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21 Fire of Unknown Origin Fire of Unknown Origin

The original version of this song (which can be found on YouTube) isn't on any of the original albums, but is a bonus track on the CD of Agents Of Fortune. It is so much better than the more well-known version. It is really dark, and he sounds sick and crazy. - Raa396

Heard this song in Supernatural Season 01 Episode 17 - Hell House.
This is an awesome song.

Best of B.O.C... I have no idea why it is behind. You have to listen to this song!

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22 E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) V 1 Comment
23 Debbie Denise Debbie Denise
24 Take Me Away Take Me Away

Great song- driving tune off The Revolution by Night. Has Randy Jackson (American Idol) guesting on bass- check out the slap work there!

Great vocal hook, and that breakdown bridge after the solo is brilliant!

I remember this tune having limited airplay on album rock radio over 30 years ago, then never played afterwards. MSG in the 1980's had the tune What We Need, but I'd thought that it sounded like a tune that I'd heard before. It sounds very much like Take Me Away. I think B.O.C. should get more credit for this minor hit of their.

25 The Red and the Black The Red and the Black

Such an epic song, will always remember the time I used to listen to this on my brand new sony Walkman when I was eleven years old... ! Rock on

Energy is this song. Can't just listen to it. You HAVE to move. Great balance in vocals, bass, drums, and awesome guitar.

Guitar bass and drums work perfectly together with well placed vocal breaks.

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26 M.E. 262 M.E. 262

Loved this song since the first time I heard it in 1975.

The epic Angriff of stratospheric faux-swashbuckling, survival and a valiant rhythm.

27 Heavy Metal: Black & Silver Heavy Metal: Black & Silver

This is one of their most heaviest songs- if you play guitar, the riff is intoxicating! Was made for the movie Heavy Metal, but wasn't picked- and I can't figure out why.

28 R.U. Ready 2 Rock R.U. Ready 2 Rock

The original studio version is okay, pretty good tune.. But the SEE live version really asks the question: RU Ready 2 Rock? 'Cause it does! Awesome set opener!

29 Morning Final Morning Final
30 Monsters Monsters

Unique song that shows how versatile BOC is. The riff is huge, the jazz break is just crazy! Too cool...

Epic! Starts with a crushing riff courtesy of Buck Dharma, later it goes into a Mos Eisely cantina-style jazz interlude, then into a catchy chorus
(with creepy vocal harmonies), and the lyrics are about gangbanging a chick on a spaceship as it blasts off into outer space.

31 Fireworks Fireworks
32 Harvester of Eyes Harvester of Eyes
33 After Dark After Dark
34 Nosferatu Nosferatu

The best horror song along with Tattoo Vampire and some others! One thing though, Allen reaped the piano with grace. Joe's writing and singing yet created another masterpiece.

Haunting song about the famous vampire. Creepy!

35 Buck's Boogie Buck's Boogie
36 Golden Age of Leather Golden Age of Leather

A seriously underrated gem that packs some serious punch. Can't believe Godzilla starts "Spectres" instead of this. The glimmer of chromium steel in a damn desert, enough said.

37 Dominance and Submission Dominance and Submission

One of their best. The Call and response is mesmerizing, especially live! A great storyline too.

37? Really? #3 behind Astronomy & Reaper!

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38 Lips In The Hills Lips In The Hills

This song rulz all! Bow Down! - fireinside96

39 Perfect Water Perfect Water

A Buck Dharma masterpiece. Perfect. One of their best songs- should have been a huge hit.

This song need to be more famous because it's awesome!

This song is a masterpiece. Is such a beautiful mix of soft rythms with old rock and roll and kinda beatles style in the voice. Simply amazing

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40 See You In Black See You In Black

Great driving song off Heaven Forbid, a solid album that most people don't know about. It's a favorite.

This is BOC on steriods! I can't say enough about the entire Heaven Forbid album. This song is power, pure and simple. Warning- if you are driving the car, this one can get you a speeding ticket!

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