Favorite Milkshake Flavor

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We're talking about chocolate here. irresistible, sweet chocolate. it's the best


C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E! The bet flav eva


[Newest]Chocolate is delicious and simple others are good might add toppings but I mean come on people it's chocolate for crying out loud


2Oreo Cookies and Cream
BEST MILKSHAKE EVER! If you haven't tried it, you live in a cave. Get off your butts and buy a Oreos and Cream Milkshake! NOW! If you don't I shall find out and scream at the top of my lungs.
Yum yum... All I have to say! It's creamy, rich, and a great sweet treat on a hot summer night! Love! Go out and get one! They are amazing! It's the best and delicious and great and awesome and amazing and special and way better than boring old CHOCOLATE! Go and eat (or make one using ice cream, milk, and oreos... And a blender) one!
This is really good stuff


[Newest]That's making me hungry

I'm sick of everyone thinking of vanilla as the "plain" milkshake flavor, just because it's a similar color as milk. For the record, milk and vanilla are two very different flavors that taste INCREDIBLE together. Just saying.
I love vanilla! It belongs in the number 1 spot not chocolate! Well I would be OK if vanilla was in 2nd place but still! It is amazing!
Vanilla is sweet and no one really hates the nice smooth taste
[Newest]Ohh no I'm liking my lips😋

Simply amazing with its strong fruity flavor. Even more elegant when whipped in vanilla ice cream um!
Its so fruity and delicious... so much better than chocolate!
I took a 180 degree turn from chocolate to strawberry as my favourite flavour a few years ago. Not sure what happened.


[Newest]I always get them stuck in my straw

Banana! The best flavour there is! Yay for bananas! Bananas are healthier than chocolate, and who can turn down the irresistible yellow hue and alluring fragrance of an ice cold banana shake? Exactly! Nobody!
Banana, Vanilla ice cream, and milk simply blended... AMAZING!
Absolutely delicious, you can taste the fruitiness, and and sweetness
It is definitely the best flavor!
I am absolutely craving a banana milkshake right now! Banana is simply the best flavour! Nice, ice cold, creamy, banana milk please!
[Newest]Bananas are too warm! Farts

It's good. It tastes so good like butts in cream.
Where can you buy it I wonder
Where can I buy it?

Marshmallow is the bomb, the first time I had it I loved it
I have never heard of it but I would rate it OK!
Never had it, but sounds good


[Newest]Did you say bomb ohh no💣💥

I love coconut, its so tropical and delicious, coconut and pineapple is even nicer
COCONUT IS THE BEST FLAVOUR EVER! It's so amazing and cooling and sweet! :O It's a really rare flavour as well, everyone wants it! :3 It's so cold and delicious and spectacular! Best flavour ever.
Yum, yum, yum, coconut is amazing, its real sweet and creamy

9Mint Chocolate Chip
Omg, this is my absolutely positively favorite flavor in the entire world! If you have never had mint chocolate chip (which I would find pretty unbelieveable), try it right away. It's an must! Love all you mint chocolate chip lovers!
Mint chocolate chip is way better than chocolate which is boring and gross, better than plain old vanilla, and I like strawberry though, but I like this better!
Hot, Sweet Mint Chocolatee Chipp :) Love It :P :D Yay :)! Votee Forr Thiss

Yummy! From Dulce de Leche to Salted Caramel.

The Contenders

raseberry is so good with blue heaven


It's actually REALLY good. The thing is, people are too shy to try new flavours. Jaffa and raspberry are my two favourite flavour milkshakes and they're REALLY good when you add lots of icecream.
Yum I wish I could get some now but no it's 10:35pm

12Chocolate Banana
Delicious I really like it!

I love orange! It is my favorite color and flavor! It's so sweet and cold like an orange should be.
Orange is bomb.com I can drink it all day
I like the orange cream love it
[Newest]Where can I buy it?

Yum like starbucks in a milkshake

15Mint Chocolate Double Fudge

16Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Yum I really want to try this out
Dolicisnous a word I made up for great things

I like cheesecake has ice cream yum-o


Mango ice cream is rich but very refreshing. And I love Mango in anything. The mango brings you to another world. I love Mango Milkshake: If only places like Mcdonalds sell them, I would be a regular customer!
I like the smooth tropical taste of pure delicious mango. I never get tired of it.
Why is mango sow low on ranks... It is the best followed by chocolate


[Newest]Best flavour. No reasons.

20Peanut Butter Cup
Best milkshake ever! If you have never had it then... GO GET 1!
Better than goat cheese

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