Best Songs On Westlife's Greatest Hits 2011

Pick your favorite Westlife song out of their 2nd Greatest Hits album.

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1If I Let You Go

It's such a song with sucha a tune! Soothing to the ears though! Not irritating but relaxing. Incase you never heard of it, just head on YouTube and listen! No regrets! D

2Flying Without Wings

I love it because it's so romantic and it was written by Nicky Byrne! I love him I love Westlife and I wish it wins and could perform at the Olympics 2012
Love you Westlife!

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3My Love

You translate the lyrics in Hindi..
And you'll laugh your head off.. :P

4Beautiful World
5Swear It Again

I pick Swear it again because nice and very touching... I really love this song especially the boy band Westlife.

6What About Now
7I Have a Dream
8Uptown Girl

This song has sweet, but at the same time cute and catchy lyrics and the vibes of the this song makes me get up of my seat and just dance around. Plus, with the harmony of the Westlife's voices, absolutely flawless...

9Against All Odds
10Queen of My Heart

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12Last Mile of the Way
13World of Our Own
14You Raise Me Up

I love this song so much! My eyes become teary every time I hear it 'cause it reminds me of my family. Such a touching song.

15Wide Open
16What Makes a Man

This song makes me cry always...i love this

20With Safe
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