Funniest Female Comedians of All Time


This is the list of the funniest female comics. Some of them don't get the recognition they deserve so I am making a list to pay tribute to the many funny female comics. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Ellen DeGeneres
I love her in everyway, she genuinely wants to make people happy and she does using her every effort in everything she do!
She just makes me laugh! She is just so likeable!


Her show is awesome and she is a very likeable person that everyone can relate to. The famous people that go in her show are always open to her, because they know she is a professional in everything she does!
[Newest]Ellen makes so many people happy. Ellen, if you are reading this, I want you to know that each and every single day you make my day 110% better. Thank you.

2Kathy Griffin
What an original~Kathy is fearless, will sacrifice everything to entertain her audience no matter how non-"politically correct" it makes her look or sound. Honest, brave, loyal, Some people don't get her, but I do~She's a very compassionate person & I love her for who she is & all she does. Maggie (her mom) rocks, too! :-D
Sure she is a fame loving camera whore but no one makes fun of celebrities better than her!


She has no facial expression! I feel like she shows no emotion and did not like her on fashion police.

3Joan Rivers
What a legend. Joan Rivers has to be named the most resilient female comedienne of all time. It is impossible to watch her and not laugh, no matter how rude, crude and filthy her jokes. Cannot beat Joan Rivers
Love and admire Joan. She's a tough cookie and takes no prisoners and has had an interesting life and is the funniest woman in America, in my opinion.
I love Joan Rivers! She is so crude and racist and mean but it's just so hard not to laugh. She's such a doll. I love her.

4Sarah Silverman
She is not only very funny in every way possible, but she is very cute. I like her wit, her attitude towards life and says exactly what is on her mind. I think she is very real, truthful and speaks from the heart. Would like to sit down and chit chat with Sarah get to known her and laugh all day for a change.
Fearless and real. The timing of a genius.
Probably my #1 choice as she is a laugh out loud stand up that others on the list are not.
[Newest]She is very funny and I am a fan of hers

5Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho is by far the most inspirational and butt-bustingly hilarious comedian in our entire species. She is idolized by thousands of fans for her wit, delivery, but most importantly, her beautiful to-the-point message of equality and tolerance. She personally inspires me everyday.
I can listen to her tell stories about her family for hours.


Love stories about her mother, oh how I can relate

6Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball started the sitcom, almost every comedy show we watch on television today owes something to I Love Lucy. She was such a perfectionist and always got everything absolutely right, always the funniest it could be. I'm only a teenager, yet Lucy is my favourite actress.
She is voted the first by T.V. guide, and she deserves it! No sexual innuendos, violence, low taste, violence, and she could make people roll on the floor and laugh!
Simply the best. Not raunchy or needing tasteless humor or foul language to get attention. Just pure natural comedy. No one else will ever be like her again.
[Newest]Always loved her since I was a child

7Lisa Lampanelli
The queen of mean, none other then Lisa Lampanelli! In my opinion, she's the only funny female comedian out there. Not only is she like the funniest female comedian, but she's like one of my top 10 favorite comedians of all time!
Lisa kills when you see her live. Make sure to check her out. She will be in a theater near you...
she's not afraid to comment on any race... religon... I can't believe she even talks about jews
[Newest]How could any one keep a straight face watching her what she says is true but in a funny way great entertainment lisa I could go ti her show over and over and bust a gut every time

8Wanda Sykes
Wow I can't believe Wanda Sykes isn't number one! Or at least in the top five. She's so freaking hilarious I love her
This woman is truly off the chain. Deserves much more attention than she gets. I love her on stage and on screen... Funny to the core... She makes you want to hang out with her she is so real.
My personal favorite female comedian. She's funny like a dude, and I mean that in a good way. She's smart, socially concious and isn't afraid to go dark at times.


[Newest]I love her wit!

9Carol Burnett
She is truly amazing, kind, nice, and most of all hilarious. She could take a simple question or statement and make it a 4 min knee slapper!
Not only a great and underrated physical comedian, she had an amazing voice. Her facial expressions are gold. The best ever, no question.
Her show showed her multi-talents, but her humor was timeless!
[Newest]Well, the fact that she is as much kind and lovely as she is funny, is absolutely gold!

