 23 minute song, it will stay with you for the rest of your life, 'masterpiece' falls short of the truth of this song
Without Echoes there wouldn't be Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, or The Wall. Plus it also has very powerful lyrics and hypnotic intrumentals/sound effects. Echoes shines brighter with every listen. It will eventually outshine Shine On You Crazy Diamond if you listen to Echoes enough. A great beat comes in at 70. Nice bird chirpping and really cool wind. Too bad music isn't like this anymore. Definitely defines Pink Floyd and shows off their progressive and psychedelic capabilities at the same time. I would totally recommend this to anyone who is patient. The rewards are tremendous if you listen all the way through. I would rate this song a 12 out of 10.
[Newest]This one is actually my all-time favorite.
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7Hey You
Ah, what a great song. It'll never grow old. Its got that quality, just, dammit, I can't find the word, but its the perfect Pink Floyd song, hands down. The guitar solo, the intensity of the song, it all just seems perfect together. Plus, its on Due Date which I reckon is the funniest road movie in a long long time


Hey You! Vote For This!
It's a great song. It has lots of feelings. Waters and Gilmour really showed their best on this song. They really show their true feelings... And I love it...
1st track of the 2nd disc of 'The Wall'. The song starts off with a solo acoustic guitar playing in the classical style, the melody resembling the middle section of A Pillow of Winds, with the fretless bass (similar to the opening of "Pigs") joining in shortly after. Next to join in is the Fender Rhodes electric piano, David Gilmour's vocals, and overdubbed acoustic guitar and drums at the start of the second verse. In the middle is a guitar solo which is played over the main riff of the song "Another Brick in the Wall". After the solo, Roger Waters takes over on lead vocals for the rest of the song.
[Newest]Best song ever heard.. Matches my emotions

8High Hopes
This should be among the top 5 best songs of Floyd... Amazing lyrics blend with perfect vocals and it ends with one of the best solos by David Gilmore...
I think this is by far the best song by Pink Floyd. Absolutely breath taking and profusely sentimental. You can't have enough of this song. 5/5 for me
At one point the song goes into a epic war theme Greatest pink floyd song EVER
[Newest]One of the best song from Pink Floyd... Should have been in top 3... Vote guys
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Wow! I expected this to be number one or two! That being said, picking the best Pink Floyd song is borderline impossible and we're all basically just splitting hairs...
One word to describe this song: trippy. And walking basslines aren't something that most people associate with the word trippy, which just makes it all the more trippy. And then you have the 7/4 time signature. The time signature of champions. This song is like one of those really cool, really weird dreams where nothing makes sense but yet it all does. This is the real pink floyd. Although I do really like wish you were here, I think its one of the most overrated songs in history. It's a very nice song that's easy on the ears. Pink floyd is NOT easy on the ears, and therefore wish you were here is, in my opinion, very out of character for them. But songs like money are just so COOL.
This is not the best Pink Floyd song, but I will always like this song a lot because it was the song that got me into older music. I used to like pop music a lot. But then I heard about The Dark Side of the Moon and how awesome it was, so I bought it to see what it was like. I listened to small parts of the songs and decided that I didn't like it. I was going to delete it when I decided to listen to Money. I instantly loved it and listened to the whole album and loved it also. Then I started to buy other Pink Floyd albums and other bands too. Then I realized that pop music wasn't very good and it was just mainstream stuff with no emotion. I really like prog rock now. I'm thankful for this song because if I never listened to it, I might have never learned about Pink Floyd and what real music is.

10Us and Them
Are joking man? 15? Can I see worse?
This song is pure brilliant and belong to 3 on top ten list
This song had a lot of meaning. When I wake up at morning I always listen to this song before I go for breakfast, and god, this song really makes me realize that no one in this generation will beat this song, yeah Pink Floyd's rules
The best song on The Dark Side of The Moon, bar none! The compilation/fusion by Rick Wright of jazz and rock is sublime, and the organ sound is the best I have ever heard. These lyrics are the hardest hitting, most emotional and most meaningful on the album, and in general. Of course, not much needs to be said about the combination of Sax and Hammond! Most "fans" like "Money", but true fans love "Us And Them".
It is perfect for Indians. I think this definitely ought to be sent to the top 10 if not further up :P
[Newest]The stand out, beautiful masterpiece that is the best song on the best Pink Floyd album. Absolutely amazing song with so much emotion and power.

