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The PlayStation 4 is a fantastic, powerful console, with brilliant features and BRILLIANT games. There are some incredible games for Xbox and PlayStation, and this list is designed for finding the very best games for the highly anticipated successor to Sony's PlayStation 3... The PlayStation 4. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Such a good game! All I have to say is: Assassin's Creed is back baby!
Such a great game the best so far I'm looking forward to see what they have in stock forward in the futer!
It is incredible. I'm a die hard fan of this...
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2Battlefield 4
Fishing in Baku. Azerbaijanis, say yay!


A great game. M416 is OP!
A worthy successor to Battlefield 3, with much needed improvement on the single player side. The multiplayer is wonderful as always, and has depth to last for hundreds of hours! (Why are there games here that are not released... ? You haven't played the game, so how can you judge how good of a game it is? )
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3Call of Duty: Ghosts
The best Activision can give, the king of first person gaming mode...great
I can't wait for multiplayer.
I have a dream, that all of God's children will get along and love Call of Duty, that a game would not be judged by the title of their game, but by the content of their game-play, free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last!
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4FIFA 14
FIFA is amazing..'enough said.
Its beast and best and awesome and AMAZING
It is good than good
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5Watch Dogs
Can't wait to 2014 for this!
I Just feel this will become a franchise as big as AC and the gameplay looks awesome


Just go and watch the trailers.
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6inFAMOUS: Second Son
There is no stopping this series! Infinitely entertaining.


Oh great, another ps4 game only
Do you want to let everything die with flames by using your epic super powers. I say, best game.
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7NBA 2K14
If this game isn't in the top 5 of current games, then this list is a joke
Love this game... but maybe it should be called lebron 14, seriously too much james loving
18? Top 10 at least! Damn, the graphics! Great gameplay, game modes (except there's no association), Best 8th gen sports game
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8Killzone: Shadow Fall
What! This list is crazy Call of Duty is not that good the company just keeps pouring out games for money< and assasins creed is good I just couldn't get into it< but if you want a good quality game then look no further than killzone
What? Assassin's creed and Call of Duty on top? Something is really wrong with our generation. Seriously.
I agree with previous poster! Killzone rocks!
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Looks plays and stuns gamers in all ways of amazement!
Looks awesome. Definitely going to be better than black flag (acII for the win) and ghosts
It's from the same creators as Halo, which means PlayStation fans will get to experience the magic of Bungie.
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10Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy is all about story! For me, Final Fantasy X was my first Final Fantasy, and I will forever love it for its "Free the world from Sin" symbolism and beautiful world of Spira. When you come to Final Fantasy, you're not looking for a deep romance or an action-packed thriller. You're looking for a game that will touch the spirit and soul.
This game will be ABSOLUT!
From what I've seen, FFXV has way more potential than most games I've heard of. So for god's sake, you people better start buying this when it comes out instead of the newest mediocre Call of Duty game.
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The Contenders

11Need for Speed: Rivals
An amazing game.
Out of this world.
The non violent answer to Grand Theft Auto


Need for speed all the way
The best need for speed game ever, what else do I have to say?
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12Madden NFL 25
Patriots suck chargers will whop there ass
Its so epic and You can't get enough I mean connected franchise, PLay now, and altumite team! #Go PATRIOTS!
#1 no bits about it
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13Kingdom Hearts III
I've been waiting for this game for awhile. And why the hell is Call of Duty Ghosts even on this list? Doesn't Activision kill most of it's games anyways. Look at Guitar Hero, It was highly loved and then it began to lose the interest of people. I miss Guitar Hero and I'd like to see another game come out but... Everyone will slowly lose interest in Call of Duty also.
If rather see this game in the top ten or top five because from I've known is that kingdom hearts 1 and 2 have been the greatest hits in the ps2 and now when they are bringing back from so many years and other games to give clues for the back story this game was so epic if it wasn't for squarenix for taking to long people wouldn't be mad but I ain't it's the best series than any other series out there so my question is why is it the 15th picked game
The only reason I could see this game out of the top 10 is simply because many people haven't played all 7 games and don't really understand this amazing storyline they got. Plus this is supposed to be the final game so I really can't wait to play this one
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14Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Not even a competition anymore.
Yeah the best game
I think that's the one?
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In love with this game!
What!? It's completely different to Midnight Club! It's a lot more like Gran Turismo.


