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Because, Bisma was the greatest dancer in Indonesia and Bisma is a very charismatic dancer..

Bisma Karisma is a very charismatic and energic dancer Indonesia.

He is so amazing, we want you bisma..

He is multitalented

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2Agnes Monica

I love agnes monica... She' powerful of dance, energik, sexy & smart... Love @agnezmo...forever

I love her dance on stage... Powerful, awesome...!

The real princess of Indonesia

She is very very powerful

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3EunhyukLee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.

Eunhyuk oppa is the best dancer

I think all of the ELF would agree, he's the best

His moves are so smooth and cool plus he's sexy.

He is the best

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4Margareth Angelina

She has a good skill in dance. So no wonder she's become a leader dance in Cherrybelle Indonesian girl band

Margareth Angelina is Beautiful and talented :D

In addition she is beautiful, she really has a very good dance skills.

Margareth Angelina is good talented and good person

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5Kim Hyo Yeon

I will always stand by this girls dancing skills she's incredible. She can do hip hop, ball room, cha cha to even robotics and as far as ballet. Hyounnies will always support you my beautiful girl. The day you were born the world got brighter

Hyoyeon is the best dancing queen

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6Firly Firlana

He is a good street dancer. So sexy and I like it.

He is an amazing dancer, he is very sexy, good at dancing and singing sound good too. Amazing. Good etiquette, good person. Completed

Sexy Firly, when he start to dance my heart was beating faster than usually. He is a good dancer.

Firly is the best street dancer. He's so sexy

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She's a good dancer.

8Allu Arjun

He is very good dancer and acter his films are arya ek dewana, lucky the racer etc

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9Ohno Satoshi

I was really surprised when I saw his solo dance performance at YouTube. Check it out "TOP SECRET" on YouTube. His dance is so elegant. I LOVE ARASHI! I LOVE SATOSHI!

His dancing is very beautiful. It is looks like dancing in weightlessness.

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10Aiswarya Rai

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11Prabhu Deva

Of course he is the best dancer, but many are unaware of him as he is interested in teaching many rather than him performing and gaining attention. He is an inspiration to many great dancers from India.

Prabhu Deva you r India Michal Jackson in dance

Really best dancer of all time in Indian film industry

He deserves to be so much higher on this list...

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12Sneha Kapoor

The best dancer I have ever seen

13Shantanu Maheshwari

His dance is like a flowing river which has no boundaries but its serene.

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14Sridevi Kapoor
15Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik is the best dancer in India

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16Harihar Dash
17NTR Jr.

Number 1 dancer in world

Graceful Dancer

An all-rounder!

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18Yuya Matsushita

If you focus on his dance skills, he's very good.

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19Raghava Lawrence
20Madhuri Dixit

Where the hell are her fans keke

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