The Contenders

This is guitar solo sublime. A wonderful blend of the sweetest tones leaves me endlessly on repeat. It is pure genius - one of the less obvious greats. For the taoists, this IS Floyd at their best.
A timeless masterpiece, unprecedented musical work, unprecedented lyrics and a strong message that lingers in you long after those 17 minutes of absolute heaven fade out with one of the most powerful finales of all time. Dogs is the best piece of music I have ever listened to and everyone owes it to themselves to listen to this progressive-rock masterpiece. It is literally the perfect song.
There is an amazing guitar line in this song and the double-guitar sequence has to be one of the greatest. This song is a roller coaster ride.
[Newest]Mature masterpiece by a band at the peak of their powers

12Coming Back to Life
Morons it should be in top 5 all those disagreeing should go back to music school and should start with justin bieber
this song should be up there at 1 or 2 or 3... simply brilliant it doesn't get any more peaceful :)Ditto for Us and Them!
This song should be in top ten list... It is such a soothing song which calms your mind and melodious
[Newest]It should be in top 3
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13Brain Damage
This song is just brain-blowing! Every time I listen to it, it gives me shivers. "There's someone in my head but it's not me"
Best Floyd Song This Is the Dark Side Of The Moon summed up
This song is what Pink Floyd is to me Its absolutely brilliant.
[Newest]This song is just fantastic, one of the all time best

14Pigs (Three Different Ones)
A great song, this needs to be higher on the list.
So amazingly funky. This song is a brilliant piece of music by Pink Floyd. Especially the 20 minute version live in Cleveland.
Great edgy song. Plus in my opinion this probably (along with the end section of "Dogs") has Roger Waters best vocals.
[Newest]Number 14? Ha ha, charade you are

15Learning to Fly
Oh man. this song means so much. It just feels so amazingly freeing when you hear it, you just want to soar and float into the clouds to never come out again. this song should be second to Comfortably Numb.
Its actually a long metaphor for flying and for doing a new thing. in the middle of the song nick mason is heard speaking in the radio for a lesson GREATEST SONG EVER
My personal favorite next to Any Color You Like which is also surprisingly low on the list. Learning to Fly makes me feel motivated, remorseful and excited all at once. It's beautiful. Perfect. Deserves better than 28 come on!
[Newest]Should be in top 5! Great song!

16Have a Cigar
3rd track of 'Wish You Were Here'. A perfect rock song, in my opinion
Nice lyrics. I love this one very much. (this stupid minimum quality thing sucks! )
Wow. I don't understand how this isn't higher. One of my favorite songs from Pink Floyd. I just love that opening synth!
[Newest]This song was the one that made me love Pink Floyd. It's pure brilliance.

27th!? I thought this would be in the top 5
I don't get how come "Time" is on the upper part of the list and "Breath" is here. They are virtually two parts of a same song. Just like "Time" this song also deserves a top 5. At least anywhere above "The Wall" which is not a real psychedelic Pink Floyd classic.
This is an awesome song! The only issue is it s way too small.. Can listen to this one for hours!

18Welcome to the Machine
It has amazing sound effects. This song is so underrated. The lyrics are amazing and the sound is awesome. When I first heard it, I was amazed. I was impressed. The sound effects mixed with the acoustic guitar are mind blowing. It's a shame that people don't full appreciate the quality of the song.
I don't see how this isn't Top 10... Easily one of the most emphatic Pink Floyd songs. It incorporates so much with the synthesizers and the acoustic guitar, as well as the message that is sent and what the song is really about.
2nd track of 'Wish You Were Here'. Heavily processed synthesizers and guitars, as well as a wide and varied range of tape effects.
[Newest]This is the first Pink Floyd song I ever heard, I love this song

19The Great Gig In the Sky
Part of what amazes me about this song is how it conveys the whole spectrum of human emotion without using any lyrics. It's just beautiful piano, gripping drums, and probably one of the best vocal performances I have ever heard in my life. It's hard to believe this isn't in the top 5.
Come on the vocals are awesome! The dark side of the moon is the best floyd album... I must say... And great gig in the sky's gotta go higher... Every floyd member is magical in the album
When I first heard the dark side of the moon I was relatively unimpressed and underwhelmed. Oddly enough something clicked with this song when I heard it. I don't know why but it did and now I am a Floyd junkie. This probably isn't my favorite song, but it's the one that got me hooked on the band.

