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22My Love

Great song. Much better than the original. Also the song that started me listening to We Came as Romans. Can't believe this isn't on the list yet.

23Just Keep BreathingV1 Comment
24Views That Never Cease, to Keep Me From Myself
25Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always
27What I Wished I Never Had
28A Moment

What, How could any NOT LIKE this song? The music calming, the chorus is pumping, the singing is amazing, and the the screaming is weak, but this should be top ten.

29Everything As Planned

Clearly their best song! Can't stop listening to it!

30The Way That We Have Been

The keyboards are just epic!

31I Knew You Were Trouble

Best way to destroy a Taylor Swift song with a Taylor Swift song is to cover it with METAL! Though is not my favorite style, this cover is way better than the original.

Favorite WCAR song to be honest. listened to it for 5 hours straight one time

32I Will Not Reap Destruction
33What My Heart Held

This chorus is absolutely incredible. Just wait until the chorus and you'll understand why this song is so good.

How is this song NOT in the top 5?
With lyrics so profound and meaningful to the point of making your hair stand on end, and vocals (both clean and screaming) just equally powerful, HOW CAN ANYBODY SIMPLY NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG? It's one of my personal favorites, and I think the song truly deserves to be in the top 5 at least, if not #1. I think WCAR are a musical genius, and I am glad to have stumbled on to this band.

34Let These Words Last Forever

This should be #1! The lyrics are so meaningful. Best song by them!


Great song. Should try.

37Cast the First Stone

Made me realise "to hell what they say about me! "

Cast the first stone at 26? No way

V1 Comment
38Stay Inspired
39I Can't Make Your Decisions for You
40The World I Used to Know
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