Best Volbeat Songs

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Still Counting
Best song from Volbeat ever
This is my favorite song of all time and it should be number 1! Volbeat delivers with this song! A Warrior's Call is number 2 to me.
Greatest Volbeat Song ever hands down
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2A Warrior's Call
Love this song, once I learned what the guy was saying an was actually able to sing along I enjoyed it even more!
Best song I've ever heard I can listen to this song all day and it still wouldn't be a enough!
This song immediately gets me hype. Great workout song, even better song to speed to, which would explain all my speeding tickets.
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3Sad Man's Tongue
This is their best song by far, it's a great tribute to Johnny Cash :D and an admirable modern spin on a classic.
My fave! Awesome band
Wow, My friends recommended this band I was just about to say, not my ball game when I stumbled on this mindblowing song!
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4Lola Montez
Great song. And very catchy. Can't help singing when it comes on. Should be #1 or at least #2 behind "Still Counting".
Great guitar riff and catchy! Deserves the top spot. Improves my mood every time I listen to it.
Great song on an interesting women. hgelped me find the band cause I couldn't get the song outta my head for weeks. now I just want to see a chick do the spider dance haha
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5Doc Holliday
One of Volbeat's heaviest - start to finish. Amazing song

6Heaven Nor Hell
Deserves on the list
Definitaly a great song!
Because of this song I fell in love with Volbeat.
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7The Garden's Tale Listen to sample

Fallen is by far their best. I mean, the guitar is good and all, but the lyrics is what gets you. First song I ever heard by them, and I was hooked!
Awesome song LOVE IT :D
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9Healing Subconsciously
This is their best song - discussion over!
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107 Shots Listen to sample

The Contenders

11Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza
Just awesome, great for everything, and its awesome to amp yourself up before a night out! Should be higher!
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12Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood Listen to sample

13A Moment Forever
Favorite by far! Absolutely adore it, great to listen to
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14The Hangman's Body Count
This has to be the best song from their new album. Starts off with a western type of sound and then kicks in with that signature Volbeat song


Amazzing metal song. this was the first song I heard from them and was wildly impressed. This is a song you must hear if you like Volbeat even remotely.
Its got a good rhythm to it.
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15The Human Instrument Listen to sample

16We Listen to sample

17Dead But Rising
This song may be new, but in the future this will be #1 here for sure. Sorry other songs, you are amazing, but this incredible.
Definitely. # 1 song here
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18River Queen Listen to sample

19Mr. & Mrs. Ness Listen to sample

20My Body Listen to sample

21Danny and Lucy (11PM) Listen to sample

22Hallelujah Goat Listen to sample

23Something Else Or...
I love this song, this will always be my #1 x)
Listen to sample

24I Only Wanna Be With You Listen to sample

25The Mirror and the Ripper Listen to sample

26Radio Girl Listen to sample

27Maybelline I Hofteholder Listen to sample

28Caroline #1 Listen to sample

29Making Believe Listen to sample

30Cape of Our Hero Listen to sample

31Wild Rover of Hell Listen to sample

32Say Your Number Listen to sample

33Room 24
King Diamond. That is all
Listen to sample

34Being 1 Listen to sample

35Mary Ann's Place Listen to sample

36The Nameless One Listen to sample

37Evelyn Listen to sample

38Pearl Hart Listen to sample

39Devil or the Blue Cat's Song Listen to sample

40Who They Are Listen to sample

41Thanks Listen to sample

Come on Volbeat fans
Listen to sample

43Our Loved Ones
Needs to be in the Top Ten as its one of their best songs EVER! I defy anyone not to think this is an AMAZING track
This song is just perfect... my favourite
Listen to sample

44You or Them Listen to sample

45Lonesome Rider Listen to sample

46Back to Prom Listen to sample

47Fire Song Listen to sample

48Another Day, Another Way Listen to sample

49Always, Wu Listen to sample

50Magic Zone Listen to sample

51Light a Way Listen to sample

52Rebel Monster
Listen to sample

53Ecotone Listen to sample

54A Better Believer Listen to sample

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