20On the Turning Away
I think this is the best one from Pink Floyd without waters along with high hopes, it really should be more higher than lost for words and coming back to life.
Give it a try you won�'t regret it.
Everything about this song is excellent: lyrics, intro, the bridge, the chorus. It soars!
Is it truly only a dream that there will be no more turning away? I don't want our world to be like that. I really think more people need to hear this song. It's amazing it slowly builds up for the whole song and ends with and incredible solo.
[Newest]It's the top played in my IPOD!

Love The Solo, Its Perfectlly Brilliant
Not only is this song just so perfect, I also had an over protective mom. Makes me smile reading the lyrics.
A child asking question... simple, yet deep. Deserves to be in the top 10, arguably to five.
[Newest]This song is beautiful.

22One of These Days
This song is easily one of the greatest songs ever. It has amazing bass, guitar, and effects throughout its length, and never fails to disappoint.
Drums. This song features the drummer! Awesome!

23Lost For Words
How this song ain't on top 10?
It's a disrespect to Pink Floyd. I mean guys, if y'all love Pink Floyd, this song would've be on top 10.
This, A New Machine, and One Slip. Three underrated Pink Floyd Songs.
Seriously why not in Top Ten :x No doubt the ones above are good too but this song is just class apart
[Newest]This song is amazing! I can't belive that's not on top 10!

24Atom Heart Mother
The most epic song by Pinky Floyd in my opinion. It's a progressive classics. Something like Shostakovic but 40 years later.
If you haven't listened yet to this masterpiece, do yourself a favor and do it right now. It's one of the greatest compositions ever made. Silence in the studio!
Even though this song is underrated and it didn't turn out good for Floyd, the riffs and sound gives you somewhat a sensation.

25Young Lust
Hello, this is TheTopTens calling. Are we reaching the logical part of your brain that keeps telling you to vote for this song [click] See, they hung up. And it's a stupid part of their brain answering.
It appears in 'The Wall'. Distinctive, raw hard rock sound, that stands out among Pink Floyd's few pieces in that genre.
Oooh, I Need A Dirty Woman
Best Solo Ever

If you really concentrate on listening, this song takes you away from earth for a few minutes. Makes me wish I could play the guitar!
If you want to destroy gravity start flying, just listen to this amazing song. Work of art!
When I listened this song I asked to my self, what incredible and amazing sound is this that is coming from my columns... So peaceful, so relaxing, so pink floyed
[Newest]Maybe the best tune ever made...

27Run Like Hell
My second favorite Pink Floyd song, but I voted for it because Comfortably Numb is already No. 1. great song, love the guitar's sound.
I love other Pink Floyd songs but this is my current favourite. It is very uplifting and I love every bit of it!
This is my favourite (although I love other Pink Floyd songs). My favourite version is their Pulse one


The lyrics are absolutely amazing! Best piece of poetry I've seen in any song
Come on so lyrics really get any more meaningful than thi? Absolutely beaitiful

A Very underrated song but one of their finest work. This should be at least at 12 or 13. One of my favourite song.
This has been my go-to song whenever I need courage and fortitude over the past twenty years. I walked "down the aisle" to this when I was married. This may not be their greatest in every way, but it deserves much credit for capturing a moment, a mood; that essence of calm and acceptance.
Sadly most underrated song of Pink Floyd!
You just go down in their (Pink Floyd's) own way, and every day is the right day..

One of the most hardest rocking songs in the bands catalogue.Its unrelenting sonic attack makes it one of the greatest punk songs out there. A perfect jewel of ten minuts of pure tranquil adrenaline
Very haunting song, great keyboard intro
Great guitar and especially great concept and creativity! The music was composed during Pink Floyd's best years: 1973-1974.
[Newest]Great song all the way through.

31Astronomy Domine
Syd Barrett Forever
David Gilmour Does It Well Too.
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, 1967
Very underrated song. The name doesn't lie - most cosmic song ever.

