Best Songs From Gotye's Making Mirrors


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1Somebody That I Used to Know

Seeing the dedication and effort he attributes to every single song he composes makes admire him greatly... This one is exceptionally superlative

This is the no. 1 song undoubtedly... I just love it... A good job done by these guys..

Features New Zealand singer Kimbra, Gotye and Kimbra's most successful single and their first #1 song in Australia and New Zealand - MatrixGuy

Best song I ever heard in my whole life

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2Eyes Wide Open

Gotye is my favoritest singer ever! And Eyes Wide Open is my favorite song! I could listen to this over and over! Somebody I used to know is amazing as well! Everyone should listen to those two songs NOW!

I love all of gotye's songs -they are very beautiful he's a really great artist and hope that he does more of his beautiful music, and love his art work he puts in the music viedos and album, gotye your wonderful

This should be number one. He sounds the most like peter gabriel here. - batnag

I sometimes find myself being lost in this song

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3Making Mirrors
4Smoke and Mirrors

I love the jazz influences as well as how he uses the melody. It gives a mystical and sometimes a dangerous feel to the song. The chorus is in my opinion one of the best refrains in the album.

This should be number 1 without a doubt! The brilliance of the melody is absolutely moving

Gotye is really a hard worker.

5In Your Light

Gotye is my favorite artist and 'in your light' is his best song... It livens up my mood and makes me very energetic.. It just changes my mood because it has a lot of energy in it.

6Easy Way Out
7I Feel Better
8Giving Me a Chance

This should be your number #2 (a classy tune that follows "somebody that I used to know")


Just a truly brilliant tribute to a wonderful being. Beautiful, devastatingly sad, sublime!

The most perfect, honest song off this album. Also, it's about his dog passing away.

Such a beautiful song! So sad and beautiful at the same time!

10Heart's a Mess

I'm honestly insulted this song is not on the list.

This was in the movie the great gatsby and I think this song deserves to be in the top 3. Infact no. 2 is a perfect place for this song.

Listen to it once, and it'll be in your mind for days... And he only sings the chorus twice in a 6 minute song

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11Somebody That I Used to Know - Faux Pas Remix

Kinda good but instrument are used more not only that his sounds so soft to understand

12Save Me

A beautiful song with a beautiful meaning. There is a certain bitter-sweet feeling that makes it all the better to listen. Gotye is an artist par excellence, and clearly this song stands testament to that fact.

This song is so good, why isn't it higher on the list? Once I hear this song, it touched me in a way I can't explain.. It's amazing!

Should be waay up higher on this list, 3rd at least

13State of the Art

Eerie, iconic 19502/1960s Americana, and thumping basslines, what's not to love? Not a very well known track, but a good one.

Plus that opening "when the cotillion arrived" low low growl? So sexy

14Dig Your Own Hole
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1. Somebody That I Used to Know
2. Eyes Wide Open
3. Making Mirrors



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