Greatest Keyboard Player Of All-Time

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The Top Ten

Keith Emerson
I have been a professional musician (keyboard session/studio) and no one comes close to Keith. I see comments about other players like he can play two keyboards at one time... My dog can play two keyboards at one time. Wakeman's left hand is no where near the dexterity or speed of Keith's in the day. Keith played contrapuntal leads, when no one else did and most couldn't. So let's start the list over with Keith at number's one and two. One for his right hand and two for his left, and then let's proceed.
I have seen all the great Rock keyboardist and literally there is Keith Emerson and all the rest. The greatest technical player, Hell he plays complex Bach pieces with a 200lb organ on top of him upside down! REALlY!

His piano playing is extraordinary, but his mastery of the Hammond Organ is absolute Genius. Not mention he innovation with synthesizers.
Just listen to the the end of "Fugue" in the middle of "The Endless Enigma". Incredible piano piece followed with a wonderful synth flurry. Should always be number 1.
[Newest]Like others have said.. It's that left hand that sets him apart from the Wakeman's of the world. I am a huge ELP fan and while some of the music approaches sucking level.. Most of it is brilliant. Long live Keith.. He's doing some conducting on Long Island this summer. I have my tickets already.
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2Yoshiki Hayashi
The greatest keyboard player of all time!
Yoshiki Hayashi you are the best keyboardist... Yoshiki Hayashi makes look playing keyboard so easy... But in real its not an easy task... Yoshiki Hayashi you're the best
The greatest pianist, drummer, composer all time. His creations range from classic, orchestral pieces to heavy metal song.


I really love Yoshiki! I think he is the best pianist, drummer and composer. Yoshiki is also generous and humble. Yoshiki and X Japan are the best band in the world!
[Newest]God of keyboard and drum

3Rick Wakeman
Not only was Rick a pioneer in keyboard playing - he's still got incredible talent and can deliver top-quality music live. The same cannot be said for Keith Emerson who, while once an awesome exponent, is not longer able to match his earlier capabilities. I know this is largely due to a physical condition with nerve damage to his hand, but we have to rely on his past performances. Rick is still up there - brilliant after such a long career.
While Rick & Keith are of similar talent, Rick's catalogue of compositions seems a little deeper. Physical dexterity & speed are difficult to argue now... Both have paid a heavy price from years of playing... Keith had to have an operation on pinched nerves in his right elbow... No info getting from his brain to his 4th & 5th fingers... Not much improvement after... In performance I still see those two fingers curled under most of the time. All of us have our bodies betray us eventually. It's like fighting over Mozart vs Beethoven.
Rick is loaded with talent, and is by far the greatest keyboard player to ever live. Sorry Keith Emerson, but once gaining a bunch of attention by acting like a wild nut on stage does not compare to the true talent, and pure musicianship owned by none other than the keyboard wizard... The caped one... Mr. Rick Wakeman. Rick's compositions are very inspiring and still very popular today. Rick continues to perform at his high standard, and owns the title "Best Keyboard Player to Live."
[Newest]You can't think keyboard players without an early mention of wakeman

4Jordan Rudess
the people who didn't vote for him (or other great keyboardist), voted for a stupid the keyboardist from an stupid band like X Japan; one of the most overrated bands in TheTopTens....

by the way, ALL the members in DREAM THEATER are great: James LaBrie has a really awesome voice, John Petrucci is a real shredder who always gives a great feeling to his solos, John Myung has a great power for the bass, Mike Portnoy is one of the greatest drummers ever (to bad he left the band) and JORDAN RUDESS has made great keyboard performances...


Let's be honest here. Technical skill is something that almost EVERY keyboardist on this list possesses. However, what sets Jordan Rudess apart for me is just the true RANGE of things he does with this technique.

From orchestral to ambient, from classical to the prog metal that most know him for, this guy tries to do everything, and almost always succeeds.

Heck, he even goes as far to design new software to bring even further innovation to the keyboard scene.

It's this kind of dedication that truly marks a legend in music.
truly a Versatile Keyboard player, graduated from juilliard, he is in my opinion one of the best keyboard players, he has so much technique and so much versatility in his playing, he can literally play just about everything ranging from cartoon music to the most complex compositions, not to mention his innovative mind including his new iphone app "morphwiz"
and the use of new tools all the time
[Newest]I'm happy to see the top 10 filled with so much progressive rock and metal. Especially Jordan Rudess. His solos on songs like Constant Motion and the Dance of Eternity are amazing, and I absolutely loved the Middle Eastern vibe that he brought to Home. His skill is virtuosic and it is a pleasure to listen to his work with Dream Theater.
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5Chick Corea
This guy can really play compose and piano and keyboards in classical, jazz and fusion styles. Truly incredibly talented!
Absolutely leaves everyone currently in the top 10 list far behind
He should be much higher on the list, top 3!

