Greatest Christian Vocalists

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1Mac Powell - Third DayV1 Comment
2Trevor McNevan - Thousand Foot Krutch/FM Static

Trevor McNevan is incredibly talented with his different styles. His rock is amazing but his softer voice such as with FM Static is favorable also

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3Jeremy Camp

A great Christian man with a great voice, can't get much better! His low pitch rock voice with his style of music fits perfect.

4Bear Rinehart - NEEDTOBREATHE

Wow. His voice is unique and... Hard to explain. Check out some of his music to see.

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5Martin Smith

Not widely know but his music is deep and simple, very much worth listening to.


The rap/rock in with music along with his powerful message and the beat behind it, O gosh it's good.

7Mattie Montgomery

For all the people who love metal, his melodic voice along with the awesome band is well worth taking a look at.

8Andrew Peterson

His music is very straight up, about Jesus. His voice his very unique yet nassily but it's good.

9Lacey Strum - Flyleaf

Strong, beautiful voice and the lead singer of an awesome band!

10John & Korey Cooper - Skillet

Johns hard, metal sounding voice, backed my Korey's hard but comforting voice... It's just the whole package

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