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21 Doubleback Doubleback
22 I Need You Tonight I Need You Tonight

I know it's weird, but this one's my favourite, the bluesy sound it has really relaxes me - Rocker00

Please listen to this one before you vote otherwise. Thank me later.

Great driving tune turn it up loud.

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23 Mexican Blackbird Mexican Blackbird
24 Burger Man Burger Man

Awesome song with an awesome video. Don't get me wrong the 70's period of the band (Tres Hombres, Fandango, Deguello) was the best. But even the purists cannot deny the awesomeness of their 80's output, which was perfectly encapsulated within this song.

25 (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree
26 Brown Sugar Brown Sugar

How is this so low? Should be in the top ten at least

Way too low! Essential zz top. Top 10 easily.

Sucks that they don't play this in concert. Best ever

Deserves top 5 in my opinion

27 Master of Sparks

Way too far down the list. Great lyrics and scorching hot guitar!

Unbelieveable that this song is so far down the list, when it was released it got no radio play cause it sounded like"through the sparks and the flame I knew that the claim of the Master of Sparks was God" and God wasn't allowed on the Rock and roll radio stations very much in 1973

My favorite due to lyrics and beat. Just good Rock and Roll steeped in blues.

28 Hot, Blue and Righteous
29 Old Man Old Man

Come on, this deserves to be in top ten. Such a graet and classic ZZ Top

30 El Diablo El Diablo V 2 Comments
31 Chevrolet
32 Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell

No synthesizers, no electronic bull. Pure old Texas blues at its best

33 My Head's In Mississippi My Head's In Mississippi

This is such a great song! The riff is kicking, similar to La Grange's, but better in my opinion. The lyrics are normal ZZ Top lyrics: Nonsense, but catchy.

More people need to hear this song. It's like the manliest song ever.

Just love this tune, rank it where you want to it's still one of their best...cheers

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34 Backdoor Love Affair
35 Have You Heard?
36 Stages Stages

How is this not higher on the list? Great song.

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37 Goin' Down to Mexico Goin' Down to Mexico
38 Whiskey'n Mama
39 Precious and Grace
40 I Thank You I Thank You

48? This one should be top 10 at least

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