Hottest American Actresses


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Jessica Biel
Gillian Anderson?! Are you kidding? Jessica Biel hands down is the best looking female in Hollywood.


Very nice, sexy looking women. What a lovely body!
Jessica biel is a hot female.


2Gillian Anderson
That's really classy American beauty. Let's see if any of the others is still there in 10 years.
Nothing beats her in the X-Files. Hot! Hot! Hot!


Yeay, you Brits, we are claiming her for us :-) Give her back, please.

3Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is hot she should be at Number 1 on the list I have never seen anyone hotter. None of the other actresses are hotter than her she is smoking And she has the beautiful legs
This should be labeled as hot bod not Jess Biel!


Any age, any role, any video, any dance routine...J. lo has me all the way.

4Jessica Alba
The ONLY way Gillian is ahead of most of these women (ie Jessica), is by somebody stuffing the ballot box. Even when this girl looks bad for her, it's still good!


She's hotter than jenna dewan, way hotter


I love Jessica alba she a hot actress.


5Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is hot she has got nice legs beautiful face And he bad girl look is very sexy!
She was hot, but that was until she spiraled down to rock bottom.

6Jenna Dewan
hot, beautiful, unique, talented


7Megan Fox
Thanks to the movie Transformers, she looks f_cking hot and I think she does deserves to be number 1. Plus, why is Lindsay Lohan doing at number 6, she's gross and smells like weed.
Megan Fox should be on the number 1 spot right now! She's ever more hotter than Angelina Jolie and Jessica Biel! Plus, she's got better tattoos, beauiful brunette hair, perfect body, and fiery blue eyes!
Virgin Megan is I think was hotter.


8Angelina Jolie
Jessica Biel is number 1 and Gillian Anderson is number 2? Come on, what the hell are you talking about?
Wow for her action films. She her self is an action filled with compassion and rage at the same time
Hottest woman ever. Bad girl to good girl sexy. Wife of another hot being! Just imagine them... Sexy!

9Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis is in many movies, and she looks great in all of them. She is in Black Swan with Natalie Portman, and looks much better than her. She should definitely be ranked 1.
She's born in Ukraine but live in america since 1991 so she's almost more American than ukrainian.

10Ariana Grande

The Contenders

11Téa Leoni
A lovely lithe beauty who deserves more than David Duchovney.


Personally I think Thandie Newton is the cream of the crop!
Tea Leoni has those sultry eyes and fantastic body

12Selena Gomez
Beat out of all so shocked to see her that far down on leader board

13Emma Stone

14Sophia Bush

15Victoria Justice

16Jennifer Aniston

17Sarah Michelle Gellar

18Scarlett Johanson
She the bomb! And that says it all. She is so flexible, and so her beauty. I don't think Jessica biel deserves to be on top.
Beautiful woman. She is way too beautiful and deserves the top spot in the list, she has a fresh looking cute face.
I totally love her in the Marvel movies. She's hot...
[Newest]So hot! She deserves to be #1 instead of #13

19Eva Longoria
Natalie Portman is by far the most pretty of them, but Longoria is the hotter. She is really attractive.

20Alicia Silverstone

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