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61Or Nah

I love this song this can give me orgasms I don't need porn I need this

The song doesn't sound right clean or without the weekend

This is actually their best song

62Life of the PartyV1 Comment
63Material Girl
64Live For

This should be in the top not the bottom.

65Superhero/rescue You

People need to listen to this song more often

66Drunk In Love

I can listen to only him for the rest of my life. His voice, nor his songs ever get old.

In this track, The Weeknd takes one of Beyoncés most famous songs and makes it his own, with great success

67Devil May Cry

Best song by the weeknd hands down

V1 Comment
68Do It

In this track, The Weeknd beautifully covers and adapts "Dirty Diana" by Michael Jackson.

70Odd Look

Two genius minds combined in this song to create an electric, powerful beat with lightening vocals.

This "Kiss Land" track features production by French artist Kavinsky, which creates an electric, upright beat

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