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41Dot Your Eyes

This is one of their best songs in the album! This deserves to be among the top ten at least!

Awesome 2013 new album it's all great

Criminal that this isn't at the top.

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42Anywhere But Here

One of the songs that helped me become a fan of 5FDP! Not to mention this song is a pretty great duet. Deserves to be higher.

This song is very great with a really deep meaning. should be a lot higher than 43

This is one of the best songs from 5fdp in my opinion.
it is amazing how beatifull vocals and great metal can combine

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This song should be higher. Great drums and amazing vocals!


I am a alternative metal fan, love Disturbed, Metallica, and Green Day, and found this band somehow, but most songs are so rough! 'Cold' however is the perfect mixture of peacefulness and metal, also the only song I actually like. Really worth listening to this one.

Best ballad they have ever written. I'm lazy. I'm not in the mood for writing much.

Beautiful, one of my favorite songs ever! Worth listening.

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45A Day in My Life

This is my favorite song period. Not just for FFDP but out of all songs. Has been since the album released. I relate to the lyrics so well it's as if it was written for me. This song has helped me through a lot.

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46Crossing Over

One of my personal favorites this and remember everything both show the reason why 5 Finger death punch belong as the best Metal group because they don't just realese music that makes you angry or rock out there is also really emotional and touching songs and this is a perfect example

If anyone gives this song a listen they'll instantly reconsider their vote ; the deep lyrics this song carries is overwhelming.

Very underrated song, I personally think the solo of this song is a bit too agressive for it but the rest of the song is absolutely beautifull

47Diary of a Deadman

How is this not higher up, this song is so perfect!

Such awesome riffs, this needs to be top ten

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48M.I.N.E. (End This Way)

Whoever votes on here sucks that's all I have to say this is at least number 3

Best song from the in my opinion. This should be in the top 10.

Totally agree this needs to be in top 10!

Top 10 for sure, what the hell is wrong with you people?

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49Wash It All Away

Catchy song...v but Digging My Own Grave of the new album is better for me

How is this so low on the list? Bizarre.

Why is this song so low on the list? This, Bad Company, Hard to See, Anywhere But Here, Wrong Side of Heaven, and Jekyll and Hyde, helped me become a fan of 5FDP! Get this song higher please!

Not in top 5?! what people!

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50Watch You Bleed

Come on I mean 47th This should be at least 5 or 6 this song pumps me up so much and you can describe it in one word:EPIC


This is an amazing song. One of the best songs in the album. I think it needs to be higher on the list. Way higher.

52Hate Me

This song not on the top ten come on people have you lost your minds this song is just epic this should be number one

How can this be 40? This song should definitely be in the top 5.
5. Far From Home
4. Coming Down
3. Hate Me
2. Under and Over It
1. White knuckles

53Mama Said Knock You Out

This song is amazing, should be way higher. Such a heavy underline

Amazing song featuring none other than the #1 independent rap artist of all time, TECH N9NE!

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54I Apologize

Best song to sing if you have really screwed up

The way to say so much with few words...

I don't why this song is not popular. I my opinion is one of the best song of 5FDP! Listen to it and you will know how awesome is.

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Come on guys I understand that this is a bonus track but when you hear it you realise that it's easily one of their best songs ever!

This song is great, definitely a top 5 for me, I think the main reason it's so low is that it was only released on the deluxe edition of war is the answer

Everyone listen to this! It's so underrated!

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56Digging My Own Grave

Good song but Wash it all away is so much better more rock type lots better

This song maybe the best of the new album.

My new favorite song. Could listen to it for hours.

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57Question Everything

Amazing song, one of the most beautiful FFDP has created. Shows both their metalcore and softer sides, I honeslty have no clue how come this song is so far down the list

58My Nemesis
59Weight Beneath My Sin

I think this song would rise more if everyone had access to the version featuring Ryan Clark

What the hell!... Dis song is simply 1 of d best songs by ffdp. It should be in at least the top 20

60Boots and Blood

The PERFECT FFDP song. The guitar, the lyrics, everything works so ridiculously well. My best friend can't listen to it when he's at home, and begs me every time he's in my car to play it. It owns your whole body, mind, and soul every time you listen to it!

If this song doesn't get you pumped up, you have no pulse.

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