Best Songs from Justin Bieber's Believe


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1All Around the World

This song is so amazing! It's so catching and impossible to get out of your head! I just wanna boogie when I hear it! ;) Love you Justin xoxo

Justin Bieber doesn't have any good songs or albums

I Love Justin Bieber songs and this song is awesome I love this song.

I love this song from believe. The beat, and vocals

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2As Long As You Love Me

Oh man!
It should be the #1 of this album

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3Beauty and a Beat

This song is just amazing, and then Nicki Minaj's rap part makes it even better and more cool.

This song is amazing! Justin's believe album is the best so far!
I loved my world 2.0

I love this song. This is my favorite this is the song that inspires me more. This song who make me better. I wish it will be the no. 1. I love you Justin Bieber! <3 hope you make better song that I love. MegRayann Bal.

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DEFINITELY the best song on believe. so inspiring and heartwarming. not a big JB fan but went to the concert with my daughter. this is a great song.

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5Be Alright
6Die In Your Arms

This is an amazing song... I think it is the best song of the album believe... I am damn sure that each and every person would like this song...

This song is perfection just like him

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I really like you justin I am a big fan of you and the main talk that I'm from pakistan

Love this song and also love you Justin

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8Catching Feelings
9Thought of You

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11Take You
12She's Taken

It was catchy enough to be at least an Honorable Mention on my list of best Justin Bieber songs. - Kieran Stark (aka The Ultimate Daredevil) who is exposing himself on TheTopTens.

A lot of the songs on Believe are mediocre stuff you get when Justin doesn't try, but this is something else entirely. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

14FallV1 Comment
15Out of Town Girl
16She Don't Like the LightsV1 Comment
17Nothing Like Us
18Right Here
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Top Remixes

1. All Around the World
2. As Long As You Love Me
3. Be Alright
1. All Around the World
2. Die In Your Arms
3. Beauty and a Beat



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