Best Yellowcard Songs

Top 10 songs of this punk rock band. If you don't agree, add your favourite songs and help to expand and proove this list, they have many other good songs... Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Only One
I let go. Scream my Lungs out to try to let it GO. This is the ONLY ONE. TOP 1.
song is ridiculous... ridiculously awesum... jus <3 it
only one place. only one place... i.e. no:1
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2Ocean Avenue
YEAH! This song should be number one by a long shot. The instrumentals to this song are awesome and the lyrics. This may be the best break up and make up song ever!
I first heard this song when I was in first grade, before I barely knew what music was. I fell in love with it, it quickly became my favorite song. To this day, it is still my favorite. It's amazing.
How in the world is this number two?! Incredibly amazing and very sweet song. It makes me crack a smile each time I hear it. Alas, Ocean Avenue has made me a fan of Yellowcard, so I cannot complain~
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3Way Away
Number 14?! Are you serious, this song is their best! Incredible intro. , bass, vocals... Everything about this is amazing!
Definitely top ten. Good violin intro and a really catch chorus.
Best song Yellowcard ever made. Period. I mean all of their songs are just plain AWESOME, but this one right here tops them all.
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How am I supposed to feel about the things I've done?
I don't know if I should stay or turn around and run
I know that I hurt you, things will never be the same
The only love I ever knew, I threw it all away

When I'm about to cry, I just listen to this awesome song...
Its just the best song I've ever heard..
listen it when you down, and the song will raise you up..
This song just ;) I listen to it everyday it just helps me get out of that I hate school mood, I justt love them. So very much
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5For You, and Your Denial
This is one of the best songs I have ever heard and its one of my favourite all time. I think it deserves to be number 1 or 2. Because everything about this song is simply amazing!
A 20-hour flight halfway across the world. Bored. Go to music selections. Best song I've ever heard on an airplane. Hell, this song is just purely incredible and magnificent.
The amazing violin solo, the catchy lyrics and incredible beat make this an awesome and all-time great song in Yellowcard history.
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It's beautiful, you know? This song got me into Yellowcard. Just listen to it. The lyrics are so meaningful and the song is so catchy. And the guitar playing is just epic.
Needs to be way higher on the list, I'm sorry guys. The other songs are wonderful, but this song tops all. It's deep with the great violin and vocals, you can't go wrong with this one
This song is so much better than its low percentage of votes say, if it's in the top 5 on spotify I expect it to at least be in the top ten here.
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7Lights and Sounds
Coolest song ever... You can just go all out on this song... It can really set the mood
Haven't stopped loving this song since I heard it on Burnout Revenge. You can't get this out of your head! Love it.
I dunno why I chose this... but it has some sort of coolness inside :P
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8Sing for Me
Such an inspirational song! Especially if you watch the official music video for it. It's all about staying positive even though you may be going through difficult times. Just persevere, work hard, and you'll make it through. I love listening to this song whenever I need motivation.
Was searching high and low for the perfect song for the Father Daughter dance at my wedding. I was obsessed with Yellowcard as a kid, and decided to see if anything would work. I listened to this song and tears started rolling down my face. It describes my relationship with my dad perfectly!
How is this song not higher up?! For me it's one of they're best songs the lyrics are just amazing and this should definitely be inthe top 10
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How is this not number 1? The only song that could possibly be considered higher than this song is Ocean Avenue because this song is highly addictive. This song is at least top three material!
I just had to vote this one up, although I was very tempted to go for Gifts and Curses, that probably their one, complex layered song. But I honestly like this song better than Ocean Avenue. Anyone who hasnt heard this, obviously check it out
This is truly one of the best songs from the early 2000s, not just by Yellowcard, by any band. It pumps me up and gets me excited!
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10Light Up the Sky
The lyrics have so much meaning and power! The guitar in the beginning is awesome! I'm surpised it's not higher on the list!
OH MY GOSH! This song should be in the top ten, I don't know why it isn't
Ah! This is like my #1 favorite song by them I think this one should be in the top 5!
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The Contenders

11Empty Apartment
This song should at least be on top5. Their work on rhythm, bass and violin sections is just too perfect... Every time you listen to this song, it makes you cry. But at the end, you say with a smile, "this is what I call music. " :-)
Seriously? This song is so awesome.. It's the song that actually made me fall in love with yellowcard in the first place.. People should start appreciating good music instead of the just the most popular singles..
This is a very emotional song by Yellowcard and is my top favorite. Howcome it's just in top 23!? Come on guys I don't think you people never heard of this song or this is just so underrated.
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12Hang You Up
This is a great song.. Should be much higher in ranking...
Awesome song.. Must be heard once by every1
This song is very relaxing to hear. I love it
This has to be in the top 5 at least. A wonderful song and cool picturisation too.. M/


