Greatest Bands from the '80s


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Great to see a list without Heart on it! Great band!


With classic and timeless songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are the Champions, We Will Rock You, and Another One Bites the Dust, Astounding live performances, (Their Performance at Live Aid was seen by approximately 2 billion people) coupled with their influence on later bands and singers, (Lady Gaga took her name from the Queen song Radio Gaga) Queen is simply unbeatable and in my opinion is the greatest band to ever exist.
queen rock no question about it


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2Bon Jovi
Best band ever! I grew up on these guys, and I wasn't even born in the 80s! I know good music when I hear it, and they definitely create good music! I still listen to them, my favorite song of theirs is 'Living on a Prayer'
They are just Awesome so don't forget to listen to them 'cause they ROCK! I listen to them along with Van Halen all the time! Definitely THE BEST EVER! I can't believe they came 7th 7th!?!? Come on!
Their music does not only touch people's ears, but also their hearts. They have everything needed to be the best band from the 80s, and are still together as a band and the original members are there unlike most of the bands. People these days still listen to Bon Jovi, and go to their concerts and sing their hearts out with them. They are the very best.
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3Guns N Roses
One of the bands who ruled the world


Duran Duran? Really? Guns N' Roses Rocked the world. Up until Axl had his mental breakdown (s). However, they were a ten times greater band in their prime than Duran Duran. Guns N' Roses was SO talented not only did they make THEIR songs great, they made OTHER bands song even GREATER; Sympathy for the devil, Knockin' on heavens door, Altitude, Black leather, the list goes on and on. I mean if a band can make the Stones, Bob Dylan, the Misfits, and the Sex pistols sound better than they originally were, that's extreme talent. Just listen to the album "The spaghetti incident? " and you'll see. So in summary: Guns n' Roses has more talent in any one member (Axl, Slash, Tracy, Steven) than Duran Duran could ever imagine to have.
Why is duran duran ont the top Guns N' Roses change my life and duran made take a nap this band is iconic and duran duran is used in lame shows like glle
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4Duran Duran
Let┬'s vote because all we need is DD in the first place in this competition. Share on your page and spread the word! #DDNUMBER1
What is needed to be said? They were the best in the 80's and still are up to this day! Fantastic music!
There is a contest running about the best 10 bands of the 80s. Which one I have voted on the first place? :-)
Easy to guess! :-) Duran Duran!
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Metallica Has had multiple great songs and albums such as Fade to Black, Master of Puppets, and One to name some of my favorite. When I typed greatest bands from the 80's I thought that Metallica would be in the top 3. But it's 5? And AC/DC at 7th? What the hell
Metallica is the single most amazing band of all time specially with the album master of puppets that rocked the whole world plus the black album metallica for ever m/
Best band I've listened to. Their best years where back in the 80's when they performed live, I think all their albums are great. I have to argue that Metallica should be higher up on the list but I guess everyone has different opinions
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TAKE ON ME IS NOT tHEIR BEST SONG by any meaning,90% OF THEIR MUSIC IS FULL OF DARK AND/ OR MELANCHOLY, WHILE TAKE ON ME IS AMONG THE COMMERCIAL 10%(THAT STUPID SONG doesn't REALLY SHOW THE GREATNESS OF A-HA'S LEGACY), and those ignorants saying that they have only one song, you can't be more ridiculous and ignorant, so do yourself a favour and go to check their 9 albums! They sure are one of the best bands ever(not only in the 80s)if not the best, because apart of their unique sound, also every song sounds different, and they have a plus that any other band has, morten's voice.. That is really the best voice I've ever heard. They haven't only made "perfect pop songs" but also "perfect rock songs", as they've always changed their style while time pass. And their songs have more complexity than what you can find in many others bands, so stop believing in the "gods of music" that magazines like The rolling stones loves to invent, overrating some artist, and underrated some others like a-ha, wich for that magazine is a one hit wonder, so that shows how much they know about music.. Here are some examples of their fantastic songs(but the list is endless):scoundrel days, mother nature goes to heaven, rolling thunder, cosy prisons, summer moved on, out of blue comes green, hunting high and low, the sun always shines on T.V. , I've been losing you, the bandstand, lifelines, you wanted more, minor earth major sky, how sweet it was, locust, foot of the mountain, manhattan skyline, did anyone approach you, shadowside, etc
This band is number one because of songs like Hunting High And Low, Scoundrel Days, East Of The Sun West Of The Moon, Stay On These Roads, I call your name, Sycamore Leaves, There's never a forever thing... The list is long because every a-ha Song is unique, Morten is one of the best voice on earth, Pal is one of the best Songwriters of all time and all three Band Members are real musicians. They have many so called "Perfect Pop Songs" in every Album. Just hear Hunting High And Low and you know what I mean. There is no one in the music scene who could sing this song in the way Morten can do. A-ha is the most underrated Band of all times because of their good looks and lack of scandals. If someone asks "how a-ha could be number one", then he/she should go and hear some more songs of them, Take On Me was not their only song (and it was one of their weakest songs and nevertheless brilliant).
A-ha are the definitive sound of the 80's. Just listening to Take On Me whisks you straight back 30 years!
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Journey is a classic... They were great back then and I still love their music! Timeless classic if you ask me
My favorite band of the 80's - Classic songs and Steve Perry's voice! !
Jounery is one of the best 80's band today. There viedos were fun to watch as well. When I think of the 80's I think of jounery.
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Some albums that are produced, you like one song here and there. U2 reminds me of Journey. Every song on the album is great... So there is no skipping, you just let it play on through from start to finish..
U2 is in a class of their own. No timeframe, no competition, their only competition is their ability to reinvent themselves, and their own imagination. The music keep getting better. Their respect for fans is unparalleled and their worldwide efforts unmatched.
It's bono... How could this not be the greatest 80s band? Let alone the greatest band of all time!
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acdc were briliant in the 80s especialy with back in black which went on to become the fourth most bought album in the u. s.


