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1 Doctor Doctor

Such an incredibly catchy and uplifting song, it just makes you want to move.

Awesome song but there was no piano at the beginning that's bass and guitar

Doctor, Doctor please! Oh the mess I made! - Pony

UFO's worst song which was simply an attempt to get in to the music charts. Not my favourite trak, love pretty much everything else. Shoot shoot is a better trak, more bands should cover it.

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2 Rock Bottom

Great song, so well written, amazing riff, great ending. This is like a race car on Christmas, wrapped up and ready to go. Electrifying. I once heard a garage band play this at a house party and damned if it didn't send shivers up my spine.

Schenker at his absolute peak! The highlight of the early UFO days (along with Love to Love and Lights Out)

You just got to love it, awesome guitar riffs and solos and great singing.

Easily my favorite song live

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3 Love to Love

A ballad that is worth to be listened by everyone who appreciate good music

#1 most beautiful melodic hard rock song ever... all other bands take your bow to UFO - the Gods of Rock!

Listen to the live version from "Strangers in the Night" and your mind will be blown.

The greatest rock song ever written - THE BEST - #1 UFO song! Sigh

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4 High Flyer High Flyer

Just so beautiful and amazing, with the most moving solo ever played by Schenker. - SomeoneInterested

Listen to this song and you will fall deeply in love with this band!

Great song, it is never played on the radio, an underrated gem

5 Belladona Belladona
6 Try Me Try Me V 2 Comments
7 Queen of the Deep Queen of the Deep

I love that solo. Maybe not really the best song, but certainly not 13th! Haha, it just needed more votes. Good song.

Also, the solo of "Born to Lose" alone is enough to make it top 10.

That electric guitar riff in the beginning blew my head off when I first heard it. Phil Mogg's singing is superb! I cannot understand why UFO just let this song go.

Among all the great tracks made by UFO, Queen of the deep touched my soul literally and I'm sure it deserve to be in the 1st 3 greatest hits of the band.

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8 Lights Out

One of the most popular garage covers ever

Greatest solo great vocal, great rhythm, perfect rock song, in my opnion the best

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9 Mean Streets Mean Streets
10 Alone Again Or Alone Again Or

This was a cover UFO did by the band Love.

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11 Hunger In the Night Hunger In the Night
12 Too Hot to Handle

Another solid staple. Couldn't leave it out of the live set.

Come on! This one sizzles! If it doesn't at least break into the top 5, too many easy listening fans have dilluted the vote!

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13 Only You Can Rock Me

The solo in this song, although very short, is a soaring brilliant piece of music that sends shivers up my spine.

14 Born To Lose Born To Lose

Are you kidding me? Where's Born To Lose?!? It should have been the top 1 on the list! - JimmyzzzX

Classic song great lyrics what we came to expect from the boys

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15 Makin' Moves Makin' Moves
16 Silver Bird

Personally my favourite UFO track, shame not that many people are aware of it! Give it a listen folks

Big silver bird. thank you mick bolton

17 Let It Roll

Not their best song, but a great riff and the solo is where things get really good!

I love Let It Roll and Out on the Street

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18 Sixteen Sixteen
19 Let It Rain Let It Rain V 1 Comment
20 Love Is Forever

Brilliant lyrics - UFO are the masters of melodic rock!

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