6Tony Banks
He is not only keyboard player. But melody and harmonics maker.
Tony use his hands and keyboard very effectively, he makes very distinctive chords.. I can recognize his keyboard playing even with only one bar...
He is the mastermind in music compositions of Genesis.
I love Tony Banks' tasteful playing and compositions.
He is considered as the best keyboardist.. although he never expose himself too much.
Inspired by the likes of Rachmaninoff and hailed as the 'chord master' by fellow Genesis member Steve Hackett, he has a personal style and some of his traits are now quite popular, such as adding the 4th on a triad on the 3rd inversion. Has always done all the keyboard programming himself and has always had a distinctive sound as well as style which singles him out as an outstanding individual. Quite sensitive to the needs of each piece of music, the overall soundscape has been top priority and virtuosity has been just one of many devices as well as his unique method of using the cross-hand technique. Yes, other can play 'faster' but Tony's passion for his music supersedes technique for the sake of showing off technique. The music's all that matters for Tony so all in all he stands at number 1 in my chart, and always will.
Most excellently stated! As you said, he probably isn't the "fastest" keyboard player but far exceeds that in quality and composition.. Sometimes listening to older Genesis in the car and/or over headphones, his keyboard playing is almost mesmerizing and you totally "get into" the composition or story line of the song. I've seen him playing three keyboards at once along with the piano in some of their mid 70's music. I just stood there shaking my head in disbelief. Yes, one maybe two of the keyboards were in sequence while he was actually playing the other one or two along with the melody on the piano, but managing all this in his head as the song went along, is mind blowing! Although to him, probably just second nature from doing it so long. My vote will ALWAYS be for Sir Anthony as #1 in keyboards in the world! Would be nice to shake his hand someday.. !
The keyboard player who isn't just about playing fast. He is a master of melodies, and he also uses a lot of interesting chords. My vote definitely goes to Tony Banks. He defined the sound of early Genesis.
[Newest]Tony's the Keyboard God. All times!

7Jon Lord
Jordan Rudess is good, but he can't hold his own against Jon Lord's genius. Also, Yoshiki Hayashi? Really? X Japan is a pretty good band and I like them, but Yoshiki ain't no Ray Manzarek or Jon Lord.

Deep Purple will greatly miss him, as his keyboard parts were an integral part of the classic sound. The riffs sounded better thanks to him.
Not AT ALL a keyboard fan but Jon Lord's style truly enhanced DP's songs. As a classic metal guitar player I always felt that keyboards tended to slow the tempo, muddied the phrasing and the poor slob trying to express his/her stage presence standing behind a keyboard can't be anything but pathetic (see Dio Holy Diver Live version of Rainbow in the Dark). This narrative does NOT apply to John Lord. Jon ROCKED IT.
The greatest keyboard/organ player of all time!

Deep Purple and Jon Lord forever!
[Newest]Just the best that ever was...

8Jonathan Cain
He wrote the parts for When You Love A Woman, Don't Stop Believin, Open Arms, and Who's Crying now. What more do you need?
The best keyboardist ever! He makes Journey happen!

9Ray Manzarek
Ray is the most underrated member of the doors considering he probably the most work (organ, bass, backing vocals). I love his classical Bach-Influenced organ solos and rhodes-basslines that no ordinary bassist could have a hope of playing! And I envy his sideburns!
He is amazing. The fact that he was able to come up with the riff from Light My Fire by just screwing around on the organ for a while is truly incredible.
If you would have spent more time listening to good bands like the doors instead of crappy 1s like x japan you would know that would whip their mostly drummer.


[Newest]Best piano solo of rock music: Riders On The Storm. Nothing is more deep, beautiful, colorful and trippy that his.