This world has no taste in music, I swear. The 80s weren't really the best years for ac dc other than back in balck it was more of the late 70s early to mid 90s were there year but ether way the #1 is a band I never even heard of, my generation sucks.
How is Duran Duran better than the raw power and energy that is post Bon Scott AC/DC? Case and point: For Those about to Rock or Thunderstruck vs Hungry Like the Wolf. The cannons of AC/DC blow the wolf to bits!
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10Tears for Fears
Tears for Fears should be on top... They want to rule the world :D
Tears for Fears are perhaps the greatest british import band in the known universe. Curt and Roland work hard to make sure that their fans are kept happy.
Last time they were in Manila (Aug 10 and 11), we were visited by a big typhoon which devastated the land. A lot of lives were lost, and property to damage was high. TFF then donated all the proceeds of their shirts and merchandise from their 2 day concert here to red cross to help the people out.
It just goes to prove that TFF is not only a band that performs for their fans, but cares for them as well ^_^
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11Van Halen
How in god's name is Van Halen not in the top 3? There is no way that any of A-Ha's songs, no matter how inspiring, can top the raw force and sound of songs of Van Halen like Panama, Jump, Hot For Teacher, and so, so, so, many other greats! The combination of Eddie Van Halen's guitar, Alex Van Halen's and Michael Anthony's low and thudding drum beats and bass chords topped of with David Lee Roth's loud, energetic, excited, and forceful singing style absolutely kills every single song! Van Halen are a force and sensation of nature that is not to be reckoned with!
Eddie van halen is my favorite and one of the top ten greatest guitarist. Van Halen put out albums all throughout the 80s and sold out stadiums (and still do). Guns n roses were good too. Metallica's best albums were from the 80s but they weren't really popular until the 90s. A-ha seems to be more popular now looking back.
Its Great van Halen has been the most influential group in the 80's
Especially David lee Roth will be the best rock singer that there ever was
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I don't love this list... Queen were an amazing band but had very little worthwhile from the 80s. They were a great 70s band and a great band overall, but when it comes to the 1980s, R.E.M. were easily the greatest band! They're probably the most influential band on this list, because of the fact that they were one of the very first bands to play alternative rock, but were definitely the best to play that genre during this decade. I think the Pixies were a great band too, and are in my opinion the second greatest band of the 80s, but I see them more as an indie rock band.
R.E.M. have had an addictive, revolutionary new sound in their 1980s period that no other band had done before and have as a result pioneered and began the genre we know and love; alternative rock. If you listen to this genre, then you have to listen to R.E.M.
When you've listened to Murmur and Document, you will love R.E.M. as much as I do!
If you like alternative rock, then you have to put these guys at number 1. They're the greatest.
R.E.M. is one of the greates bands ever how are they not even in the top ten here? Duran Durna? Really?!
REM #1... Dumb ass list.
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13Iron Maiden
For me iron maiden is number one. People think iron maiden are heavy and hardcore but they wrong from all metal bands that ever existed in this planet iron maiden is the most melodic with a lot guitar harmonys and of course operatic vocals from Bruce Dickinson (he and Geoff Tate from queensryche are very underrated vocalist) except iron maiden I like bands like Bon jovi, van halen, definitely Leppard, dio ozzy black sabbath, Aerosmith, judas priest, motley Cr├╝e, scorpions, survivor, led zeppelin, deep purple, ac/dc, pink Floyd, Foreigner, Phil Collins genesis, kiss, a-ha, Michael Jackson(only 80s), Guns n roses, Jimi Hendrix, queensryche, prince, Journey, Queen, REO speedwagon, Rod Stewart, Saxon, dire straits, Skid row, sting the police, Toto and more...
Come on guys?! This is one of the best bands of all times. I don't know why they are not in top 10?! They are Awesome!
Maiden slays all of these in 2012. For 30 years 2000 concerts and still as good as 1984. No one else on this list reps the 80s right now like Maiden.
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14The Police
Every breath you take gives me chills... I know its actually not a love song and is full of hate... but its just amazing, perhaps even more for portraying such contempt so beautifully. Love the breathy vocals and nice bass line!
Quality of songwriting matched with excellent playing by all... I saw them live at the Cow Palace and despite the terrible acoustics... They were stellar.
Stewart is my hero. Sting solo pales in comparison to The Police. And it is because of Stewart.
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15Motley Crue
Motley Crue is absolutely the best back in the 80's. From the punk early 80's with Too Fast for Love (which they originally produced themselves)thru Shout at the Devil. On to more commercial Theatre of Pain and sinfully Girls, Girls Girls till Dr. Feelgood. They kicked ASS and maintained their debauchery with booze, drugs, women and have the tattoos to prove it!
Can't believe it ain't way up there kinda sad! But it's still my favorite band.. I'm a fourteen year old girl who loves old rock music..
Motley is the best representation of that "Glam Metal" Era in which many bands like Poison formed part of it, but Motley In my opinion takes the prize, mainly because it has the best drummer (Tommy Lee), a great guitar player that plays with powerful harmonics (Mick Mars), the best bass player (Nikki Six) and an awesome lead voice (Vince Neil).
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16Dire Straits
One of the rarest best band ever with their unigue sounds.
Definitely the best of a all, why isn't this number one? Vote Dire Straits!
I still have their album, yes album. Very unique band
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Poison has many great songs. They were number one band played on mtv right along with Motley Crue and and Bon Jovi. Every rose has its thorn was one of their best songs and it really macks me feel good to here that song. They may not be as much up there as like Motley Crue but I think with all of there great songs and how quite a bit made it on the charts they should have a higher rating then this and I am not saying it because they are my favorite band I mean it.
Poison has made amazing songs, has millions of fans all over the world. A great inspiring guitar player for those who play. Good drummer. Cool bass player. Great lead singer. They are all an inspiration for those who want to be in a band or create a band. They treat each other almost as if they are family which can help inspire other bands that are falling apart. I AM ONE OF THEIR # 1 FANS AND THEY INSPIRE ME!
This right here they should be first they were awsoume
Rate 100

