Best Journey Songs


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Don't Stop Believin'
A very good example of rock ballad with a fuse of hard rock and with the soulful guitaring of Neal Schon. Everyone should bow to this song when it comes to Journey.
Insanely inspiring, just lifts up my mood every time.
Poetic lyrics and soulful voice. Love it!
Hopeful and inspiring, it makes me happy 100% of the time!
[Newest]Its by far the best song they sing.

2Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
I immediately fell in love with this song
You'll fall in love with this song the very first time you listen it. Best of all time. Very Inspirational music though the lyrics are sad
I love Journey. I love the ballads like Lights, Open Arms--but enjoy the more straight rock of Separate Ways and Don't stop Believin' the best.
[Newest]Brilliant song from start to finish! It's sad that this song lives under the shadow of Don't Stop Believin' (which is a great song too), because this song doesn't get the credit it deserves.

Extremely motivating and well-written lyrics.
Melody is very catchy.
Fantastic song. One of my favorite of all time. Definitely needs to be a little higher on the list.
Awesome my dad's favorite and now my favorite this song rocks one way to describe it 3 letters R.A. D
[Newest]Faithfully is one of the best songs in history

4Any Way You Want It
Much much better than don't stop believen' this song has the catchy chorus and a great solo as well!
This was the first Journey song I listened to, I loved the kind of immediate start, the guitar riffs and solo, and Steve Perry is just great in this song.
The most amazing harmony intro to any song ever
[Newest]Love songs like this, deserves to be number 3 on the list!

5Open Arms
Every time I hear this song I think of the movie date movie. You know the part when grant and juilia are in the elevator and then the other 2 people come in and then they start having sex in the elevator? HA HA HA HA HA HA SO FUNNY.
I absolutly love this song! It's most definitely in my top 3 favorite Journey songs! Open arms, Faithfully, and After All These Years are the top 3! Oh, and for all of you piano players out there, you should really go online and figure out how to play the intro. It's really pretty!
Steve Perry can hit the impossible high notes, and this song goes to prove what range he has.
[Newest]This song is beautifully written and has nice vocals

6Wheel In the Sky
How is this not higher on the list? This is definitely one of Journey's most awesome songs. The intro to this song is amazing!
This is totally my favorite Journey song. I think it deserves to be far higher up on the list.
Holy crap! Steve's voice in this songs is crystal! This is right when he joined the band and when his voice was virgin perfect! Great lyrics too! I like his voice best when he sang faithfully when it was seasoned a bit more and more manly, but either way this guy truly has a voice that is a gift from god for all of us to hear. I think he is the best singer in the world, no kidding!
[Newest]I think this should be #2. Absolute favorite song after don't stop believin'.

I want this to be my wife and my song
Great song bout San Francisco
A good song abou San Francisco

8Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
This song rocks, has a great story/theme, and ends will a wonderful rolling chant that will always have me singing along to the end.
Best song without a doubt, don't stop believing is great but to popular this song is way more soul full you can really jam out to it
I like the dick

9Send Her My Love
Perfect song in all music aspects!
Should definitely be top 10! Great song!
I think I've commented on every song! They are all so good! This is probably one of my top 5, amazing lyrics and steve, oh steve!

10Who's Crying Now
#1 Journey Song!
A great track from escape
I'm a true music conoseur and a metal listener but this song has got to be one of, or if not the greatest song of all time, right up there with my most beloved metal songs.
[Newest]The best song ever.

The Contenders

11Girl Can't Help It
Should be number -- 1 -- says it all.
This song is underrated! The music, lyrics, and vocals are all so perfect. Steve Perry truly has a "golden voice" and this song showcases his immense talent. And, as an interesting sidebar, Randy Jackson (from American Idol fame) played bass and sang back-up vocals for this song - laugh out loud.
By far the best Journey song.

12Stone In Love
An very underrated song
I agree this is a very underappreciated song. Escape is just an amazing record. Nice guitar solo by Neal. This song is often covered by others artists, if that's not an accomplishment, I don't know what is.
Probably one of my favorite journey songs. Heck! I love all of them! Why make a list of the best journey songs? There are more than 10! Make it top 100!

13Only the Young
Should be ranked much higher - amazing voice lifts you up
There are many songs from journey that don't get the recognition they should, not just the music, but the lyrics
The group stand alone in expertise in their field. How I wish I could play half as well as any of them, especially Neil schon,
This song takes be back. It makes me feel young again. So many memories...

14After All These Years
A song of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Amazing new song that touch everyone's heart and soul.
Love This New Song And Amazing Solo And Singing


I love this song, I remember all may past... According to may ex, I hope 1 day she come back and she say... I LOVE YOU AGAIN.. ^_____^
[Newest]The perfect love song...