32Goodbye Blue Sky
Not even in the top 10? We have to fix that! Please get this into at least the top 20, it is one of the best in like ever! It should be right there with another brick in the wall, comfortably numb, time, money, you name it!
Definitely agree with that statement. Should really be in the top 10, it's a short song but reminds me of tunes like comfortably numb and hey you.
Makes you feel so much unconventional emotions and intensity : passing from fear to joy to fear to joy... Short but we wouldn't need more.

33Any Colour You Like
AbsolutelTy. Brilliant! It is so down the list... That is shameful to say the least.. Guys please recognise true music... I always me playing this to... A full packed arena... Awesome...
Amazing instrumental. Just blows your mind and gets you high!
It's amazing. Perfect instrumental
[Newest]Lose yourself to the music.

34Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
P-S-Y-C-H-E-D-E-L-I-C. There are so many people who can't feel the magic of this kind of music. This is an amazing song.
This is by far my favourite Pink Floyd songs. Give it a try, it's fantastic.
You don't need anything to get stoned... Just listen it! PSYCHEDELIC

35Nobody Home
My favorite song off the wall, and that's saying something. A bluesy and awesome song which is good to listen to over and over again
Why is this not on the list yet?


36The Final Cut
One of the best... This song has to be only in the top 10... And if you have never heard it then stop listening to pink floyd please you are missing the best...
This is certainly THE most under-rated and one of the best songs of Pink Floyd. It deserves to be higher up in the list!
No other song can match the lyrics of final cut.. Simply amazing.

37Is There Anybody Out There?
What better than a hypnotic acoustic guitar instrumental in the middle of the chaos of The Wall

The guitar part of this song takes the heart out of me and pounds it more than a thousand times... Though I am a fan of heavy metal but no other riff has this sort of psychedelic effect on me as this song does... Awesome lyrics and vocals... Sad to see this so down the list! :(
The guitar is amazing.. The song has so much depth.. Lyrics transcend all the boundaries... Sad to see this song so down the list
One of the best Floyd song ever. Don't know what is wrong with people if they disagree with that. The start is so amazing.
[Newest]1. Comfortably Numb, 2. Us and Them, 3. Sorrow. Ya, otherwise you ain't too hip.

39Keep Talking
Awesome song the most psychedelic track from their discography I LOVE IT I'll KEEP listening it and you must too!

40Brain Damage/Eclipse

41Green is the Colour
What the hell..! This song was not even in the list! I like this song so much... One of my favorite... Must have an higher position than 100... :p should be at least among top 20... Listen and vote for it guys...
This song is way too down! This was such an amazing song by Pink Floyd. Deserves a much better position!
[Newest]BBC version is the better I think

42Arnold Layne
How come it seems that some Pink Floyd fans don't know that Syd Barrett started the band and got kicked out after he took to many drugs? That's what gave late Pink Floyd its depressing sound.
What An Good Song To Learn To Play
Loved Syd Barrett. Irreplaceable

43Not Now John
Let me be honest, picking your favourite Floyd song is nearly impossible. So I've picked this one, not because it's my favourite (although it's in my top ten), but because it's the first Floyd song I ever heard. Whenever I was driving in my dad's car, we would put the Final Cut on and I would sing my head off. Shine on your crazy band!
It's always dificult to choose the best, but Not Now John marked me deeply, Final Cut was the first Pink Floyd album I listened. Excellent vocals from Gilmour combined with the genius of Waters. Great!

44The Gunner's Dream
The gunner's dream is such a beautiful song. It fits well into the theme of the final cut but it's a fantastic song in itself.
In my opinion this is one of pink floyd's most powerful songs.
"No one kills the children anymore"
How can that not give people chills?
Amazing song, the sax solo is simply blissful, the lyrics and vocalization is among the best you will ever hear in pink Floyd.
How isn't it in the top 10? One of my favorites.

45Poles Apart
Great soothing song similar to 'coming back to the life'... If that song is so high onthe list. This should there too.. Great voice of gilmour
I must with in top 15. How on earth a master piece like this is on 51. Please vote up.