18The Smiths
I may not know much about the 80's era, considering that I wasn't even alive at the time, but I do know that the songs of The Smiths are of great quality simply because of their awesome melodies and addicting metaphors in their lyrics. It's a whole different world when you're listening to their songs and when you're reading their lyrics. You just never get tired of them.
The Smiths are an amazing band. I understand that they're not in the top ten because they're only popular in the UK but A-Ha sure as hell do not deserve to be number 1! Morrissey's lyrics are so meaningful. Johnny Marr's guitar playing skills are always underlooked (like most indie guitarists). Peace and love.
Best band of the 80s by far. Morrissey/Marr had the special quality of putting poetry to music and not just any poetry - genius comedic gems.
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I consider Heart to be mostly a 70's group, but since it was on the list, I voted for it. There music is still played all the time on classic rock stations: Magic Man, Barracuda, Crazy On You, Heartless and more.
Very underrated great band, with very talented musicians
I love Heart! Awesome band and I loved them"
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Nirvana is one of my favorite bands. But they didn't take place in the 80s...
Nirvana's First Album was released in 1989 Titled Bleach
Nirvana is the best band! Legends.
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21The Cure
By FAR the greatest band of the 80's. Robert Smith is an absolute legend.
The Cure don't sound like they belong in any decade. Their music is unique and timeless and constantly altetnative from what is happening in the music scene and for this reason its hard to describe them as an 80's band, they just happened to be the best band that existed in the 80's. Robert Smith has more genius in his crows nest bonnet than any of his so-called contemporaries.
U2, the Smiths and the Cure were the best 80s bands. Aha should not be in this list.
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22Hall & Oates
So many great songs by Hall & Oates! Why aren't they in the top 10 at least? Sara Smile, Rich Girl, You Make MY Dreams Come True, and Maneater! All great songs!
How is hall and oats number 46

