Best Rappers From Texas


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1Lil KeKe

HIs album don't mess with Texas was a classic

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2Bun B

Bun b is hands down the best rapper from Texas... him and pimp c started this! Long live the pimp.

There is none better in the south than Bun B

4 real bun is the best texas boi, hands down!

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He should be at the top of the list number one

Z-ro is one of the realist rappers left. I only put him behind Tupac & boosie.

Love em all... But this man is sometn else. He speaks the truth and gets me through my storms.

Greatest rapper ever to live

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4Trae tha Truth

Best rapper alive spittz only fire if yu haven't heard him check out strapped up

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5South Park Mexican

Best Mexican rapper super creative

Very Creative and he is my inspiration for making music. My by far favorite rapper

Who else has put out 3 albums from prison and got them all on the Billboard top 100?

The Best Mexican American Rapper

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6Pimp C

Come on maan! Really! Pimp C..@6..that ain't right he should b @ #1..pimp C, zero,bun b put Texas on the I'm from CaLi...i never heard any other rapper from Texas go hard like these guys..back in the days

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Man this girl in a league of her own I could not believe what I heard when I heard this girl music she ain't playing with none of these rappers she serious bout hers everybody better watch out for her next thing I know she gone be all over T.V. well I voted first

Queen of Texas hands down. She has great metaphors in all of her music, and she also represent what real music is all about when it comes to hip hop.

Dallas tryna have some fire lyricists now I had to go listen to her to see who she was and after I heard her I had to vote!

She really is the best I've heard in a long time

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He's the Forefather of All. He's your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.

Scarface opened the him hop door for Texas

He got that scar from sucking dick.

Best Texas rapper hands down

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9Lil Flip

Flip is #1 no doubt. He sold the most records and has the best flow.

Lil flip is finally free he is a nice rapper

10Slim Thug

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11Twisted Black

Black should be #1 everybody sleep on him ain't real only a small percentage of people can really feel him Funky Town Stand Up

145 heavyweight champion black money best trap rapper best story teller hands down funky town stand up

12Fat Pat

Fat Pat Killed 25lighters and Wanna be a Balker!

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Best rapper ever. Why? Because God is working through him every day, every album, every song. His skill is amazing, and the lyrics are powerful. Don't Waste Your Life
Battle Song
Blow Your High
Just Like You
Gotta Know
Truth (the Rebel one)
And my favorite lyrically- Prayin for You.

Check em out.

Simply has the best message in his songs

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14Geto Boys

Old school none better back then

15DJ Screw

What? 15? He deserves at least top 5. No one will be as great as Dj Screw and I Don't think any Dj has done what he did. Dj Screw the creator of Chopped and Screwed Music genre. R.I.P. Dj screw. Texas Legend from that 713

How the hell is he not number one the all dedicate songs to him he is the best behind Juan gotti and spm

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Cham is the truth!

Best one heard yet

17Big Hawk
18Big Moe
20Baby Bash
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