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21 Tony Guoga
22 Ted Forrest
23 Bertrand Grospellier
24 Johnny Chan

I have never seen any real evidence that these players are any better literally than thousands of other players. Most of the so called legendary players earned their reps when only a handful of players played. Example, doyle won 10 bracelets over 50 years, 1 every 5 years average and most of them were early in his career when there were limited players.

25 Viktor Blom
26 Chris Ferguson
27 Vanessa Rousso

Is she a contestant on Big Brother this season

28 Mike Matusow

Matusows' reads are uncanny... He just needs to trust his instincts more.

29 Huck Seed

The most poignant and beautiful mind in the history of the game.

30 Sam Farha

Great bluffer, and he creates a ton of action at any table

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31 André Akkari
32 JC Tran
33 Norman Chad
34 Allen Cunningham

One of the most underestimated players in the world love his style have seen him make some mind blowing lay downs! Would love to see him and Phil Ivey heads up for over 50 matches! Mop he would wins😉 lol

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35 Daniel Colman V 1 Comment
36 Daniel Shak
37 Johnny Moss
38 Scott Seiver

His table chatter has thrown your favorite player of their game. He's just insane. His 2014 bluff against Reinkemeier is one of my favorite all time.

39 Jeff Shulman
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