Best band or close to it in the 80's

23Red Hot Chili Peppers
RHCP have rocked the world since their inception in 1984. Give It Away.
Brilliant live an amazing sound and quality
Favorite band ever, never greeted bring to listen to.

24The Scorpions
the scorpions are amazing! they should undoubtedly be in the top 10! and A-ha is crap! who in their right mind would vote for A-ha?!
The greatest band who had lots of unbeatable hits! Fabulous outrageous thrill! The most energetic in stage performance!
Most inspirational band I have ever seen especially wind of change, and send me an angel two classics right thier.
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Had Two Killer Albums in the 80's...Their Debut "Night Songs" and Follow up "Long Cold Winter" with Both Albums Cracking the Top 10 in the Billboard 200..and combining to produce 3 Top 20 Singles...
Killer songs like nobody's fool, Somebody save me, Gypsy road, and lots more. They should be in at least the top 15. I am a huge fan of old school rock and roll and I am only 13 years old and this is my second favorite band.
Great band. Amazing songs.

26Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode is the greatest 80s/90s band of all time with their 48 singles and brilliant minds. Most of their songs are gold, and people just don't get that. I don't think that they are underrated but they are better than a lot of other bands on the website, up there with Duran Duran, Journey, Queen, AC/DC, Metallica, Bon Jovi, and others. Definitiely better than the Beatles, who were only popular because of their unusual way of doing things.
No one had even dared to have a concert at the Rose Bowl. The promoters warned the band that they wouldn't fill the stadium and it would be a negative mark against them. They went forward with the decision to have a concert there. The concert sold out in hours and they were the first group since the Beatles to sell out the stadium! This group deserves to be in the top 5 of the 80's along with U2 and The Pet Shop Boys. They weren't just a group with a successful album; they had album after album that were huge! They were the kings of "alternative" or "new wave" music during the 80's and into the 90's.
An amazing, underrated band with brilliant songs
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I'm extremely confused, I thought A ha were 1 hit wonders :/, well Aerosmith deserves to be *1 not A ha, because steven's voice can reach levels like no one else's
Aerosmith is best, should be number 1. Love in an Elevator is one of the best songs I have ever heard, A ha should not even be on this list
Aerosmith, with out a doupt, Steven Tyler, true artist. Beyond great. Aerosmith absolutly belongs at the top of any list.
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A band that has endured the test of time. Sound as vibrant and fresh today as they did back then.
I grew up with Rush... Never afraid to march to their own rhythm. Rush was never pop rock and should be praised for that, in the least.
Most talented band of them all.
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29Travelling Wilburys
The most amazing supergroup of all-time: Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, George Harrison.

