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He is a south indian Michael and dance is not equal to gymnastic which was done by others dance which done by ntr, hritik, Michael jackson is called dance
Jr ntr is best dancer and good performer and good human being. He is also the tollybood A1 star. He have lot of fan following in A. P as well as japan. He is the only person ofter rajanikanth fan following in India.
NTR must be in the list of top 5 dancers in India.
How come allu arjun?
Allu Arjun is a good dancer, but don't have grace in his dance!
He is great dancer indian filim industry I knows kuchipudi, western, classical, his facial expressions boby moments very well... Comparing to aothers he is very energitic dancer... I got national prize also in dance competation also so he is indian great dancer...
He is ultimate dancer of the Tollywood. People will go to his movie for his dance... After chiranjivi he is the ruler of the tollywood industry...
When he dance he will give grace to the step. None of the actors will have that grace and he will show variation for every step and for every movie. We want Jr. Ntr to be a self choreographer in his for himself...
The most talented dancer... He can dance all kind of dances... Many watches his movies especially for dances... So he is top dancer
He should be in top 2 hrithik and ntr. He is the best dancer ever in tollywood. He is doing very good after the major accident he faced in 2009.
I've never seen such a great dancer in my life! Not that I am a fan of ntr... But he has the style in his dance and got the greatest fan following in japan than any other actor... Just because of dis reason!
I think he is amazing dancer.. He can perform any dance moments easily...
He is the tollywood bEST HERO TOO..
Jr ntr is the best indian dancer he do extraordinary performance in his movies and also he is a great indian classical dancer performed different stage shows in his earlier life he is the great he only great in heros
EXCELLENT DANCER IN INDIA... Fast dancing steps are one of the main attractions in his dance
he s very good dancer... one of the finest dancer in indian cinema... god of massess
Jr ntr can do classic, western, folk, his steps are very much energitic surely he can be rated the tollywood no1 dancer
Jr. NTR is a highly versatile and has got speed with precision n grace in his steps. He can do everything which Prabhudeva, Hrihik or Lawrence does to minimum 95% perfection, but the former 3 can never even think of doing the classical steps which has got a special beauty, soul and aesthetics involved, especially Kuchipudi which requires rigorous training, hard to master & some blessings... , even MJ can't think of it. For his speed, versatility, precision of steps and grace Tharak aka Jr. NTR should be rated number 1 dancer in India.
What can I say... He is the only best dancer in South India
He is the upcoming number 1 hero in tollywood. Already proven his dance skills in his films...
NTR is very fantastic dancer. His moments are marvelous.
NTR Can Dance both Western and Classic, and he already proved himself...
He can dance even his weight is more than 100. Remember again NTR proved he is number 1 in Dance, when his weight is 100. The one and only dancer who can change his dance movements with good timing is non other than "Young Tiger NTR". South Indian Dancers are next to NTR. And now NTR is a competitor for North Indian Dancers like Hruthik...
Jr. NTR is Ultimate and number 1 dancer right now.
His Dancing style and skills are amazing. He is the best dancer in the Current Indian film industry.
I don't know why some guys given overrated ranks to some of the dancers(jamntic feat lu).
Jr. NTR is the king of Dance and his dancing timing is awesome.
Iam not going to underestimate any heros or dancers... But but but No hero or nobody can be compareble in the present genreation.
Performance in yamadhonga can seen as example as well as in kantri classical moments. He is a natural dancer
It's unbelievable to see JUNIOR in 14th place... Ntr is very good dancer in south he should in top 4.. All real tollywood fans please try to vote for a good dancer... Not for the person who knows except gymnastics
Ntr is the greatest dancer of india... Just ve can give him the top position... He gives good expressions and also oe of the dancer who dances to his mostt... King of tollywood
NTR is great dancer and this poll is for best dancer not for best gymnastics so remove that position for ALLU ARJUN and vijay manchi dancer aa ekkada mana steps copy kotti akkada estam vachinatlu vesthadu daffaa gadu
Dance is not only matter. Along with Dance expressions are also very important. NTR is master int his aspect.
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