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August 5, 2015 - The PlayStation 4 is a fantastic, powerful console, with brilliant features and BRILLIANT games. There are some incredible games for Xbox and PlayStation, and this list is designed for finding the very best games for the highly anticipated successor to Sony's PlayStation 3... The PlayStation 4. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Such a good game! All I have to say is: Assassin's Creed is back baby!
Too right, big step up for the series and gaming in general. Then Unity is a step back.


Such a great game the best so far I'm looking forward to see what they have in stock forward in the futer!
For story I don't think it can beat the others, but beats them in every other area.


It is incredible. I'm a die hard fan of this...
Me too :) I've completed every single thing on it, even got every chest across the world on it, beautiful game.


[Newest]It has the best Assassin's Creed ending ever

2Battlefield 4
A worthy successor to Battlefield 3, with much needed improvement on the single player side. The multiplayer is wonderful as always, and has depth to last for hundreds of hours! (Why are there games here that are not released... ? You haven't played the game, so how can you judge how good of a game it is? )
I used to hate this game. When it was released it was an unplayable piece of junk. However, after the netcode patch, the game is amazing. I have played this game for 210 hours and I'm only at level 98. The single player is trash though, I really don't get why they included it, and even make you play it to get certain weapons in multiplayer. Your character leads a squad, but doesn't say a single word in the entire game. That's the only area that Call of Duty advanced warfare beats it.


It may not be a finished game, but it definitely surpasses my expectations that I had with the battlefield/ Call of Duty war. I definitely thought battlefield would be better than Call of Duty (which it always is) but not to this magnitude. As battlefield gets better, Call of Duty will always continue to get worse
[Newest]I'm a Call of Duty fanboy and I like this a lot better than ghosts

3Watch Dogs
Can't wait to 2014 for this!
I Just feel this will become a franchise as big as AC and the gameplay looks awesome


Just go and watch the trailers.
[Newest]My friend tomas showed me this games and I fell in love with it

4Call of Duty: Ghosts
The best Activision can give, the king of first person gaming mode...great
I can't wait for multiplayer.
I have a dream, that all of God's children will get along and love Call of Duty, that a game would not be judged by the title of their game, but by the content of their game-play, free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last!
[Newest]Call of Duty is always the same

5inFAMOUS: Second Son
There is no stopping this series! Infinitely entertaining.


Do you want to let everything die with flames by using your epic super powers. I say, best game.
Oh great, another ps4 game only
[Newest]This game is the best with choose evil or good side how awesome get it today

6FIFA 14
FIFA is amazing..'enough said.
Its beast and best and awesome and AMAZING
It is good than good
[Newest]I think this game should be #1

Looks plays and stuns gamers in all ways of amazement!
Looks awesome. Definitely going to be better than black flag (acII for the win) and ghosts
It's from the same creators as Halo, which means PlayStation fans will get to experience the magic of Bungie.
[Newest]This game has cool guns

8NBA 2K14
If this game isn't in the top 5 of current games, then this list is a joke
Love this game... but maybe it should be called lebron 14, seriously too much james loving
18? Top 10 at least! Damn, the graphics! Great gameplay, game modes (except there's no association), Best 8th gen sports game
[Newest]This is the best NBA players ever

9Need for Speed: Rivals
An amazing game.
Out of this world.
The non violent answer to Grand Theft Auto


Need for speed all the way
Such a amazing game yup yup all the way


10Killzone: Shadow Fall
What! This list is crazy Call of Duty is not that good the company just keeps pouring out games for money< and assasins creed is good I just couldn't get into it< but if you want a good quality game then look no further than killzone
What? Assassin's creed and Call of Duty on top? Something is really wrong with our generation. Seriously.
I agree with previous poster! Killzone rocks!
[Newest]It is a great game

The Contenders

11Grand Theft Auto V
It is the best in the world


This game should not only be in the top 10. It should be in the top 3! Click the vote button! It is an amazing game! You can do anything in it.
Why is this game at 40? It should be number one! You can basically do everything you can on Call of Duty except more! Really deserves more credit people.
[Newest]Best game ever in the world. The Grand Theft Auto Online is amazing.

12The Last of Us Remastered
Wow dudes what? Why is this so low!? I mean how can you put games on this list that aren't even out yet? Look for me This is the game that should be first in the meantime. I don't see anything competing with this masterpiece that is RELEASED yet (-_-)
Best game ever!

Ellie is so cute
Come on, it's THE LAST OF US, damn it! How is this not Number One?
[Newest]This is the best game I've ever played. Have no idea why it's so low

13Madden NFL 25
Exactly like madden 13, this game sucked. Why is it at 14!?
This game is called Madden 25 because it is the 25th installment in the Madden franchise.
I personally enjoyed this game, but I prefer Madden 13 and 15.
This game was a big disappointment in my opinion

14Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy is all about story! For me, Final Fantasy X was my first Final Fantasy, and I will forever love it for its "Free the world from Sin" symbolism and beautiful world of Spira. When you come to Final Fantasy, you're not looking for a deep romance or an action-packed thriller. You're looking for a game that will touch the spirit and soul.
I have been a fan of Final fantasy since like maybe 6, the graphics always surprises me because its like far better than any movie when it comes to graphics and the story is so heartfelt. The story is by far better than any action pack game I've ever played!
From what I've seen, FFXV has way more potential than most games I've heard of. So for god's sake, you people better start buying this when it comes out instead of the newest mediocre Call of Duty game.

15Tomb Raider
Highly underrated game. I'm a Call of Duty fanboy and I loved this game
It is an amazing game, should be in the top ten in place of Call of Duty ghost
As a Grand Theft Auto Fan'

What!? It's completely different to Midnight Club! It's a lot more like Gran Turismo.


In love with this game!
Huge Open world, graphics are stunning and the cars... the cars are so... BADASS
I always wanted to race in the American desert, I'm a fan of that extreme offroad, it looked so cool in the trailer, if its like in the trailers, ill be happy

17NBA 2K15
It is the most free throw game

18Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Is it now a routine to rip on a new Call of Duty game just cause the last one was bad it has the slightest bit of similarity to it. I mean, they added jet packs and exo suits and people are complaining that the multiplayer is the exact same crap from ghosts
The multiplayer in AW is amazing, the campaign is pretty good, and the survival mode isn't as good as MW3 but still pretty good. How is this below ghosts on this list? Ghosts was AWFUL!
This game is awesome and very underrated


[Newest]Call of Duty is always the same! Really bad game!


19FIFA 15
It should be in the place of FIFA 14
If they fix all the problems FIFA 14 had then this will be as far as you have to look to find the game of the year.

20Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Not even a competition anymore.
Yeah the best game
I think that's the one?
[Newest]Uncharted 4 = life

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