10David Bryan
Absolutely the best keyboard and pianist ever, playing since the age of 6, composing musical scores, as well as the writing and composing of songs for Bon Jovi. His interaction with the audience is simply outstanding, he always has a smile for his fans. He is energetic, a true entertainer. He is a gentleman who deserves recognition for his outstanding talent and contribution to music
Easily the most talented keyboardists I have ever heard. And NO not just with his stuff with Bon Jovi.. Also his solo stuff and his music on broadway. This guy is a mega talent who can do anything and play anything he wants... After hearing all his body of work it becomes patently clear it would be a BIG mistake to underestimate or pigeon hole David. He is a legend on the keys pure and simple!
The most talented keyboard player and his able to play multiple keyboards at the same time. His live performance is something very energetic and he contact audience amazingly!

[Newest]Listen to him play, Look at what he has achieved in his career. Need I say more? The best keyboard player/composer, without a doubt.

The Contenders

11Richard Wright
Definitely should be number one. He mastered keyboards with samplers in the Floyd's early days, (Piper at the gates of dawn, Meddle, etc.. Etc.. ) and then explored new territory with the Synthi A on what are considered their masterpieces:"The Dark Side of the Moon", "Wish you were Here", and "Animals". On top of that he had his own successful solo career. I am saying this not just as a Pink Floyd fan, but as a keyboard player myself, with many other influences, (Billy Preston, Miles Davis, Brian Wilson). As was mentioned in other comments, his modesty is the other half, of what makes him a legend.
P.S. this seems a bit too much, but I'm just a really big fan.
Syd Barret invented Pink Floyd, whereas Rich Wright was the essence, the atmosphere, the aura, the soul. You can realize that on all Floyd's masterpieces, after Barret, the structure of the music is from him. Echoes, A Saucerful of Secrets, Summer' 68, Us and Them, Welcome to the Machine, The Great Gig in the Sky... Top 3 for sure.
He was a great musician! For example, he learned music alone and never had teacher! His main influence was Miles Davis and "A Kind of Blue". He was the soul of Pink Floyd when David Gilmour was its heart and Waters its brain! He used many new material at the time and showed many habilities into playing Hammond organ, Moog synth, Farsifa, EMS synth, mellotron, ARP and even piano! He also played on many keyboards to obtain the lush introduction of " Shine on you crazy diamond", he used a Leslie effect on "Echoes", used all the keyboards he had on "Sysyphus", wrote "The great gig in the sky" for on organ, he was an influence for many keyboardists including Gong's Tim Blake, Porcupine Tree's Richard Barbieri and even Camel's Peter Bardens! And I can tell you a thousand things about him!
[Newest]His contributions to Pink Floyd are immense, and was arguably the most talented band member.

12Greg Zini

13Tuomas Holopainen
I admire Tuomas because of his multi-talented ability to write catch songs that last a life time and charging forward above and beyond all other keyboard players with his revolutionary beats
He brings soul to his songs while playing keyboard. Thus may be not the most technical keyboardist, but Tuomas always is my favorite. He is beethoven of contemporain era.
He is the driving force for his band and I couldn't see Nightwish withouth him in it. Singers Change and Guitarists may change but Tuomas will always be the best thing that has ever happened to them. Hands down the best Keyboard player ever if not for that alone.
[Newest]The soul of Finnish Symphonic Metal! The most creative at present!

14Peter Bardens
Peter gave wonderful pathway for camel, he know how to use the keyboard for melodic construction of prog-rock.
In my opinion composer and an aranger of the best solos and hords in progressive rock history.

15Steve Walsh

16Neil Doughty
I met him once, he smelt like peanut butter

17Kerry Minnear
Gentle Giant are at the top of over-the-top...
Royal College of Music anyone?
He is number one!

18Tom Coster

19Joe Zawinul
Greatest Jazz keyboard player and a composer of genius.
Weather Report keyboards along with Return to Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra with Correa and Hammer respectively set a bar that has yet to be and questionably ever will be surpassed.

20Janne Wirman
Give me one keyboardist that can play as fast as Wirman. Just listen to Children of Bodom's cover of Slayer's "Silent Scream" or their songs "Kissing the Shadows" and "In Your Face". He's the best shredder on keyboard, no doubt of that.
I love Children of Bodom for the music, all very very talented. No doubt the most talented around at the moment. Janne is incredible, the speed is insane. Duels with lead guitarist Alexi Laiho are impressive. Laiho one of the best guitar players alive also
The best keyboard player of all time just looking at him when he played the keyboard, just one word comes out from mouth awesome. Cob is the only band that have perfect combinations of musicians.
[Newest]Really Hat's off you for the Bed of Razors, Kissing the shadows, shovel knockout. You are really awesome

21Dave Brubeck

22Herbie Hancock

23Eddie Jobson
Eddie should be in the top three, behind Emerson and Wakeman.
One of the most gifted keyboard player and performers of all time... Also played with Roxy Music at 17-years old replacing Eno... Technically flawless.
Curved Air, Zappa, UK, Yes, Jethro Tull...