30Def Leppard
Def Leppard is the greatest band ever, releasing so many songs that
A-ha just looks stupid. Only stupid losers would try to disagree.
Definitely Leppard should easily make the top 10. With Pyromania in 1983 they created something different that others tried to imitate throughout the 80s. Leppard's album Hysteria was second only to Michael Jackson's Thriller in 1987 and it had 7 hit singles. They started before the 80s, became incredibly successful in the 80s, and are still writing music and touring today! And they made it through all of that despite the drummer losing his arm and a lead guitarist passing away. Long live definitely Lepaprd!
Definitely leppard is like the greatest band ever and whoever says otherwise is dumb. Definitely leppard was the greatest band during the eighties and in the world at the time. Everyone should vote for them.
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31Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Wow just wow 4 albums in the 80's including Born in the USA and perhaps one of America's best singer/songwriters ever not on this list? Unreal.
The Boss! Top ten in any music list, particularly his most commercially successful decade surely.
Bruce is the BOSS! One of the best song writers and performers in our time.
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Lol these guys should be at the top of the list! Cause more than half of the bands up here have been in some shape or form inspired from KISS.

They're the ones who started the whole make-up and drag thing and really took it to the nest level, go check it out for your self many bands have admitted that they were HUGE fans of KISS and that KISS was the reason they created their band. KISS are like the forefathers of GLAM/metal rock.

No one deserves the top spot more than them! 70s 80s 90s 2000s it doesn't matter these guys KILLED it in EVERY ERA!
It's so awesome 40 years of entertaining the people did you know over 200,000,000 like/liked kiss (including the dead ones and present kiss fans)


Oya man, they rocked the 70's, 80's, 90's, and still rocking the world


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33Fleetwood Mac
I grew up on them! I mean Landslide, Edge of Seventeen, Go Your Own Way, come on! This should be way higher on the list!
Powerful lyrics, best performing, poetic!

34Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys have sold 50 million records worldwide, and are listed as the most successful duo in UK music history by The Guinness Book of Records. Three-time Brit Award winners and six-time Grammy nominees, since 1985 they have achieved 42 Top 30 singles and 22 Top 10 hits in the UK Singles Chart, including four number ones: "West End Girls", "It's a Sin", "Always on My Mind" and "Heart".
Definitely should be in top 10

35The Clash
Excellent band and tunes
Saw them in concert at Univ of Penn back in the day. London's calling says it all.

36Talking Heads
They clearly are number 1
I agree, this band should be number 1.
Although Rush is a good group there is no comparison between Talking Heads and Rush.

37Huey Lewis and the News
Huey Lewis is most definitely an 80'star.
A-Ha is #4? Who is voting on this website?
Back to the future one of the biggest movies of the 80's title track sung by? Huey Lewis and the news..
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38Twisted Sister
Amazing band, many great songs. They are a great inspiration to other heavy metal bands. They truly should be one of the top 10 because of the quality and effort that you can easily tell they put into their songs. You can tell that they really believe in what they sing, and what their lead singer Dee Snider writes.
One of best rock bands ever!
They Are Sing About The Truth Too And They Keep It Raw


In my opinion Foreigner is one of the best of the 80s and should be in the top ten
Should be in the top ten. They still sound great.

How can one of the big 4 not even be in the top 100?
Tornado Of Souls must be at the rank. 1
Just love MegadetH! :-D

Love David Coverdale and Is this love
What a voice, what a band.
It in top ten idiots
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43Talk Talk
A most underrated 80's band
Pop as art. From their commercial early releases to their more introspective records, a band that did influence generations to come.
Define all that is great about 80s music.
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44Judas Priest
Undoubtedly the best rock/metal ever most of the others only a shadow of the greatest band ever
The founding fathers of Heavy Metal...
The best rock band of all time... hammer

45The Go-Gos
Love them. Plus they were all hot babes. Did I mention they were hot!