15Be Good to Yourself
Great song, great guitar work by neal schon
Excellent intro, amazing guitar solo, awesome lyrics, gets you hyper. Great song to listen to on a sunny day
Totally 80s rock journey has changed throughout the years (the style) I love it all. Why make a list of top journey songs when people might as well love every journey song like I do?
[Newest]This song was Journey's comeback in the 80's. Definitely a kick ass song.

16Mother, Father
Why is this not higher! Lyrically this is Steve's best ever! Nobody can and will ever be able to sing it as well as he did. Everyone should watch him sing this live and tell me you don't stop breathing when he sings, it is amazing how long he can carry his voice and a tune! Amazing voice and lyrics. Very moving! Watch him sing this everyone, please!
Mother Father is one of my favorite Journey songs. It is on side B of their record E5C4P3 (Escape), the only album to go to #1. The song features intense vocals, displaying clearly the talent of their lead singer Steve Perry. This is not the kind of song one could simply hum along with, as it has a difficult to follow melody and an insane range. Every time I hear Mother Father I find myself in awe as Perry hits these crazy high notes. The instrumentals in the song are very good, too. I especially like the piano playing at the beginning and end.
The build up and the chorus are both fantastic!

17The Eyes of a Woman

18Ask the Lonely
This is very sad seeing this at number 27. In my opinion it should be in the top 5. Unfortunately its not as well know as the others such as don't stop believing. But I think this has one of the best messages.
Are you joking? How is this not in the top 5, top 10? This song is fantastic and has great lyrics.
Amazing intro, easily one of their best songs
[Newest]Its not 27 anymore

19After the Fall
This is one of my favorites by journey

20Too Late

21Still They Ride
This song is amazing

22Faith In the Heartland

23When I Think of You
Amazing Song Beautiful as well!


24I'll Be Alright Without You
This song is amazing it shouldn't be this low
60! This is unbelievable, it's in my top 3, why the hell it's ranked this low
A good ballad a classic
[Newest]This shouldn't be lower than the top ten. this is disgraceful

This song gets you pumped. Once you hear the first 2 seconds
The end is like a firework finale
It is one of perfect rock songs

26Feeling That Way
When Feeling That Way is coupled with Anytime, this duo is unstoppable. Perry's first album with Journey was a slam dunk.
If you've never listened to this song, listen to it. I think it should be in the top 15

27When You Love a Woman
25! Should definitely be from the top 10! Sound of Jonathon's Cain piano and violins are beautifully harmonizing. Neal Schon's small pieces yet amazing solo parts. Steve Smith's soft drum beats. And of course not to mention Perry's beautiful voice!
Awesome song I just love, it should've been in the top 10
Should be much higher on the list, beautiful song!
[Newest]Beautiful rock love ballad!

28Moon Theme

29Chain Reaction
Love this song it gets you pumped up!

30Keep On Runnin'

31Happy to Give

32Every Generation


34Don't Be Down On Me Baby

How the hell is this not higher? Have any of you actually heard this song it is firkin awesome!
Everyone around where this plays, all start singing it; so, why did it only rank 29th? Duh...

36Do You Recall

37What I Needed

38Of a Lifetime

39It Could Have Been You

40Once You Love Somebody

41Look Into the Future

42Edge of the Blade

43Stay Awhile

44Troubled Child

45City of Hope
I understand this is not a song Steve Perry sings, but Arnel sounds exactly like him in this song. Top 10 worthy song indeed with strong lyrics and great guitars and drums
I like this song very inspiring! Great song...
Great song, great vocals by arnel pineda!


47Good Morning Girl
Great song, should be higher on the list.

48Never Walk Away


50Kiss Me Softly

51Opened the Door

52With a Tear

Great build up to the chorus!


55To Play Some Music

56Nothin' Comes Close
Amazing song, should be top 5, absolute gem and amazing guitar work!

57People and Places
Looks like people forgot the early times of Journey

58Just the Same Way
This should be much higher. One of the best Journey songs.

59Winds of March

60Turn Down the World Tonight

61With Your Love

62Change for the Better

63Loved by You





68Lay It Down

69I'm Cryin'

70Line of Fire


72Somethin' to Hide

73If He Should Break Your Heart

74Precious Time
Incredible song. How is it not on here

75Why Can't This Night Go On Forever?

76Back Talk

77Positive Touch

78Raised On Radio


80Little Girl
Such a powerful song and under appreciated. The he guitar solo is beyond epic.
Why is this amazing song at 56 it should be way higher

81Snow Theme

82When the Love Has Gone

83Message of Love
The chorus in this is amazing!


85The Rape

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