Top 10 Greatest Snack Foods

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The Top Ten

Its funny that it is nearly impossible to only eat one chip in the WHOLE BAG if you want a snack the first thing that pops out of your head is chips any kind PRINGLES, LAYS, SUN CHIPS the funny thing is you don't care its chips the most obvious snack
Who doesn't love chips! That is literally the first thing that comes into my mind when I think about chips. Nacho cheese Dorito, sour cream and onion pop chips... The possibilities are endless!
My stomach is growling just thinkin' about them. They're so good, plus there is so many different kinds.
[Newest]If I eat 1 potato chip I eat the rest of the bag

Oreos are 100 years old, have a chocolate outside and a creamy inside, are milk's favorite cookie, have been referenced numerous times in pop culture, and are the best cookie ever. Let's vote for Oreos! Also, chips, fruit, cereal, and granola bars are too bland. Whoever took the time to think of 1 cookie to submit is genius.


Oh my God! Soo good. Especially when dipped in milk. Then, it's like Heaven.
Oreos take the house. THEY ARE THE BEST
[Newest]I love Oreos I would eat them every day if I could

3Goldfish Crackers
The Original by itself has not changed one bit. It is perfectly salty and has a savory Cheddar flavor. Baby Cheddar is cute, but it can fall out your hand. Parmesan has a proper Parmesan flavor. It tastes like Pizza when combined with Flavor Blasted Pizza. Flavor blasted is a gimmick, because Goldfish is already flavor blasted. The seasoning overpowers the cheese flavor, and they break the vow of Goldfish not leaving residue on your hand. It took me just 8 hours to finish the entire package of Vanilla Cupcake, because the presentation and flavors are beyond exceptional, it tastes like a great Sugar Cookie. These are apparently my favorites. Combine S'mores Goldfish with milk for a decent cereal.
So good! I love the cheesiness of the cracker! I'm not a huge fan of fish but whenever my mom or dad will tell me to eat my fish I'll tell them we don't have any goldfish but we can go get some!
Lots of different flavors, huge variety, you find them everyone, plus they're cheap and good. The snack that smiles back!
Awesome salty and delicious snack!


All kinds, really. Apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, peaches, plums... I love 'em all!
I feel like such a nerd but please, gotta be said.
Nothing better than cuties
[Newest]They taste good and are healthy.

Oreos are cookies so cookies are number2

Because it's a great little snack to have and it only takes a couple of minutes to toast. There also yummy especially strawberry pop tarts
Unwrap the package, pop 'em in the toaster, wait a couple of minutes, then they're done! They are so easy and yummy!
I had one everyday after school 5 days a week I loved them! So I have decided to go on a pop tart diet and I haven't ate one in like 3 months!

I love popcorn! It's so good with some butter and salt! Also, with a movie to go with it, it's even better. Popcorn is the best snack the world has to offer us. I don't know why it's not at the top of this list.
Extra butter, best ever
Sounds good right now

Best snack that was ever invented. I could live off of these. They come in s many diffrent kinds. My favorite is regular. I would be them in the hundreds that; how good they R.If you have not had them your definitely missing out a great snack. I encourage you to get some. I love it.
I love cheez-its, especially when the cheese hasn't aged yet, he makes cheesy jokes but he taste good. I love cheese. laugh out loud
Cheez-its are he very best

9Fruit Snacks
Whenever I'm hungry, I'll just grab a small package of fruit snacks, and that about does it.

Nothing like a quick bowl of cereal to fill you up.

The Contenders

11Granola Bars
What's not to love about a small, retangular bar that comes in all different flavors? Plus, they're healthy!
Very small and quick and very nutritious an healthy. Its perfect on to go.

This I number 1 in my book
2 good 4 you



They are nice and cool, and you eat them with a spoon. They are also really good when they're frozen, too.

16Chocolate Bar

This should be higher, it so good

They are so delicious! They are nice and salty, too.

19Gummy Bears

If there was a top 10 list on ball food. YOUR LOOKINg AT NUMBER 1

Literally the greatest snack food of all time.
One of my favorites

22Hershey's Chocolates
I LOVE this stuff I'm addicted to it and every time I go to snack shack I get 2 crispitos and a cherry dr pepper with Hershey's milk chocolate

23Bits & Bites

My mom does not let me have them but I wont them
I just had my first on July 4th 2014


26Chips and Salsa

27Spicy Noodles


29Kinder Bueno



Delicious definitely the best snack ever!



35Soft Pretzel

These are better than life
These are love in a box


38Chex Mix
It's o combination of all delicious snacks! What's not to love. There is a salty AND sweet version. Holla!
So good, combo of amazing snacks

39Ice Cream
Nice to have after dinner.

40Ring Dings


42Cotton Candy

I didn't think anyone would put this on the list
I'm the one who put this on the list and the first hour it moved 14 spots

44Devil Dogs

45Kingston Biscuits

46Trail Mix

47Dried Mangoes

48Snack Cakes

49Meji Products
I loved YanYan, Hello Panda, and so much more!

50Kinder Surprise
Best surprise toys ever! Toy surfers that come with a beach hut and surfboard, a groovy tabletop spinner, a toy robot with awesome stickers to put on it, a toy giraffe with a stretchable neck and stretchable legs, a furry but solid lion figurine with nice beady eyes and a plastic kangaroo that wobbles when you tickle its tummy are just some of the awesome surprise toys that you can get in these eggs.

How has this not been added yet?

52Snow Cones

53Samosa With Chutney


55Bread Pakora
India's all time favourite snack.

56Garam Samosa
Indians favourite snack with tea or coffee.

57Corn Nuts


59Banana Twinkies

60Hello Panda





65Tastykake Cupcakes

66Sunflower Seeds
Ah... Such a salty delight. They are so good, and they can help people quit habits. I got my dad to quit smoking with these sunflower seeds! Seriously, try them and they are really really good!


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