Poles Apart is a song written by Gilmore about Syd Barret and Waters. Wonderful and meaningful lyrics. It describes the war of ego between Waters and Barret.
Great song guys... I think many floyd fans also may not have heard it... It so easily rivals '"coming back to the life".. Equally soothing music and great vocals from gilmour
[Newest]Must be on the top 20 list

46In the Flesh
First its calm, but then with its strong beginning and its lyrics males you realize this is no normal music. This is the most epic type of music ever created. Besides it's so good it is repeated twice in The Wall. Just plain awesome
Can't stop listening to this song, it's so perfect

47Take It Back
This is probably best song from division bell... please vote for this at least top 25
Come on... This should be at least top 20 or so

48The Trial
Needs to be higher. Once you completely understand The Wall, this should become one of your favorite songs on the album.


This is one of most creative songs ever made, really special really underrated
How is this song not higher. It's the climax of the wall for god sake.

49Fat Old Sun
This is the best song on the atom hart mother album with great lyrics and a awesome guitar solo

50Careful With That Axe Eugene
By far the greatest pink floyd song ever!
Really need historical and musical depth to appreciate one of their first songs. certainly a top 20 song.

51Summer '68
This is in my opinion the most underrated Floyd Song!

52Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 3

53Julia Dream
Come on, this is such a beautiful song. It's relaxing, soft and is my personal favorite. It's an early Pink Floyd song, so it's different, but it's a good different. You need to hear this one.

54In the Flesh?
This is y far my favorite Pink Floyd song. I can't believe it is number 47. It deserves to be in the top 5 at least.Starts with deliberate slow drumbeats, the thudding is then accompanied by beautiful electric guitar that puts you in a trance, the music then practically stops when the amazing lyrics begin, which are made even more beautiful by the wonderful vocals.This song is brilliant.
I don't think it's the best, but how can it be 45? It deserves al least top 15

55The Show Must Go On

56Remember a Day
Amazing Floyd song and highly underrated easily one of the best 60's Floyd tunes

This song, with its great lyrics should be in the top 5! Maybe some of the younger voters should listen to it, along with some of their earlier work, then they will see that floyd was great long before Dark Side came along!
Pink Floyd from the early 70s and late 60s often makes me feel like I was there in that time period screwing around with the band and it's great I wish people would recognize it over just the popular ones because it just relaxes your mind and takes you on a journey.
Vote for this, it's a great Pink Floyd song, one of my top 10 favorites!

58A Pillow of Winds
This song makes me cry. It makes me feel divine. THe whole album meddle. When I'm done listening to it. I feel like I am divine. I am pure. I am enlightened. I just feel peace from the world where I live. Through anxiety; tensions; ambitions; competition; pressures; sadness... I hope this friend stays with me forever. There is nobody who comforts me through the pain. And I think it is true for everybody. We ourselves are our own mentors. We comfort ourselves. Pink floyd has given me life.
Relaxing and deeply beautiful.


59Childhood's End
Their most underrated song... Took me a while to realize it's worth. To me it was the first song that sounded like the Pink Floyd that was to come...
This song deserves a much better ranking. Such a great song that really shows what Pink Floyd is.
Great song, strong good guitar. I can't explain how beautiful this song is. it deserves to be much much higher on the list. If you have not herd it defiantly give it a listen.

60See Emily Play
The piano fill is completely amazing plus there would be no Floyd without Syd barret
An iconic Pink Floyd Song, Should be top 10

61A Great Day For Freedom
64th! Are you kidding me. I know this is Pink Floyd we are talking about, but there is no way this song should be outside the top 15. Listen to the version from Live in Gdansk and then tell me this is their 64th best song!
This song is so under-rated. Please vote people

62Wearing the Inside Out
Deeply relaxing and beautiful... It makes me fall in love with you glamour
Correction, it wasn't Gilmour's vocals..untill late into the song. Rick Wright's voice is what makes the song. Beautiful piece of music.

63On the Run
This song may not be one of Pink Floyd's best, but it definitely deserves recognition for its use of synthesizers and sound mixing and editing. It really feels like you're going on a journey through space and time, like in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's basically an instrumental (and one of Pink Floyd's simplest instrumentals) but there's some words recorded in the background which are "Live for today, gone tomorrow. That's me. HAHAAHAAA! " Brilliantly trippy song.