10Whoopi Goldberg
Funny, very good acting in movies, but also her stand-up comedy has very funny jokes and tricks!


LOVE HER! She is a Scorpio like me and I get everything she does! Would love to meet her someday!
I can't believe Whoopi is so low! She is a legend!

The Contenders

11Roseanne Barr
If all you saw was her sitcom, see some standup clips. Unapologetically cranky and indifferent to others opinions, there's a reason her sitcom lasted so long.

12Phyllis Diller
None of these other women are even funny. I have seen funnier comediennes at a funeral. Phyllis I will give credit though.
Phillis made it possible, for all these other comedians to have lasting successful careers. May she R I P
Great comedian self effacing and extremely funny-- just loved her.
[Newest]Ellen DeGeneres, Sarah Silverman? PLEASE

13Maria Bamford
I second Maria Bamford. She's the only comedian who actually does edgy, original, dice-rolling comedy. Every other female comedian basically talks about how weird or stupid men are.
Actually funny, instead of just trying to push the boundaries of what women are supposed to be. That has its role, but doesn't always make for the best kind of comedy.
One of the best comedians out there today, hands down. And that's including both men and women. Her delivery style and the voices she uses are fantastic.
[Newest]Love Maria. She is mental! Brilliantly hilarious in my book.

14Loni Love

15Judy Gold
She is so funny, she makes plain old stuff hilarious, especially mom humor.

16Whitney Cummings
Whitney is the queen of female comedians... Nobody else even comes close to her wit.
I have watched several comic's and I have never laughed so hard as I did when I watched her! She's awesome!
She's hot and hilarious

17Janeane Garofalo
A Legend kind of like a female bill hicks just wish she would move to England and stop letting the stupid yanks bother her. I don't get how they pretend she is the crazy one.
Dry sarcasm filled with wit.


Funny to think that she was in an episode of Seinfeld.
Janeane Garofolo also has great tattoos!
Someone I would like to meet

She can just make you realte to her! Very likeable and charming. Plus when she laughs at her own joke you don't hate her for it because it makes the joke even funnier


Love her, where did you go?

19Tina Fey
Tina Fey should be #1 on this list. What the hell is wrong with you? She is the funniest woman of all time. Ellen isn't even all that funny. No one will remember Ellen and her shows in the future. Tina Fey and "30 Rock" will be remembered, just like "Seinfeld". Both "Seinfeld" and "30 Rock" will be remembered because they are timeless classics! The End.
C'mon She has her hit show 30 rock (its won countless emmy's)
She does the best Sarah Palin impression
and she made SNL hilarious.
Tina Fey has never done any stand up. She is really funny on snl and 30 rock, but she is not a comedian per say. Just a great comic writer.

20Amy Schumer
She's unreal. Her style feels exactly like the banter you'd have with your friends.
She's hot and hilarious couldn't ask for a better combo.
A dirty girl just the way I like them. And very hot.

21Natasha Leggero
She's fantastic! Should be higher up the list than this.
Agreed, she IS fantastic. Her delivery is spot-on!

22Kathleen Madigan
Her delivery is perfect, and she pokes fun at everyday life.. LOVE her!
She should be in the top ten list.
Excellent comic, one of the best
[Newest]She is top ten always a hit

23Paula Poundstone
Paula is a really underrated comedian.. She deserves to be credited with setting the bar.. Totally funny without being vulgar or offensive in any way!
Years ago when I discovered Paula Poundstone she was at her prime I reckon. She is hilarious and could have been an Ellen Degen if her career had gone differently. Brilliant woman.
Funny without being crude or vulgar!

24Rosie O'Donnell
If she is funny enough to befriend Madonna (and stay friends with her *cough*, Sandra Bernhard *cough*) she's gotta be pretty funny!
SHE was funnier than lucille ball

25Chelsea Handler
Have you seen her show?! This woman has huge balls and I love her for it! She was the best thing that came out of "Girls Behavin Badly"


I don't do gossip but Chelsea at least makes it worth my while.

