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Acoustic Guitar


I do believe every instrument has its own challenges, but I have played guitar, piano, violin, viola, and drums. Guitar is very challenging noticing it has different frets, fingerpicking, capos, and it is played in some of the worlds hardest songs. Drums is not hard AT ALL. All you do is hit it and keep the beat. Piano has its challenges, but all you do is make sure you hit the right keys. Violin and viola, cello and base, YOU HAVE A BOW! You don't strum so much until your fingers are bright red and bleeding! I have played guitar for 6 years, wrote my own songs, oh, and try singing, strumming, correct chords, and staying on beat!
Best players of the acoustic guitar state that it is a very difficult instrument.
It is difficult to start playing, easier to form bad habits and injure yourself. It is not as established as other musical instruments in terms of teaching and music theory, meaning that getting a teacher who can read notes is not easy.
The guitar is known to betray anyone who stops playing it for a while, and time is needed to get as skillful as before.
You will not be a good guitarist, unless you really love the instrument and beat all the setbacks.
First, I think there are instruments not on the list that are harder than the acoustic guitar (harp anyone? ) But based on the instruments in the list, I think the acoustic guitar is harder to fully master and also harder to begin playing (building finger toughness), compared to electric guitar, so acoustic guitar should be higher up in the list.
I have been a musician for 8 years and have won many awards for it. I am a pianist, a flutist, and of course, a guitarist. It's fairly difficult to play guitar because of you have to get all the chords to sound right or they'll make a bad sound. You also have to come up with your own rhythm or "strum pattern" if you play with chord music. Some guitarists even add in their own kind of strum that can include flicks, mute strums, even pinches. I recommend listening to Feltbeats: Time Well Spent to try to listen for the different types of strums. My point is that it's difficult with all the different technique. ~Tom Felton
I don't know where I would rank it as a whole as I can only play the guitar, but acoustic guitar is definitely more challenging for a beginner because of how easily a chord can be scuffed if insufficient pressure is exerted compared to an electric which is almost like touching the chords down rather than pressing. Plus the stage before growing calluses hurts like a bitch.
Electric is just a derivative of acoustic. They made the electric smaller and easier to resonate sounds. I learned electric before acoustic, and acoustic is physically a little tougher to play. I would just put "guitar" in general as number 3. I wouldn't go so far as to differentiate between the two.
I like how acoustic is below electric. Everyone who voted electric has probably never even tried acoustic. Much harder.
I'm going to be honest, even for a person as virtuoso as I am and in love with music, the guitar is one of the most difficult instruments I've ever had to deal with, although I haven't had much experience in my defense, but I still have to hand it to guitar players you guys rock!
After you have been playing both electric and acoustic for ages, they become a easy as each other. But in my opinion the acoustic guitar was slightly harder to learn because of how hard you have to press the strings down, especially on barre chords
Many people think playing guitar is easy but it really isn't it takes major hand control which most people do not have. It is an endless journey and you can not master the guitar unlike other instruments on top of it.
Obviously harder than the electric guitar, don't know why that's up there! I would say that Acoustic guitar is hard to learn, but if you want to learn electric, then do Acoustic first, because it will make electric so much easier!
I guess playing acoustic guitar is tough as one has to manipulate the strings of the guitar. Also the strings of an acoustic guitar are harder than that of an electric one... Thus making it tougher to play.
Acoustic is way harder in my opinion. You have to put way more pressure on the string to produce a clear sound whereas for electric you have to apply a little pressure on the strings
It is really not that hard if you just practice like you are supposed. Practice and patience could make the difference from being bad to making a career out of the guitar.
Acoustic guitar should be at least top 5 by wrist sprained as well as my thumb this, and the fleshy part of your fingers always bleeds, and chords are just like the begening want to see something harder go and play some finger style or some bouree in e minor and you will see what I mean, acoustic is way harder than a flute and an electric guitar I have more experience so yeah, make some research before you make a list!
I agree that classical guitar is really hard. And so is electric. But acoustic is by far one of the easiest instruments to play. I mean, no instrument for is EASY but acoustic guitar comes really close. You have to be born to play certain instruments but anyone can learn guitar.
Acoustic guitar is the best instrument I've played so far, it's EXTREMELY HARDER than electric guitar, because when you play the acoustic guitar you're finger tips are getting harder ("kalyo" in Filipino). I've been playing the acoustic guitar for like 3 months and it's getting harder and harder when my skill is getting better, it makes me think that I should take lessons in summer (I'm just a fifth grader, add me on Facebook, my name is Mikhaela Jan Enriquez Ballano)and makes me wanna do sungha jung's fingerstyling even though I'm just a beginner.
It is even harder than the trombone and the electric guitar
Acoustic is much harder to learn and play then Electric.
It is much harder than electric why is electric above it
I don't know about straight acoustic guitar, but CLASSICAL guitar is tough as Hell. All of the problems that come with learning guitar in the first place are added to a new list of problems, including very strict posture, an uncomfortable fretboard, having to read EXTREMELY complex music (which is extra difficult when it's considered that notes can be played in multiple places on guitar) and playing both melody and harmony at the same time. Also, taking care of the fingernails on your picking hand can be a bitch.

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