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Sumon (Aurthohin)
An amazing bassist
His playing makes me happy
Specially his slapping & popping make me crazy
There is something in him
In my ranking he is number one in the world
Just listen for a time to his playing specially in the tracks "Nikkristo" and "Guti the finale"
I'm sure you all will be his fan as I'm.
And we call him Bassbaba which means Father of bass
Here everyone knows his as bassbaba
Sumon is the bass player from this part of the world who has mastered himself as a great bassist and a wonderful vocal. And his bass solo from Guti the finale! O my! I love his playong.
He's one in a hundred... Everyone should hear his band's number "Guti(The Finale)... Best bass solo ever.. A legend
[Newest]No wonder he is on the top! :D
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I think that Flea is the best slap bassist around. His aggressive slapping is killer in Mother's Milk and beautifully melodic in Californication. I personally think he gave the Red Hot Chili Peppers their signature punk funk sound. Totally deserves the Number 1 spot on this list.
He is the best ever. No matter who may come... flea will be remembered as the best bassist ever. He created the real way how to play bass.


Flea is insane he is simply the best slap bassist around and his improvisations with john frusciante are just legendary
[Newest]Seriously? You can't say that when you think "slap bass" Flea doesn't instantly come to mind.

3Victor Wooten
No one even comes close to Wooten! No one! Victor can play any style and all equally well. Flea is just a rock speed demon, he doesn't have nearly the same sense of Jazz and Funk as Wooten. Flea is good but Wooten is evil good! Flea and Wooten are on completely different levels. Just look up "Victor's Jam" on YouTube. You will NEVER see Flea play anything even remotely close to what Wooten plays in that clip!
For the person who said that Flea has no sense of jazz. Flea started out playing jazz music, sure on the trumpet, but the feeling remains the same. And I don't know where you got the impression that Flea doesn't have a sense of funk. I'd say he did a lot more for slap bass than Wooten. Still, two different bass players, different emotions whatever.
A Flawless bass player! Unbelievable tight and on time. Flea is a great bassist, however, he can't match the creativity and technicality of Victor. Also flea says himself he knows now musical theory yet victor has taken years out to study just that! Plus he has been playing since he was 3 years old!
[Newest]Best slap bassist. Flea is nothing compared to him! (Flea is overrated! )

4Les Claypool
Les Claypool slaps his bass around like it's owed him money for about ten years straight. Listen to "Tommy the Cat", "Dirty Drowning Man", "Lacquer Head" or anything by Primus and you'll understand that Les deserves nothing but the top of the list.
This is a terrible thing that he's only in third. I think he is at worst in first place. I don;t understand, um, tommy the cat, jerry was a racecar driver, there are no better slap bass lines. And that's final!
#3 are you kidding me. Way better than anyone on this list. Who made this list. There shouldn't be anyone else on this list except for les claypool
[Newest]Easy, claypool is the best...

5Marcus Miller
A players' player. a prolific musician and producer. an ambassador of jazz, and teacher of young players. downright funky, always tasty, and off the deep end! A super nice guy too.
Tasteful playing with a funky feel. More classy than "showy". Be it slap, finger-style, or tapping, he's surely the best!
He is the man of slap, maybe not the one with the best licks (but he probably is) but is without a doubt the one with the best tone
[Newest]Its all about his tone.

6Mark King
He is brilliant musician, he had so many ideas, I can listen to him all day long, and never get bored, especially Level 42's first and second album, genius bass slapping and playing. There is no bad song, it is art he is making. He is making great harmonies, and I enjoy them very much. He is LEGEND!
6, 8, 9 and 10 should be at the top. OK Flea? Ok yes he slaps but comments like he basically invented slap. Who are these people voting? He shouldn't even be in the top 50 of slapping. Get a clue people look into funksters.
This guy's technique is just about feeling. Maybe not as harmonically talented as Victor Wooten or Stanley Clarke, but totally deserves that "Machine Gun" nickname. Also an influence for 99% of slap bassists.
[Newest]He is the best bass player in the world