64Lucifer Sam

65One of My Turns
A song from the 'Wall' album. Waters' vocals are great...

66One Slip
Are you people crazy?! ONE SLIP AT 52?!
In my opinion this is the best song on the album "Momentary Lapse of Reason", up there with the top, and at least better than "Money"!
Underrated song, not better than money, but better then 60 - under top 20 at least in my opinion
I play this song to pump me up before I have a football match

I just love this song.

68The Thin Ice
Awesome from the baby cry to the end guitar chord

69Waiting for the Worms
Such an Amazing Song! I love the guitar riff in the middle of the song. It's not my favorite Pink Floyd Song, its in my top 10. It deserves to be higher.
This is for me the most underatted of all pink Floyd catalogue...
One of the most underatted songs in their catalogue.. Sheer injustice..


71Wot's... Uh the Deal?
It's a nice song to lie down and relax to. One of the more underrated Pink Floyd songs on probably their most underrated album
One of the best ballads pink floyd has ever made!

72Jugband blues
The last song of syd... Awesome song... He was a unique artist
He knows he is crazy?

R.I.P SYD :(

Far the best song of all time by the Pink Floyd in my opinion. The lyrics and music are both extremely fantastic. The coda with that organ solo is one of Rick's finest work.


This should be at least above 30

74Two Suns In the Sunset
Great Guitar and music from each member. The heavy part in the middle is sublime and the saxophone is beautiful.
Favourite song ever. I love waking up to this; falling asleep, relaxing, and even driving to this.

75What Do You Want From Me
This song is number 1. Comfortably numb and hey you are great song but is song in very under rated. The best most underrated pink floyd song ever. It is such a shame that it doesn't get much recognition. It truly is a masterpiece.

76The Fletcher Memorial Home
Wow I suppose people just haven't heard it.
Oh my god #67 place... listen to it and vote

77Speak to Me
Actually the song Speak to me/Breathe was Speak to me and Breathe in the air (actual name for Breathe) not the original dark Side of the moon the songs were separated and on the remastered they were put into one
The song is called "Speak to Me/Breathe" by the way, and it's my favourite Pink Floyd song ever.
I always get into a trance while listening to this song

78Louder Than Words
Man, this song is legendary! You can hear how much Richard Wright meant for Floyd! Definitely best song in Endless River.

79Cirrus Minor
Nice bird chirping intro and a great organ solo. One of Pink Floyd's mellow songs that calms the soul. I would recommend listening to this when you feel tiered or stressed out. It's one of their best album intros ever. A wonderful psychedelic song without any drumming. Check this out!

80Empty Spaces
This is on the bottom!? This song is perfect, definitely the best Pink Floyd song in my opinion
This one should had been in the top 20s at least

Excellent song from Obscured By Clouds. Got to give credit to the song before Dark Side, after all, right?

Transcendental melody, love in its minimum size.

82Corporal Clegg
I mean come on, it has a KAZOO solo! What other song can pull that off? While it doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the top 25, it can do better than 96!
Listen to this. Cheer up for a second.

83Goodbye Cruel World

84Outside the Wall

85Chapter 24

When I first heard this song I was really disappointed. Pretty dumb song.

87Don't Leave Me Now
What? This song deserves to be at least in the top twenty! Come on

88Let There Be More Light

89Vegetable Man
Goofy song. Did Mel brooks write this song or what?

90San Tropez
This is such a great song, really jazzy. You may think that once you're at number 86 the songs are not so good, but you're
Wrong. Pink Floyd has a endless amount of great songs, (unlike most bands).

91What Shall We Do Now?

92Interstellar Overdrive
This is SO much better than Comfortably Numb or Another Brick In The Wall, in my opinion. And the live version is even better!
44!?! This is my favorite Pink Floyd Song!


One of the best song ever made!

93Free Four
Lyrics in this song makes you think about the future

94The Post War Dream

95Apples and Oranges

96Scream Thy Last Scream

97Point Me at the Sky

98Matilda Mother
Awesome song off of Piper at the Gates of Dawn

99Paint Box


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This list was created 7 years, 54 days ago and has been voted on over 10,000 times. This top ten list contains 124 items, has been remixed 94 times and has been blogged about 1 times.

Updated Sunday, December 21, 2014

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