Coolest AKB48 Songs

This list is the coolest AKB48 songs, you must check it out, if you have recommended another coolest AKB48, I let you to had them!

The Top TenXW


The most coolest AKB48 song of all time, the beat was awesome! You must like this song!


Wow... Cool song, cool beat, cool dance, and cool pv, the most coolest AKB48 song!


So creepy and scary song, but this song so energic and cool beat

4Flying Get

More beat in this song, COOLEST SONG EVER!

5Kaze Wa Fuiteiru

Cool... This song for Japan tsunami, try this song now!

6Kurumi to Dialogue
7Gingham CheckV1 Comment
8Majijo Teppen Blues

This song are GREAT & AWESOME!

9Yankee Soul

Majijo.. Majijo... Majijo.. Ma.. Ma.. Ma.. Majijo... Jo.. Jo.. Jo.. Jo! MAJIJO!

Majisuka Gakuen 2

10Heart Electric

Haruna looks great! Cool rock n roll song!

The Contenders

11Majisuka Rock n Roll

This song was soundtrack in Majisuka Gakuen! Awesome song!

12Enkyori Poster
13Oogoe Diamond
14Escape (Ske48)
15Kamonegix (Nmb48)
16Mosh & Dive
17Korogaru Ishi Ni Nare (Team K)
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