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21Mean Business

Led Zeppelin have stairway to heaven, guns n roses have November rain, deep purple have child in time, Bon jovi have dry country... Whitesnake have forevermore!

This is the most beautiful song ever.

A beautiful song and great solo.

23Help Me Thro' the Day

The best sadness feeling

24Ready an' Willing

This is an amazing hard rock song. One of Whitesnake's top 15 for shure! Great guitar riff and the solo is perfect! And vocals are just stunning as always.

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25Nighthawk (Vampire Blues)
26Guilty of Love

This song is not one of cliche ones that everyone knows. You can't say that you like one of those and claim to be a whitesnake fan. This song almost summarizes their music. All of the songs are amazing but this one definitely deserves top 10.

Definitely should be higher, a very catch chorus within what is really rocking tune with some good riffs added to mix.

28You're Gonna Break My Heart Again
29Sweet Lady Luck
30Medicine Man
31Walking In the Shadow of the Blues

Fantastic song. "I love the blues, they tell my story" indeed.

I wish they'd done more like this. Pure blues. Beautiful.

32Bloody Mary
33Spit It Out
34Love Will Set You Free

Incredible song! Really great guitar participation. One of the best vocals of Coverdale.

35Standing In the Shadow

Too many people standing in the shadow of love, but too few people appreciating the qualities of this song...

36Wine, Women An' Song

One of the best rock n roll songs ever

37Wings of the Storm

Great song, another great from white snake

39Till the Day I Die
40Give Me More Time
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