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181Minoru Chiaki - The Hidden Fortress

Kamatari Fujiwara was good, too, but Chiaki stood out more, his expressive baby face constantly morphing into hilariously ugly gurns.
Tahei is completely unlike Chiaki's other roles, which have had an elegance and warmth to them. He is a crude, slovenly, swarthy peasant, and a petty, blubbering coward, exactly the sort that Kikuchiyo (God rest his soul) had ranted about in 'Seven Samurai'. Chiaki's performance here is in the same vein as one of Mifune's: Confident, spirited and unrelenting. - SourNote2014

182Go Ah-sung - The Host

As Park Hyun-seo, Go brilliantly plays a character who, though trapped and helpless, is clever and brave. And she does it with a lot of confidence and poignancy. - SourNote2014

183Takashi Shimura - Rashomon
184Ellen Page - Juno
185Robert De Niro - Once Upon A Time In America
186Tom Hulce - Amadeus
187Michael Keaton - Beetlejuice
188Nicolas Cage - Adaptation
189Val Kilmer - The Doors

This Performance Was Dead On, Half Way Through The Film I Finally Remembered That What I Was Watching Was Not The Lizard King, But In Fact, Val Kilmer!


190Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Inception

He Played Off Of DiCaprio So Well He Needs An Oscar.


191Jamie Foxx - Ray

Once Again I Only Remembered This Was Jamie Foxx About Halfway Through The Movie.

Oscar-Best Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role

192Michael Douglas - Wall Street

Michael Douglas Is So Cool In This Movie. Enough said.

Oscar-Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role

193Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side
194Benicio Del Toro - Traffic
195Talia Shire - The Godfather
196Orson Welles - Citizen Kane

One of the best films of all time

197Leigh Whannell - Saw
198Guy Pearce - Memento
199Denzel Washington - Training Day

Should be in the top 5 not 96 for Christ sake

200Tom Hanks - Saving Private Ryan
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