46The Bangles

47The Who
Greatest Rock Band of all time!
Classic British rock. Loads of bands after them were influenced by them.

48Great White
How are these guys not even Mentioned? Once Bitten Twice Shy, Save Your Love, Old Rose Motel? SERIOUSLY?

Their songs can make you cry. 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' helped a football team win cup because of its moving lyrics.


51The Rolling Stones
They are still aroud today which is remarkable considering their ages. Mick Jagger is still going strong and a great performer their music is timeless just like them it never fails to get me up dancing that's what its all about.
They have to be number one because the music start with them and the Beatles.
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52Siouxsie & the Banshees

Loved annie's powerful voice along with dave's musical rhythm. I love sweet dreams (are made of this).
There videos were real art. Annie lennox always looked stupendously good

Amazing band, one of Australia's finest.
I swear I don't know what you guys are thinking! INXS should be top of this list
I really cannot understand why this band is not listed. When U2 and INXS debuted, we were wondering which of the two would become "the" band for the next 30 years. U2 won... But that doesn't diminish INXS and their place in the history of the 80's!
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55Skid Row
For starters, Sebastian Bach has one of the best rock voices of all time. Skid Row had everything that made an 80's - 90's rock band awesome - the hair and black leather pants, the tastefully screaming vocals, the driving guitar riffs which got more hard core in their Slave to the Grind album, and plenty of ballads with a rock edge like "I Remember You".

56Prince & The Revolution

57Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble


59Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick, to me, was the most underrated rock bands of the 80's
No doubt they were and are still underrated!

60Spandau Ballet
This band needs to be number 1!
You know this band is TRUE

The best glam metal band platinum and gold albums and just plain rock/metal awesomeness

62REO Speedwagon
Kevin Cronin has to be one of the best songwriters in rock history, in my humble opinion.
This band is underrated, way underrated!
Loved them back when and love them now!
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63The B-52's
How did the B52's not get on the list they were awesome!
The best beach-rock party group ever!
The beginning of modern music.
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These were the dirty edge of British metal in the 80's. Very influential. Still making great songs " line in the sand"

Where's Accept in all of this? Where are Warrior or Manowar? Moorhead... oh the humanity!

66Adam and the Ants
Adam was my first love. What an amazing and truly original sound the Ants had, those drums were just astonishing. I learned so much from the songs about art, sex, tribes, pirates and the list goes on. Adam was all about style and somehow fused punk and the new romantics effortlessly. A true one off.
The Man Is A Legend... His Fans Are 2nd To None!...
& He Has Worked His Socks Off With Tour After Tour For The Last Few Years...
It's A Heck Of A Lot To Deal With When You Have An Illness Like Adam's...
Here's To A Legend Who Has Brought So Much Happiness To His Fans... Young & Old-ish...
Adam And The Ants were a British rock band active during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The original group, which lasted from 1977 to 1982, became notable as a cult band during the transition from the punk rock era to the post-punk and New Wave era and were noted for their high camp and overtly sexualized stage performances and use of Burundi drums. Adam And The Adam had a major influence on many artists who've emerged during the band's career.
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67The Birthday Party

68Deep Purple


70The Cars
This band epitomized everything about the 80's. Like everything else about airtime on the radio, disc jockeys got a few of there songs out there, but many of there best songs were never given any airtime. A classic band with much talent. One of my all time favorite bands. Should be much higher, at least top 10!
Awesome in general. great voice from ric, and ben orr. elliot easton is such an underrated guitarist. while David is the mind he created the name, the covers. he created the cars. while greg is the sound of the cars. new wave was synthesizers greg did the synthesizer.
Top 10 80s band for sure! Heart above the cars... Come on!
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Video killed the Radio Star...So true!

72The Pretenders
My God people if the Pretender's are not here I don't know what to say.