Huge Open world, graphics are stunning and the cars... the cars are so... BADASS
I always wanted to race in the American desert, I'm a fan of that extreme offroad, it looked so cool in the trailer, if its like in the trailers, ill be happy
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16Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
This is the most boss game ever
I've always loved the Metal Gear Solid series. The games are the most critically acclaimed games on the different consoles, the characters have great development, even the smaller ones seem relevant to the plot, and the gameplay never disappoints. I'm just hoping Metal Gear Solid 5 is just as epic as it looks, and its not another Metal Gear Solid 2 (I hate to remember how convoluted it was until Metal Gear Solid 4).
Even though this is pretty much a demo for the main game, Kojima has still produced a game of enormous production values, storyline and gameplay!

When Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain arrives next year we will need a new rating system, think Spinal Tap, everything needs to be cranked up to 11
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17NBA Live 14
Because this game has robotic graphics but all in all good game
I don't know y you don't like this game

18Diablo III
If you say no you must love diablo!
I loved diablo2 and this is also a historysetter
This game is so fun

19Injustice: Gods Among Us
How Is Injustice no#22? This is the BEST fighting game on this or any other gaming platform
How in Gods name is injustice not higher
INJUSTICE for the win! Most bad ass game for ANY play station console (other than Stawars Battlefront 2 for PS2). It's just so awesome. you hate this game? Fine. I hope you die in a hole.
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20The Amazing Spiderman 2
The first Amazing Spider-Man movie (and movie) sucked.

This game might, I think it'll rock.


Ok best! So far


Ok best game ever mk?

21Tomb Raider
It was a nice reboot, and it even better with advanced graphic :D
Highly underrated game. I'm a Call of Duty fanboy and I loved this game
As a Grand Theft Auto Fan'

22Lego Marvel Super Heroes
This game is legen...

Wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the next word is...

DAIRY! Legendary!
Best Lego game reverberate!
I love hulk and iron man
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23Sniper Elite 3
Amazing single player gameplay, I mean amazing! But not good multiplayer, they need to sort it out.

It's jsut so creative, weird, and unexpected! Also has a chilling story and a shocking ending. Gets better as you go along.
Amazing graphics and atmosphere make this game a worthy competitor to amnesia: The Dark Descent. Perhaps is may even surpass the wildly successful Amnesia series with a series of it's own. I have high hopes for the game and it's future.
Outlast is scary I peed my pants because of that big guy
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25The Lego Movie Videogame
Awesome game. It may seem kiddish but it's really fun and brings back childhood memories.

26Far Cry 4
What in the heavens!? Why is this on 87th place!? ;_;

They said this will be quite similar to Far Cry 3, and that game was bloody amazing! Come on people, it deserves more! :D

27The Crew
This game will be so amazing, get to drive all across america.
When it comes out it will be awesome
I'm getting this when it comes out!

28MLB 14: The Show
This is gonna get epic
It's amazing because you can play a career and get drafted and home run Derbys online and you win a trophy if you win my personal opinion is I give this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Best graphics of any sports game on the market.
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29Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Yes this is a short game, but the story, graphics and gameplay are the best PS4 have to offer.

Knack combines action and adventure into a gamers dream. Plus, Who on EARTH doesn't WANT TO THROW A TANK!


Slightly repetitive action is made up for by a fantastic plot, fun characters, and beautiful environments!
This is like one of those kingdom hearts kind of games. It seems to try to target kids and adults. by the way why is this 30
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31Assassin's Creed Unity
This game will be epic. It has to do with the French Revolution. You will be able to play with 4 players at the same time. Teamwork will be a key & the success of the game. Also your decisions will also impact how the people act, decide or attack. Which is unlike anything before.


It will be good when it comes out
Best game. All I have to say

32Octodad: Dadliest Catch
This game was an exquisite experience, the new innovative gameplay is truly revolutionary and I believe more games will aim to take on this roll as a Cephalopoda (Call of Duty squid anyone? :D) The scene in which you see Tommy in the kitchen and play soccer with him will be a memory forever in my life time. Skyrim is a complete and utter let down compared to this beautiful and spine chilling masterpiece. I cannot believe this is not at a higher place on the list, truly heart breaking. The developers " DePaul University students" really hit a homerun and it struck in a place called my heart. This was by far the most extensively influential and wonderful experience 10/10.
The only original new good game, I personally am sick of battlefield, Call of Duty, FIFA and assassins creed ramming the same game continually down our throats, just for more money. We even have parts of a £60 game locked from the start - ridiculous. That's why I'm voting for this game, and any game like this; a game designed for fun and entertainment, as opposed to profits.
Crazy and hilarious. Just knock everything over. Its hard even just trying to get milk. I love this game.
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33The Order: 1886
It hasent even came out yet

34Trine 2

35Rayman Legends
An amazing game that will never leave you bored. Rayman legends is a short, addicting game that you will enjoy from start to end. Not to mention how fun it is to play kung foot with your friends. The challenges are fun, the graphics are good, what's not to love about this game. It should at least be in the top 15. 9.5/10

Hoping this game will be good. Don't dissapoint me!


