Most Epic Movie Series Of All Time

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Harry Potter Series
Harry Potter definitely deserves to be first. Harry Potter takes you from the beginning to a boys life, where he learns and becomes curious about the world of magic to the point where he can use magic on his own. Harry Potter shows shows us how even bad things become good, and how we just have to believe
Harry potter deserves the first place
Harry Potter is hands down the most amazing thing I have ever seen or read
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2Lord of the Rings Series
The beautiful thing about the Lord of the Rings is its music. This series touched my heart. Peter Jackson left humanity with the most exciting, epic, and touching movie series of our time. I absolutely love it, and always will!


Enjoy LOTR, because the reality is, we may never again see a movie of this magnitude in our lifetime. Directors work on a great movie for 2 years. Peter Jackson has worked on the LOTR series for 15. There are certainly other good films, but none with the magnitude and complexity of this one. Not by a longshot.
The quality, the soundtrack, the effects. This is truly immersive cinema. Can anyone recommend to me any other thing that even closely approaches the cinematic awesomeness of this and Star Wars (original 3)? I wish I could, but these be giants.
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3Star Wars Series
Star Wars wasnt based on a book. This is straight up movie skillZ
The best movie ever. It'S doing me sad every time I see that wonderfuls movies
This is the best franchise. The best ever. No contest. Empire Strikes Back. Enough said.


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4The Dark Knight Series
Truly epic with a completely new and interesting take on superhero movies.

Has to be one of the best Film Series from the last 10 years.

5Pirates of the Carribean Series
Though the second and third were not so great, it had an epic storyline, and there's not so many pirate movies out there
Captain Jack Sparrow is the best character ever made!


Jack sparrow is the best character
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6Spiderman Series

Heavily influential superhero films

7James Bond Series
I think James Bond should be in the top 3. I've seen every single one of the movies and they were all great, especially Casino Royale.
Bond is one of the most influential spies on the big screen he deserves this spot

8X-men Series
Keeps you on edge love the series.

9Marvel Cinematic Universe
This series includes amazing movies as The Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

10Indiana Jones Series

The Contenders

11Batman Series
Perhaps the greatest superhero of all time
I love batman. He's movies are way more epic than Harry potter and lord of the rings. I canot stand Harry potter.lord of the rings is ok but batman has more epic movies. I love it when he fights bane in tdkr

12Back to the Future Series
All day long...the most epic thing ever.


Yet again, this series never ceases to amaze me.


13The Hunger Games Series
Awesome and epicly well made being action and mild gore all around

14The Fast and the Furious Series
The best of all how come this one isn't on top RIP Paul Walker

15Godfather Series

16Bourne Series
An action-packed epic spy series
Matt damon is best actor

17Transformer Series

18Chronicals of Narnia

19The Mummy Series
The movies are great, not excellent, but great, and it does have a rather epic storyline

20Alien Series

21Rocky Series

Okay, This movie series should be a lot closer to the top. Without this, where else would be the really good action movies we have today? Exactly! Rocky is classic sports action at it's best.

22Superman Series

Definitely one of the best superhero series

23Saw Series

24Shrek Series

25Mission Impossible Series
The movie is great ever seen movie like this it is most competible

26Kill Bill Series

27The Hobbit Series

28Paranormal Activity Series

29Dirty Harry Series

30Percy Jackson Series

31Final Destination Series

32Bad Boys Series

33Jurassic Park Series
The opener is the greatest movie ever and the sequels are entertaining too but the last one tends to disappoint a lil

34Terminator Series

35Iron Man Series

36Sherlock Holmes Series

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