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Forrest Gump
Surely the best movie of Tom Hanks.
"Life is a box of chocolates.. you never know what u gona get"


I love his stupidity
like "u are my girl"
"he's got a daddy named forest too"
Run forrest run to the top of the list
[Newest]In my Top 2 Movies of all time with The Goonies being #1 only because that was the first really good movie I ever watched and without either of the two my life would never be the same.

2Saving Private Ryan
There is absolutely no other! His performance is pretty good but the movie is so much better than any Tom Hanks movie! It does rival Forrest Gump though
saw forrest gump ans thought it was great, saw saving private ryan and I was speechless


so realistic. best war movie eva


[Newest]BEST WAR MOVIE EVER! It is so realistic and shows how bad and bloody war really is

3Cast Away
I'm voting for this based on performance.. Still think private ryan is the best film he's ever been in.. But his acting in this film is SO good he's absolutely flawless he alone carries this film the last 30 minutes are so moving its hard to watch.. And what about the burbs not even cracking the top 25? That film is hilarious an underrated comedy in my opinion
I love this kind of things and Im big lost fan


I watched this movies twice. I think it is not only movie but it is real time story of a person who escapes from no man's island. My hats off to Tom Hanks for his wonderful acting.
[Newest]Wow.. This movie is thought provoking, touching and awesome at its best. I cannot even imagine anybody else doing this role, that would just be unfair. The whole charisma of this movie comes from tom hanks.

4The Green Mile
the standards of this film is MILES ahead of the rest. a very emotional story with fantastic acting
This is absolutely the most Powerfully driven movie of all time. It is devastating when John and Paul Edgecomb both know it wasn't him that killed the girls but John still has to die. Otherwise still an incredible movie. Second best only to Forrest Gump.


WOW WOW WOW! I've seen this movie more than 16 times but still can't stop watching this movie again... A CLASS
[Newest]Even though people say Forest Gump is his best I beg to differ it is easily this.

5Toy Story
Toy Story is a huge part of my childhood.


Favorite of all animation.
Should at least be number 2

I saw this movie when I was 10 on cable Television. It inspired me then and I wanted to see it again but couldn't because I live in India and you can't just go to store and buy an American movie in those days. About a year ago, I downloaded it, found complete silence and then saw it again. It felt like the last piece of an incomplete puzzle.
I can watch this movie over and over again and never get enough. Its almost sad when he turns small again, he's impossible to let go. He's just spectacular in everything he does. The way he walks, talks, plays, run... His innocence brings out the charm in the movie.
very nice movie tom hanks is amazing in this movie

7Apollo 13
Not a false note in Hanks' acting... No overwrought response when he realises what the crew of Apollo 13 faces, the odds stacked pretty much against them. He is in complete control, knowing his crew depends on him.
I absolutely loved this movie. I also like how it relates to NASA too!


It was an outsting movie ihave ever seen

8The Terminal
He has shown acting can not only be done by great dialogues. Here, his innocence is his great power. He is really a versatile actor. Salute you Hanks.
This is a great movie because the whole movie is taken within a terminal...
I have seen all Tom Hanks movies and I like this movie and 'Angels and Demons' very much... The best part about this movie is that Hanks makes friends with the people in the terminal and falls in love with a woman... I belived this movie would be next in rank to Forrest Gump... I am pretty much disappointed... Vote for this movie guys...
I don't think, this movie should be in the top 10 list...
Yeah!.. tom hanks is good but overall I found this movie a tad bit boring, and I didn't see how sleepless in Seattle, you've got mail and a league of their own is not a part of this list.
[Newest]Definitely the best for me :D

9Toy Story 2

10Toy Story 3
Why isn't Toy Story 3 NOT in the top ten? It's higher than The Green Mile and Big on the list for best movies of all time.
Woody never gets old. it should be next to terminal..

The Contenders

This should have been higher on the list, the acting is the best.
I'm on love with Andrew Beckett thanks for Tom Hanks's acting...

12Captain Phillips
Tom Hanks best film in recent times, absolutely incredible. He gives such a genuine and strong performance with great depth. Captain Phillips is a breathtaking film with tremendous performances and it's full of intensity and excitement. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.
This should be in number 3! Come on.
Decided to vote for this because it belongs in the Top 10. Excellent performance by Hanks and everyone in this film. Truly captivating

13Road to Perdition
An amazing film on the relation between a father and his son, based on a thrilling plot.
Tom Hanks at his best. The best father son relationship ever in silver screen.
The awesome cinematography will take your heart away. The story telling and the direction will take you back to the winters of 1931.!

14Catch Me If You Can
Ever loved film whoever once watch this film.
This film should be awarded Oscar.
Just shocked seeing this film on bottom of the list.
How can people forget this movie.
Great accent he have use in this movie
This should be at least in top 10

15A League of Their Own

16The Polar Express
Polar express is one of my favorite christmas movies of all time
Tom hanks voices 6 characters in this movie


17Turner and Hooch
It's so cute and heartbreaking!

18Saving Mr. Banks
Good movie I liked it. not bad.

19Sleepless in Seattle
It's definitely one of best romantic movie ever!

20The Money Pit
The money pit is so funny just as funny as the burbs

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