The thief 4 will be awesome
U need to watch the trailer
Good game but hated the ending

37Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

38NBA 2K15

Rseogun is the best launch game and it's free with psn+
Check out the season pass for this game! Epic
Super fun, I recommend playing with a friend!


40Mortal Kombat X
No it isn't comming to PS3, I'm sorry -_-
Is it on ps3 too

41Ratchet & Clank

42Grand Theft Auto V
This game should not only be in the top 10. It should be in the top 3! Click the vote button! It is an amazing game! You can do anything in it.
Why is this game at 40? It should be number one! You can basically do everything you can on Call of Duty except more! Really deserves more credit people.
This game deserves to be number 1 before watchdogs. Best graphics ever. Awesome story. Better game.
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It will be awesome when it's out

44Skylanders: Swap Force
People People please how come skylanders swap force is #28 are you seriouse

45Battlefield: Hardline
It's not out yet

46Cyberpunk 2077
My curiosity got the better of me... This games looks as if it's going to be fantabulous.

47Star Wars: Battlefront
Amazing Game! I think it is better than CAD and similar to Destiny and Halo!
I had both games on the ps2 so when they announced this I got pumped.
Best game ever by leonardo espinoza mk?

48Madden NFL 15

49Elder Scrolls Online
Common its an Elder scrolls but Online
Ever since I played this game, I was completely addicted to it (Not really.. ) Yeah I'm a girl but I love elder scrolls and it's story line!
This should be number 1 come on guys. You don't have good gamer taste if this is not at least top 3.
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50The Witness
I Love the Ninja gaiden games

51Don't Starve
I love don't starve it's so additive really it's a role play surival game you get to unlock charters and make a awesome base but there's one thing don't starve also the brain is insanity if it goes to low you could die from the shadow thing also be care flu about the swap its crazy so I hope I gave you tips so go along and play this awesoe game
Free for ps plus

52Primal Carnage: Genesis

53Tom Clancy's The Division
Will be the game of 2014, check out the YouTube videos, this game will eat everything for lunch
This game is good and fun. I can't wait to play it.
It's so so good when it comes out

54Alien: Isolation

55The Last of Us Remastered
Best game ever!

Ellie is so cute
The orignal was amazing so the remastered version can't fail to impress
Should be on top 3

56Dynasty Warriors 8
The graphics are great, there is a ton of content to keep you busy, and it's easily one of the best games in the series and on the PS4

57Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
A open world middle earth game? HECK YA!

58FIFA 15

59Dying Light

60NHL 15

61Deep Down

62Dead Island 2

63Wolfenstein: The New Order
This game is amazing I LOVE KILLING NaziS! This should be in the top 15 at least
Had more fun than watch dogs by a mile

64The Evil Within
It is a very creepy game but it is very enjoying

65Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Best fantasy game ever mk?

66LEGO The Hobbit

67Child of Light

68Trials Fusion
I love this game I am in top 300 on ps4

69Bound by Flame


71Tropico 5
This game can teach you two thing
1. Can teach you all abort politic
2. Is a strategy game and building game

72Sound Shapes

73LittleBigPlanet 3

74No Man's Sky
Doesn't anyone follow the e3, wasn't even on the list. Game with loads of promise and assured to be a hit
This game...,. Oh boy

Really? A game called flower? Laugh out loud
Really? A game called "Flower" laugh out loud

76PlanetSide 2
When it's out. It will be number one

77Dragon Age: Inquisition

78War Thunder
Worlds best game there's tanks, planes, ships and its free!
A WW2 Flight simulator

War frame is a awesome co-op TPS that has a lot of fun features. And in my opinion the best free game on ps4

80Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

81Mighty No. 9

82Murdered: Soul Suspect



85TowerFall Ascension

86Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition

87Mercenary Kings


89Basement Crawl

90Putty Squad


92Super Motherload

93Doki-Doki Universe

94DC Universe Online

95Escape Plan

96SteamWorld Dig

97Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Just the same Call of Duty game every body
Worst game ever mk?

98Skylanders: Trap Team



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