24Elton John
No better rock/pop pianist!
The best in pop rock, no other

25Tom Waits

26Stephen Devassy
He is one of the best classical - western keyboardist player in india
He is one of the best in india
He is just amazing, his fingers just flow through the piano, truly amazing pianist
[Newest]World record for highest marks in trinity college music grade exam

The best keyboard player in the earth

28Billy Joel
How is Billy Joel not top 5?

Come on this is crazy

To many hits to list jon cain #2 give me a break
Strangest key board list of all time

29Nicky Hopkins

30Gregg Rolie
IMO, the greatest keyboard player of them all.

31John Paul Jones
Just listen to his organ playing on Led Zepellin 1 or 2, and you will hear his amazing ability to play the organ

32Jens Johansson
His Music is something that you just canĀ't put in words. Speed, Technique, Feelings. And he also explode toilets.
He's a top ten must be!

33Steve Winwood
In my opinion he should be in the top ten for sure. I think he is one of the most underrated musicians of all time, and this list certainly doesn't help his cause. He can play everything but his keyboard/organ skills are amazing!
Best multi instrument player

34Alan Wilder
Downright shame Alan Wilder is placed at 30. Top 15 easy. Depeche Mode isn't Depeche Mode without Alan. Check out the albums Wilder was apart of and you see the major contribution he made not only to Depeche, but to Synthpop/Electronic music.
Watch the live performances with Depeche Mode. You can't even see his fingers cause they're moving so fast.
The True Depeche Mode keyboardist.

35Rod Argent
Quality keyboardist. Gereat technical ability

36Jan Hammer

37Nick Rhodes
Writes music, unique style. Nick is still in business, with thirty plus years and still going strong.
Best in the business. Also the best looking!

38Dave Greenfield
Just listen to no more heroes and you'll see why he's definitely one of the best keyboardists around. Plus he's a punk keyboardist.
Unique... His sound created by him.. Others followed a trend he went it alone and that's what makes the stranglers what they are today...
If you ever listened to the Stranglers, then you would know he's one of the greatest ever...
[Newest]Nobody does an arpeggio better than him!

39Vadim Pruzinhov
he is epic! maybe not as good as the guy from children of bodom though.

40Mike Shinoda
Mike deserves a plane between 1-10 because he's one of the best mixer as well as a great keyboardist... Have of the Linkin Park's mixing job is done by him and Joe Hahn!... Mike rules!
He is the best keyboardist and works well with samplers and synthesizer. He is a allrounder. A guitarist, keyboardist, Turn tabler... And a long a list! He deserves to be in top 10!
Mike deserves to be in top 10

41Ronald Jenkees
Ronald Jenkees is very unknown and VERY underrated. He is undoubtedly one of the best of his time. He has his own flow, his own style that is incredible and unique. You can FEEL his music. It touches the soul.

42Freddie Mercury
Freddie should be higher on this list! Take me to The Seven Seas of Rhye!

43Frederic Chopin

44Kiyo (Janne Da Arc)
He has super fast fingers!

45Ken Hensley
Great keyboardist ranks with Jon Lord as the best in the Heavy Keyboard Department!
The first keyboardist whose I liked. Today I like others...

46Stevie Wonder
He's supposed to be higher than this.
Number 72? Are you kidding?

47Ludwig van Beethoven

48Billy Preston
Billy Preston (the only musician to work with both the Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" & the Beatles "Let it be") has more soul than any other keyboard player I've heard. Take a listen of "that's the way god planned it" from George Harrison's Bangladesh Concert, Just beautiful.
Ranked too low. The man was a child prodigy, performing with Nat King Cole when he was 10. Brilliant musician.
He has played with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton

49Michael Pinnella
Yes he does deserve to be one of the best ten but people don't even know him.
That's the problem.
Or know him and too stupid to realize.
Probably the most underrated keyboardist.
Deserves to be one of the best ten.

