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11927 New York Yankees (Baseball)

Not no. 1? Let me explain, not only did the Yanks destroy every opponent offensively, but they also had the best ERA that year. Plus, this squad returned the next year and dominated almost as easily; unlike the team above them.

Writers and sports fans consider this the best team of all time. With Babe Ruth hitting 60 HR's and Lou Gehrig behind him in the lineup, this team would still win as many games today as in 1927.

You made a mistake on not putting this as number one. With all do respect to the 93 cowboys, Murder Row show be 1.

If you like this team give a vote lol...

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21972 Miami Dolphins (NFL)

Someone said that the 1979 dolphins went undefeated (14-0) (You would have to go 17-0 to get a perfect regular season now a days) But they are the only team to not lose a game the entire season in football history. They battled through the injuries and all the other hardships in their way to get the perfect season that is a great team my friends

Undefeated plus 3 straight Super Bowls! Best 3 year record in NFL!

31998 Chicago Bulls (NBA)

This team was stacked with great players, some of the greatest of all time. However "mistahslut" you would be stupid to think this was all because of MJ. But then again after reading your comment you clearly are stupid... Or 5 years old.

Before "The Three Kings" in LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, & Chris Bosh, there was "The Triple Threat" with Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, & Michael Jordan - AP1090

bEcAusE OF micHAeL jOrDAN...
ThiS tEAm ReVolUtiONizED BAsKet bALL And sHOweD WhAt TEaM WoRk REALLy IS...
this TEAm wILL Be REMEmBer FoREVER... HehHEhe
- mistahslut

Not The best team of all time Not even the fifth best sports team in the NBA ignoring all of the other leagues

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41993 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

I agree! This was the best team ever! All very talented players, coaches, and owner. I witnessed the Super Bowl and I'll never forget the experience.

Best team ever! 88/22/8/84/21/48/ enough said!

Deepest and most talented team ever assembled. Not to mention the great coaching. - georgejungismyhero

Good choice! Troy Aikman is Beast

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51985 Chicago Bears (NFL)

The bears are awesome they have some groove to just watch the supper bowl shuffle

The Bears where the best football team of all time hands down

Nothing better then singing the Super Bowl Shuffle before the Super bowl.

61967 UCLA Bruins Basketball Team

With Lew Alcindor leading the way, this team was dominate. John Wooden had a lot to do with the success, but going 30-0 for the season, was something else!

71976-77 Montreal Canadiens (NHL)

The all star game that season consisted of half of their team, the stingiest defense led by the big 3 in Robinson, Savard and Lapointe, as well as the 3 of the top 5 scorers. An 80 game season which they lost just 8 games and a record 132 points that still stands today, of course when you have the greatest coach of all time (Scotty Bowman) he makes it look easy.

82013 New Zealand National Rugby Team

I hope you mean in Union Rugby. In league rugby, not only did the Australia National Rugby Team field one of the greatest teams of all time, but the smallest win was by 12 to England, biggest was 68-0 against the US. They also beat the kiwis 34-2.

Hey dude you got the time wrong rugby union and rugby league switch off every two years. Saying the Kiwis rugby team was best in 2013, when they were demolished 34-2 by Australia, makes you lose all credibility. You're referring to the 2011 New Zealand team.

Should be number one! Research their statistics and win percentage, and they are an INTERNATIONAL team. The All Blacks have just made further history. Another World Cup in 2015.

This should be written as the 2011 team to current

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91996 Chicago Bulls (NBA)

Everyone knows Michael Jordan was the star, but his court partners were just as good. Kerr, Salley, Rodman, Kukoc, and Scottie Pippen. - ProThrowbacks

72 and 10. No other NBA team should be ahead of them. - danajs24

Why is the 98 team ahead of the 96 team if the 96 team is considered the greatest NBA team ever?

I love this team - 2storm

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101962 Green Bay Packers (NFL)

11 hall of famers 11 and lombardi notice lombardi trophy

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?Erie Otters (OHL)
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111998 New York Yankees (Baseball)

They were always heroes and destroyed the pads in the world series. They did not have just 1 or 2 or 3 amazing players, everyone was great. Plus who was the rookie call up who hit 5grand slams I think.

122008 Jamaica Sprinters Track Team
131989 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)


Most dominating NFL team I have ever seen.

I TOTALY AGREE! Joe is without a shadow of a doubt the best quarterback ever! The absolute best! Joe has everything the perfect QB should should be they broke the mold I give credit where it's due and I love the nfl in general but there's nobody as great as Joe Montana! You can keep the Farvres and the Simms give me joe all day every day!

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142008 USA Olympic Basketball Team

It was nice to see the USA dominate basketball at the Olympics once again. The 2008 team was really a showcase of how basketball was to be played in the big forum. - ProThrowbacks

They absolutely murdered everyone else

Usa basket ball is always good

The 2008 basketball team was good,

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151961 New York Yankees (Baseball)

In my opinion the Yankees are the best team ever and nobody will ever reach as many world seris as the yanks 27 baby!

161983-84 Edmonton Oilers (NHL)
171929 Philadelphia Athletics (Baseball)
182003 New England Patriots (NFL)

Patriots were awesome IN 2003! Come on, they went all the way to beat Carolina in the SB to have the Lombrodi in NE! With Brady, the Pats are unstopbb! +, they went on to win the 2004 SB after this, and won the 2001 SB before this. Also, they went to the07 @ 11 later in the decade. I know I am mostly talking about the later or before Pats, which is why everyone is not picking on this team, otherwise they would be dominant, but Tom Brady, if you are reading this, I am your biggest fan! I wish you luck against the GB packers tommorow

191975 Cincinnati Reds (Baseball)
201984 Detroit Tigers (Baseball)

They one the world series against a overmatched padre team who had to beat the... CUBS!

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1. 1993 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)
2. 1927 New York Yankees (Baseball)
3. 1967 UCLA Bruins Basketball Team
1. 1927 New York Yankees (Baseball)
2. 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens (NHL)
3. 1972 Miami Dolphins (NFL)



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