73Sonic Youth

74Culture Club
Unique BOY GEORGE's voice and energy, beautiful melodies and lyrics that touch the heart! George was the most photographed person in the world along with the Pope and Princess Diana! CULTURE CLUB they were the first in the world with hit DO YOU REALLY WANT YOU HURT ME and CARMA CHAMELEON. They are a legend...
In my on opinion Culture Club should be in the top 10. The group had a short period in the limelight, but in that time they had a string of hit singles and two top twenty albums.
Unique smooth and jazzy litterbit husky voice..Boy george so sexy male singer.
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75Modern Talking
They were the best band of 80s with many many giga hits like -you can win if you want, sos for love, brother loui, you are my heart you are my soul and many more. They were the best of their era.
L have to say that these Disco king guy┬'s really touched "my heart and my soul! " every single song was and still is absolutely Great!... 80┬'s would not been nothing with out them! :)...

At first they sounded speed metal like x-Japan and their drummer tetsu changed their style for the better


Don't have a bad song toured the world and still playing. Should at least be in the top 15 top bands of the 80s. I guess more pop fans voting than rock.
Good lyrics, great sound, and an all around super band!
Should at least be in the top 20. One of the top headliner bands in the 80s
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Best group in the 80s by a bleeding mile
Great songs all have meaning to life, best band by a mile!

79Simple Minds
Most underrated band... It deserves a lot more
Can't believe how low in the rankings they are.
One of the most creative and innovative bands of their generation.
Absolute Madness... Should be in the top 20
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Listening to this group so takes me back to high school and cruising around in my '76 Camaro with the volume cranked up as high as it would go. I loved them then and still do. Brad Delp had such an awesome voice.
You know a band is good when you can listen to their songs over and over and never get tired of hearing it. Tom scholz is the greatest songwriter of all time. They had the most unique sound of any band ever. Also, you will never see a more perfect afro than sib hashian's.R.I. P brad.
Saw them in 1078- Johnson City Tn. Great concert!

Should have been higher... this band deserves it! Per and Marie combo is just mind blowing... the powerful 'listen to your heart' and the catchy 'the look' prove why they should deserve higher ranks!
Great band. Literally. Original and dynamic songs

82X Japan

amazing band. just give them a chance. listen to Sadistic desire. also if the intro to some of their songs are quiet and slow, wait a couple seconds and it will speed up to speed metal. like Kurenai and silent jealousy and rose of pain.

They should be up there where the Pet Shop Boys are. Such an underrated band in my opinion.
My first concert without my parents. I was shocked by the scenqence skirt & thought, "I didn't think there were any girls in this band."

What about Toto? Why on earth is Toto not of the first ten rock bands?! They are one of the most extraordinary rock bands of the 80's that ever existed! They are perfect! I like almost every song of them. I swear that I have heard them even before I was born! They are extraordinary!
Africa, Hold the Line, 99, Rosanna, Stop Loving You, and home of the brave are their best.
Toto only 899 th what should be in the top 40
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85White Lion

86Black Sabbath
Number 92? What a Joke!


88Air Supply
Simply the best... Still rocking' until these days... They should be in the top list..
There songs are so good! Especially their lyrics!
I love them. Still rocking it and touring!

89A Flock Of Seagulls
Let's not forget their ever awesome "space age love song".
If I had a photograph of you

Best Hard Rock Group from the 80's. Unfortunately, they were pigeon holed with the Hairbands of early. Their music is straight up rocking blues - no fillers or manufactured music by the label! Long live TESLA!
Tesla is the best 80s band. That's a fact

91Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
She loved rock and roll. She loved chicks. We had a lot in common.

92The Fixx
When the wrong antidote is like a bulge in the throat~
You run for cover in the heat and why don't they~?

93Simply Red
What exactly is Simply Red doing on place 100?

Working for the weekend!

95Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
One of the best pop groups of 80s

96The Jam
As with all great bands time hasn't dulled their songs great writing great bass and a top drummer
Best song writer / live act listed here along with The Who
And the Style Council should also be on this list.
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98The Smashing Pumpkins
One of the best bands I have ever heard. That drummer was awesome



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