Best Jordin Sparks Songs

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1 One Step at a Time

First of all, her voice can make any song better (like Carrie Underwood), but this is really her best one yet. Definitely her best hit, devoted to a diseased family friend Wendy. (Dead from melanoma).

I just love this song it makes me fell so happy!

It's amazing that's all I have to say!

2 No Air

I like it when people show emotions in a sexy kind of way. Chris Brown is very good in showing emotions in songs.

Great song! Really nice! Everything in this song is great, the music, singing and rhythm all great. 10/10

No air takes my breath away, it is simply amazing! One of the best, for sure!

3 Battlefield

This is a really great song. I really like the beat and the meaning behind it, and it is just... So relatable. It is definitely her best song and most well-known song. I mean, she is just so honest in the song and her heart is so in this song. Her vocals are phenomenal in this song and it's just a great mixture of different genres. It's so honest yet catchy. It had the potential to be a huge single, but radio stations play crappy music that people are stupid enough to love. (*ahem, ahem* Rihanna... ) Still, though, "Battlefield" is a phenomenal song and people should really listen to it because at some point in their lives, everyone will relate to it.

This song is so true because love does feel like a battlefield. This song has great beats, great vocals and lyrics and a great mixture pop and rock. This is definitely Jordan Sparks' best song.

This song speaks the truth about love and how it feels in
Love the beat the lyrics. Everything about this song is true and it has a great mixture of pop and rock. This definitely is Jordan Sparks' best song

4 Tattoo

1. Tattoo
2. Emergency (911)
3. Battlefield
4. No Air
5. One Step At A Time
That's the what the top five should look like, Tattoo should definitely be at the top of this list, it's her best song and her first big hit.

Should be number one followed by 'No Air' not a massive fan of R&B but I'll make an exception for these two as they are both so good!

The most romantic song ALL TIMES. I just cannot stop listening to that song. By the way, Jordin is amazing!

5 Young and In Love
6 Freeze

Good song indeed it reminds me of the beautiful moments I had with my family outing in swakpomound, Namibia

7 I Am Woman

I really enjoy this music. It really shows the realities women go through that makes them unique from men. Finally it shows why women are really called women. I enjoy the beats and the vocal. Everything is perfect

8 Now You Tell Me

This is an amazing song, I have it on cd and every time I listen to I always replay it after it has already played it the first time, that's how much I love the song

9 Shy Boy
10 Art of Love
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11 S.O.S. (Let the Music Play)

This song is definitely awesome, I been asking myself why everybody don't vote for it

12 Emergency (911)
13 Next to You

Love this song

14 This is My Now
15 The Cure

Such a beautiful ballad that speaks to the heart!

16 No Parade
17 Save Me
18 Beauty and the Beast

This is an amazing song and can help me feel free from many things, it is just so amazing.

Her voice sounds amazing, and way better than the original. Her vocals are amazing and the way she carries the song is fantastic. it's so bubbly and cute and makes me wanna sing along every time I hear it.

19 Let It Rain
20 Count On You

Jordin Sparks amazing vocals combined with probably the best Boy Band right now... If you haven't heard this song yet... You know nothing

21 Don't Let It Go to Your Head
22 Vertigo
23 Right Here Right Now
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