Greatest Tesla Songs


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Love Song
Tesla showing they write classic ballads with guitar rock solo. Quality
This isn't just the best song from them but the most amazing song I have ever heard from them. The video is so awesome!
This songs makes me remember the good music times!
[Newest]This song is so awesome and inspiring! Love it!

2Modern Day Cowboy
This song captures everything that tesla is as a band. The solo is very memorible. The hook is unmatched by any of thier other songs. This is the song you hear on the radio and say...hell yea Tesla kicks ass. Modern Day Cowboy IS Tesla
Love this song. Best Tesla song.

3What You Give
This song just makes me think about who I really am and what I want in life!
I haven't listen all their song yet but whatever I did, this is absolutely their best for me..that smooth, heart warming and catchy guitar strumming, lively vocal, deeply moving lyrics.. Everything is it from the first time I listened to!
The ending riff where the chords are being slowly strummed and jeff is sort of whispering "what you give" literally saved my life. Tesla will always be the greatest ever.
[Newest]Number 2 in my book of Tesla songs!

4Ez Come Ez Go

5Cumin' Atcha Live
Awesome hard rocker. Should be in Top 5 at least.

6Flight to Nowhere
One of the biggest hidden gems in the whole Tesla catalog. If you aren't a big fan, you won't even notice it tucked away on Great Radio Controversy. How it wasn't bigger, I have no idea.

7Mama's Fool
Whenever I hear these guys go from acoustic to electric in the beginning of this song I get goosebumps, so good
Yeah, the sound of that guitar is amazing... the groove is awesome

8Song and Emotion
Top 5 for me. Great, great song.

This was the first song I had ever heard by Tesla, and man, what a great tune. It never gets old, it's point hits home, and you can't NOT sing along!
One of my all time favorite songs.
One of my all time favorites. Love this song. Glad it hit the top ten list
[Newest]Best song they have out right here

10Rock Me to the Top

The Contenders

11Call It What You Want
One of their best! Its definitely under rated
Awesome! I love this song!

12Freedom Slaves
Can't you see were just a slave!


Love the methodical approach... Start slow, finish fast! Good rock ballad!
Should be right behind love song in the #2 slot.
This should be top 3! Great power ballad!

15Need Your Lovin'

16Little Suzi
Love this song. The 80's version of "Over the Hills And Far Away" - Led Zeppelin, which is about the greatest compliment you could give to a song. Should be at least in the top 10 at least.
Love the beginning acoustic

17Hang Tough
Awesome song from The Great Radio Controversy


18Before My Eyes
Very underrated song! Nice to see it get some respect!
One of there best slow songs and that is saying a lot.

19Edison's Medicine
This song definitely describes the battle between the great inventor and electrician vs edison
This is a rocking' track from start to finish, definitely my favourite from the band

20Caught In a Dream

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