<3 you Chels,
Reading her books makes me laugh so much I can't finish the paragraph.

26Lily Tomlin
Wish she still performed. Thought she was truly hilarious.
Don't see her any more, but during her stride " 70s? 80s? Into the 90s? " she was one in a million. Her telephone operator ("one ringy-dingy; two ringy-dingy...) was classic. How about her line where she's an actress to pay the rent, but her real ambition is to become a waitress.

27Jo Brand
Easily the funniest female comedian in the UK.

28Betty White
Funniest comedienne over the years. She has perfect comedic timing even as she has aged.
Why is she not higher on this list? This woman is walking comedic gold. I love her so much!
Half a Century of laughter, including today.

29Claudette Colbert
She was so sweet and innocent and funny in, "Ithappened One Night".

30Bea Arthur
How this woman is not higher on the list, I don't know! She had such a dry and sarcastic sense of delivering comedic lines.
Such deadpan and sardonic humor. No one could do it like Bea!

31Gracie Allen
Most People don't remember Gracie, the funniest lady that ever performed, But I do. She was the best one line artist that got on a stage.
The best timing and delivery. She was so good, that George Burns was her straight man. Find an old show and listen. Largely unknown today.
George Burns himself said Gracie was the true comedic genius.

32Amy Poehler
Sharp-witted blonde powerhouse! :D
Amy Pohler contiues to be one of the funniest women on Television. Everything she does is great, and Park and Rec is one of the funniest shows on.

33Sandra Bernhard
She has her own f*$ off attitude and I love her for it.


34Miranda Hart
She queen of females in comedy ( kaley Cucco in waiting) she bets all the males

35Victoria Wood
Not only a fine comedy stand-up but also a wonderful actress.

36Mae West
"Ten men waiting outside my door?... Send one of 'em home. I'm tired. "

37Kristen Wiig
Kristen Wiig has the perfect mix of grace and goofball.
The best female comedian. She has the whole package
Her facial expressions are priceless!
[Newest]She cracks me up with her goofy humor.

38Lindsay Ellis

39Moms Mabley
She just cracks me up with her hat, no teeth, house dress and attitude. She is/was marvelous. Thank you Moms
How do you forget her?!?! Pioneer not only for black women but all women. There would be no Whoopi.
The best ever, people don't realize how funny she was because they don't know who she is. Becasue she was black, she was never going to have a sit-com like Lucy, but she was a great comedian.
[Newest]She's the best I ever saw

40Jane Lynch

41Stephanie Courtney

42Sarah Millican

43Lisa Kudrow
What the hell guys? Lisa kudrow from Friends is the most funniest person ever... please vote for her

44Gilda Radner

45Alison Becker

46Kate Clinton
Speaks her mind... Whatever happens to be on it, halariously!

47Melissa McCarthy

48Laurie Fondiler
South Florida comedian. She's play a ukulele in her act and is unexpected in her humor - very different and very funny.

49Maureen O'Hara
Her humor was vibrant and snappy!

50Margaret Dumont

51Dawn French

52Jennifer Saunders

53Elayne Boosler
Elayne Boosler Elayne Boosler is an American comedian and advocate for animal rescue. Boosler was born into a Jewish family and raised in Brooklyn. She was the youngest child and only daughter of her father, a Russian acrobat, and her mother, a Romanian ballerina. Wikipedia

54Minnie Pearl
A groundbreaker, one of the first to draw attention to women and desire, and the first woman to be a regular on the Grand Ole Opry. I suspect she's missing from this list because of prejudice against old-time country entertainers.

55Rose Ellen Dix
She is funny than anything in the world. I love her much love Rose and Rosie

56Rebel Wilson


58Julia Louis-Dreyfus

59Catherine O'Hara

60Katharine Hepburn
Her wit and presentation were magnificent!

61Ginger Rogers
She may have been a dancer, but her humor was unforgettable!

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