50Billy Powell

51Benmont Tench
Probably the most underrated keyboard player anywhere. The reason? He doesn't overplay. Just plays what is needed for the song and nothing more.
Listen to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and tell me this guy isn't top 5

52Bernie Worrell
If you ever seen him play live theirs no question that he's one of the very best! Keyboards and moog wow!

Why in the world this guy is not on this list is beyond me.

54Chris Martin
Greatest pianist of all time. How could there be another choice...
Chris Martin is a master at keyboards and makes beutiful music with them

55Kevin Codfert (Adagio)
The best neo-classical keyboardist.
Listen to anything on the album underworld and you will understand.


56Franz Liszt

57Richard Clayderman
Are you kidding me? Laugh out loud
My my.. the most successful pianist on guiness record don't have the justice here

58Oscar Peterson
Yeah, I know... Most of you are going "who? " laugh out loud @ some of the people on this list, thanks for the laughs
Without a doubt, he was a major influence to most everyone on this list. In his time, for the style of music he mastered, there is no better piano player.
Yep, no one, NO ONE, can match Oscar Peterson's virtuosity!

59Romel Ali
He is from Bangladesh. Played piano with Air Supply and many other renown bands of the world.

60Lyle Mays
Lyle Mays doesn't make even the top 10? Lyle is the true number ONE! The masses as usual do not have a clue. Such an absolute genius & supernaturally gifted keyboard player who has been willingly/happily subject to an even greater gift (Pat Metheny of course) all these years speaks volumes for his love, passion & respect for TRUE music. MVW

61Johann Sabastian Bach
Are you kidding me? Bach shouldn't be in this list. Geniuses should be in a list apart

62Trent Reznor
the founder and only lasting member of Nine Inch Nails, and How To Destroy Angels. He deserves a spot on here for his inspiration to other musicians in the dark, industrial, electro, community and bands.


63Richard Tee

64Roy Bittan

65Liam Howlett

66Mike Pinder
Defined the unique sound of a band (Moody Blues) through arrangement, performance, and technical know-how to an extent no one has with any other band.
He is truly amazing.

67Glen Gould
He should be number 1 beside chopin

68Tim Rice-Oxley

69Seth Justman
Absolutely, one of the most accomplished players. He should be in the top ten.
Can't put a number on him or anyone for that matter but Seth justman was author of some pretty tasteful b3 solos and some funk blues infused piano.

70Ray Charles

71Tomo Milicevic

72Bill Paine
Bill Paine of Little Feat has to be one of the top five rock piano players of all time. Incredible virtuosity.
Great keyboard player and band leader. If only you can spell his name correctly. Billy Payne

73Martin Gore
Creativ music composer that can produce beatiful "destroyed" sounds

74Yuhki Kuramoto

75Joe Sample
People if there's anyone that has featured with the world's best Guitar player, George Benson is it this man, very experienced from classical to JAZZ, which is his favourite actually.

76Mark Stein

77Amy Lee

78Richard Tandy
Very underrated player, probably because ELO's music was not keyboard solo heavy. But if you listen to how much ground he covers in the overall mesh of sound they were famous for, you realize what a gifted player he is. Also arranged many of the vocal and orchestral parts, was originally the bands bassist, and is an accomplished jazz guitarist!

79Kiki Djan
Best of the best

80Martin Hedin

81Don Airey
95? Come on. Don has played with some of the best bands in the world!

82Jimmy Smith
Serious? Should be in top 5
His playing on a Hammond B3, timeless!

83Bobby Laquidara
This guy is sublime. He is a phenomenal multi keyboard player. I think he is from the Boston/New Hampshire area.

84Robert Lamm
Have any of you listened] to the complex, technical keyboards of Chicago?


86Johnny Greenwood

87Liz Story

88Dietrich Buxtehude

89Gary Brooker
An innovative player with Procul Harem who rarely wrote lyrics but created music around them. A super talent who etched lasting memories of his keyboard prowess

90Roger O'Donnell

91Daijiro "DIE" Nozawa

92Jason Freese

93Vitalij Kuprij
This is the best, not these you're wrote!

94Kevin Moore
Dream Theater, Chromakey, OSI

95Matt Bellamy

96Allan Zavod
Keyboardist with Frank Zappa, Jean-Luc Ponty, Glen Miller Orch. Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson,

97Josh Silver
The keyboardist for Type O Negative really understood how this instrument should be played. The atmospheric qualities he brings to his music and his technique are amazing.

98Ashley Ellyllon


Best Keyboard player and musician on Earth today.

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