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Obviously, there's no question about it. This is not only their best song but it's one of the greatest Rock songs of the 21st century. The rhythm, the chorus, the guitar riff everything is just perfect. The last minute of this song is the greatest 60 seconds of music to ever exist.

the lyrics and the backroom music mellowed out my soul

this was my best dream-
i clicked best puddle of
mudd songs... and "blurry"
was #1! and "she hates
me" was #2! if only it
would come true!

Possible the best song of the 2000s.

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This song goes off, could easily be ay number 1 ahead of Blurry. Cool lyrics as well as loud drums and guitar. The mosh pit is calling!

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3She Hates Me

Just plain epic! Fell like head-banging to this song every time I listen to it. Somehow it sounds really fun

This song is epic it should be at no 3 after blurry and psycho... This is my Favorite song.. The intro is awesome and the chorus amazing... A nice song to dedicate to your ex

Easily my favourite puddle of mudd song... Always makes me smile

It's amazing it's way better than the poppy sensation blurry

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4Out of My Head

Not a big fan of puddle of mudd but this is one of there good songs

This is an amazing song. So onder rated it makes me want to throw up. Bully is way to soft of a song for me considering I'm into slipknot and other stuff like that. This is probobly one of my favorited ROCK band of all time. Now that not metal that's rock so get it straigt

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6Nothing Left to Lose

This should be rated a little higher in my point of view. This song is just awesome. It would be cool if they would put this song on the end credits of a movie or a WWE game.

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Sure it doesn't beat the soothing guitar and intelligent lyrics of Blurry but it is definitely unmatched when it comes to upbeat head banging rock

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9Drift and Die

There really is no other other Puddle Of Mudd album that comes close to this one. "rift And Die" is such a full song.

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10Bring Me Down

Sounds very much like Nirvana, great song, can't believe its way down at #22

This top is really a mass only top 5 was make sense to me the rest are to confused how can this song in 24 or nobody told me in 18 and where is cloud 9 isn't in top come you guys wake up...

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?Take It All Away
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11Cloud 9
12Spin You Around

Top 8 is unfair. This song is awesome and deserves more popularity than it does.

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13Never Change
14Away From MeV1 Comment
15Heel Over Head

Not there Best Song that Title Goes to Blurry but Radiate is one of their hidden Gems like it's really good - Curti2594


Came home from work. girlfriend was on the living room floor, all boozed up with this song blaring high volume on itunes from the computer on repeat... song played over 70 times that day. what can I say... it grew on me.

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19Nobody Told Me
20Livin' On Borrowed Time
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1. Control
2. Nothing Left to Lose
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1. Blurry
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1. Control
2. She Hates Me
3. Blurry

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