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301Respect the Wind - Eddie Van Halen

Just cause it was made for a movie doesn't mean ITS not great!

302Asturias (Leyenda) - Isaac Albeniz

It's sad that no one here appreciates the skill required for classical guitar.

303Scar Tissue - John Frusciante
304Fight for Your Right - Beastie Boys

Awesome song, 1 of my faves

305Rock You Like a Hurricane - Michael Schenker
306Come On Feel the Noise - Randy Rhoads
307Hound Dog - Scotty Moore

Just rocking. In the most classic way possible. - higgsboson2142

308Return to Serenity - Testament
309Fury of the Storm - Herman Li
310Heroes of Our Time - Herman Li
311Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Dave Mustaine

I know a lot of this solo is pentatonics played really fast, but hell, isn't that what most of metal soloing is? Dave's final solo is the best pentatonic wanking I've heard and the speed is absolutely mind-blowing.

312Alive - Pearl Jam

Alive is a great solo but Wishlist is one of the best of all times!

313Buried alive - Avenged Sevenfold

I love this guitar solo, I wish it were higher

Most complete guitar song ever!

314Far Beyond the Sun - Yngwie Malmsteen
315Firth Of Fifth - Genesis

I am surprised that this piece of guitar art was not on the list until now. The solo was co-written by Gabriel, Banks and master guitarist Steve Hackett and is played at various points througout the song but the best moment by far is when Steve Hackett starts building the solo.

Perhaps Progressive Rock has no place in this list? I tend to disagree. Feel free to YouTube for this song, it is magnificent. Just play it very very loud...

316Walk Away - Jake Pitts
317My Sweet Lord - George Harrison
318Money - David GilmourV1 Comment
319Angry Again - Marty Friedman
320Glasgow Kiss - John Petrucci

Greatest guitar solo ever

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