Fieldy is a legend, he's the first Nu-metal slap bassist. From my favorite band, KoRn, Fieldy has been in the band forever.
KoRn all that needs to be said "Got the Life"
Fieldy is the BEST

8Stanley Clarke
The man revolutionized the instrument. that is definitely top 10 worthy


9Stuart Hamm

10Geddy Lee
Geddy lee is a fantastic bass player I would him at a very high spot but he has never used slap in the history of rush so why he is on list I don't know


Well, first of all, a lot of world's greatest bass players were influenced by Geddy. This list includes Iron Maiden's Steve Harris and Tool's Justin Chancellor. And secondly, he sings and plays those technical basslines simultaneously which has always seemed "inhuman" to me.
YYZ and Spirit of Radio are two of the greatest bass riff songs on the planet

The Contenders

11Bootsy Collins
Bootsy stands in a class by himself. Not only did he master the technique of cloning pure funk he smashes atoms while simultaneously delivering a superior element of funk in rawest of nature... The jimi Hendrix of bass playing!
THE Classic slap bassist.


12Ashraf Ali Hira (Cruise, Sketch)
One of The Best Slap Bassist in The World
He've his own playing style


Watch him at a live show. No one does it better!


15Larry Graham
Larry Graham is the godfather of slap, not too mention all the other incredible sounds he can get from the bass. Go youtube "crazy bass sound" and then come back with "flea", haha, what a joke.
Larry Graham influenced all the others on this list period! He is the reason this category exists in the first place, so who is better than him? What is even crazier he only started playing the bass, cause his organ broke, and started playing slap cause he thought he was going back to guitar eventually until he meet Sly and the Fam.
Larry Graham literally invented the slap bass. If he didn't this list would not even be a discussion. Place him higher!
[Newest]The first one!

16Taiji (X Japan)
He got skills man. Tab, pull, slap, pick. His bassline was easy to find in X's songs. Sadistic Desire was a great work from, Vanishing Love as well.
listen to sadistic desire.

17Mike Starr
Just watch the Old Alice in Chains and you will see. He's one of the best and I celebrate him for that talent.
He slaps his bass and stomps his boots making great music.

18Wojtek Pilichowski
Dudes... Seriously. Check this guy out. Speed, Accuracy..
He is beyond incredible in my eyes. And definitely deserves a top spot. I was a Wooten fanatic until my girlfriend showed me a video of this guy.
You're asking about "Slap" bass technique, he's underrated. A monster!

19Ryan Martinie
Ryan is so good. He could play circle around most these others on the list. Just listen to "Dig" and you'll know why he should be number one. Watch the interview of when he filled in for Feildy different styles but Ryan's is so much more complexed and faster.


Just listen to dig and tell me what you think

Ue-Chan has taken the fundamentals he learned from Flea and has taken them to a whole new level while adding his own funky personality into the slap style. If riffs are instantly intricate and catchy and just oozing with personality and character.
Added for obvious reasons... Ue-Chan looked up to Flea and without a doubt, he can be compared to him.

Futoshi Uehara for the win!


21Alain Caron

22Asraful Alam Sunny
Awesome bassist
Known as son of bass

23Brian Bromberg

24Louis Johnson
A funkin' funk master! The classic Music Man bass we all know and love today was essentially developed for this fellow (at the time, the MM bass was by Leo Fender)

25John Patitucci
One of the BEST!

26Bill Dickens

27Shafin Ahmed

28Michael Manring
How the hell could you forget this guy when Fieldy is listed so bloody high. I'm almost shocked.

29Jaco Pastorius
Furious he is not in the list

30Tim Commerford

31Dirk Lance
His lines from Incubus's album S.C.I.E.N.C. E are original and shreddistic!

32Henrik Linder (Dirty Loops)

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