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13Gifts and Curses
Gifts and curses.. Down here?... Yellowcard's BEST song ever.. I guess you people did not listen to this song
Love EVERY BIT of the song... Deserve to be in top 2... Not down here please.
Amazing! I heard it on the spiderman 2 cd and I absolutely love it
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This Song... It was great. Awakening is a song that gives me energy, power. It is a song that makes me believe I can go on, even when everything around me tells me it is impossible. This song may not be the one with most meaning, or even the best lyrics. But it is the one that speaks to the raw stream of energy inside you, that makes you get out of your bed and face another day. And that is what music SHOULD do to you.
This song is so underrated this should be much higher, it has great lyrics and the beat is so powerful and catchy!
COME ON PEOPLE! This song is perfect!
How can this not be in the top 10? This song speaks to my soul. From the moment I heard the first note, I loved it. It's catchy, exploding with talent and power, Yellowcard's ultimate best song.
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15The Takedown
Holy Moly! I started air drumming so hard when I first heard this song that I almost crashed my car! The first track on one of their most underrated albums, this is easily one of their best! The drums and the grittyness of the guitar just proves Yellowcard is still the greatest!
This is very cool songs, !
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16View from Heaven
How is this not even listed yet? It's catchy and uplifting, and still conveys the message about wishing to have a loved one back. The lyrics are amazingly powerful: "I really wish I got to say goodbye... I hope that all is well in heaven, because it's so shot to hell down here. " It also features a beautiful female harmony, several awesome guitar fills, an extremely fun (to play) drum beat, and of course plenty of impressive violin. This song is seriously being overlooked!
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17Rough Landing, Holly
Just the perfect song...!
Love the lyrics too. Should be up on the list man...

We came down to watch the world walk by
And all she found was trouble in my eyes
From the sky, she pulled me down tonight
Let her go!
Are u guys crazy! This is Awesome song man. I still can't stop listening to it. The yellowcard fans plese vote it up, it has a top 5 quality. My top 10's are>>>>>>

1)Rough landing. Holly
2)Hollywood died
5)For You, and Your Denial
6)Miles Apart
7)Lights and Sounds
8)Way Away
Insane intro sets the tone for the whole song. Definitely top 3 material.
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18Life of a Salesman Listen to sample

19Holly Wood Died

Fantastic track with a brilliant outro for the whole album.

This song is the best song by them, because it has an epic guitar part, an epicly incredible chorus, a guitar solo, which is rare for them, and an incredible outro that left me waiting for the next album.

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20Five Becomes Four
In this song is something special, try to listen to it more times, look at the lyrics and you'll find it great...
This song goes to me ex. The lyrics describe exactly how I feel. It's a must-listen for all Yellowcard fans.
My favourite Yellowcard song for sure. It is just so catchy! This is the song that first got me into Yellowcard.
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21Always Summer
This is the best song ever! It has the best violin solo I've ever heard. This is a really fast and fun, upbeat song. This is my #1!
It was really great
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22Miles Apart

This song allways touches my heart, I dedicate them to my parents when I had to leave, and I used it for a slideshow with all our lives togethe. Best yellowcard song ever.

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23With You Around Listen to sample

Amazing song, unbeliavable that its not in top ten, way better than lights and sounds!
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Sure its a cover of Avril Lavigne but Yellowcard did it infinitely times better and as such its by far my favorite song by them give it a listen to I promise you will love it.
By far one of my favourite songs, million times better than the original.
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26Grey Listen to sample

27One Year, Six Months
I can't believe this hasn't made the list yet. This could be in the top ten easily
This should definitely be in the top ten. This song is just incredible.
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28City of Devils Listen to sample

29Inside Out


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30Here I Am Alive
I know this may sound lame but this is the first song I've heard of Yellowcard and so far this is the most memorable song so far. I love the tune. I love the beat. I love everything about this song. Should definitely belong in the Top 10
Oh my god! This song is so good It really picks you up when you feel down. For me it's an inspirational song and it has absolutely great lyrics and great tune! Just listen to it and see what you think because this song should definitely be in the top ten! Please vote an get this to numbe one!
By far my favourite, should be higher but that's my opinion.
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If this song doesn't end up getting top ten, I will be thoroughly surprised. This song made me cry. It was the highlight of Southern Air for me. Not only is it beautiful, but it is moving.

32Shadows and Regrets Listen to sample

Appropriately quiet/loud intro and great buildup.
The first 70 seconds will have you loving this song.
I really think that this song should be at least be in the top 20's
What a start!. This is my alarm. What a nice way to wake up.
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34Hide Listen to sample

35Back Home Listen to sample

36Rough Draft Listen to sample

37Rivertown Blues Listen to sample

38Dear Bobbie
How is this song not even on the list?! Dear Bobbie is a powerful elderly love song, it's definitely my favorite song ever, let alone by Yellowcard. Give it a listen!
My favorite song, I want love like this song
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39Be the Young
Absolutely love this song!
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40Shrink the World
The lyrics are loud and clear. A very solid song. Much better than their 90's garbage
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41See Me Smiling Listen to sample

42Afraid Listen to sample

43Telescope Listen to sample

44How I Go
Reminds me of Big Fish
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45October Nights Listen to sample

46Sleep In the Snow
I can't believe this is so low.. Such a great song.
Is a really beautiful song
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48A Vicious Kind Listen to sample

49Life of Leaving Home
Their best song by far. I'm surprised it's not on this list.
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50Fix You
I know coldplay's fix you is better. But yellowcard have a better singer.
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