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What happened to minecraft

It starts off simple and fun, and gets crazy addictive the more time you spend playing it. Love it!

Can easily spend so many hours on this, and so many different gameplay modes

Not that good of a game

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2Doodle Jump

I love playing Doodle Jump! I spend hours playing it! It is very entertaining. It is great to play when you have some spare time. Plus, the little thing that jumps is so cute! I would suggest this game to anybody that has an Ipod!

I love this app even though I don't even have my itouch yet but I've played on other peoples phones/itouches and it is awesome!

I love this game! So addicting! I played for hours with the cute little character!

The greatest iPhone game of all time - Clive888

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3Temple Run

This is like the epitome of awesome when it comes to iPod games. Really, just the best.

Why is this game 24th. I don't know why its not in the top 10. It's A REALLY GOOG GAME! - Checkee77

4Angry Birds

First of all why is this number 6 when its is number one on paid games on the app store? And the person who put this game as number six sucks and likes the game so much that he put it was number 6 because he is emmbaresed because he likes that game

I hate this game cause it's the same game ever time, at least Call of Duty does change some stuff, this game is the same f$&@king game ever time, and if you say I need to explain more your true but it's simple to no what am saying, I don't hate the fans I hate the game

5Clash of Clans

This game is so awesome one of my favorites! It's free and #1 top grossing apps! Its so awesome! If you don't get it your a loser!

This game is so addicting! One of the best android games you will ever play

I have level 10 town hall it's amazing

I don't have it yet but it sounds awesome

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6Plants vs Zombies

Good game could play it all day kids will LOVE it and will also have many hours on this app. I recommend this apps for you and your relatives and your friends or just people around you. Hope you like it!

I aggree but whys clash of clans not on this list - Hunter17p

7N.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

NOVA is awesome! Great multiplayer!
If this is no. 2 how about three?

Nova is one of the best games out for ipod it has a similarity to halo a great game on xbox but nova has awesome graphics with lots of surpizes with good guns but if they added zombies it would be a even better game

A little known first person shooter really brilliant the closest you will get to playing halo on iphone

Very cool game, I love the gyroscope movement

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8Minecraft PE

HOW is this not number 1. I mean angry birds come on. You pull back your finger and release it. So fun. Whoop dee doo. Doodle jump all you do is tilt the screen. Mine craft IS THE BEST

3 words: BEST GAME EVER!

Come on. It should be in the top 10.

Ah come on this should be the first right?

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9Subway Surfers

Subway surfes is a good game like temple run but better if temple run is on why isn't subway surfers its so awesome! Its free to temple run is rubbish yeah! Throw temple run in the bin and play subway surfers.

10Fruit Ninja

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11Jetpack Joyride

Best game ever I spent hours on it I have passed the game eight times I have played it more times then I listen to songs. It's the best game ever so buy it because most people get addicted to this game. It's got the best levels and also best evil people.

12Modern Combat: Sandstorm

Bye now

AMAZING but try Modern combat black pegasus its even better!

13Nazi Zombies
14Eden World Builder
15Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles

The best game ever played

16Flappy Bird

I love this game. Can you please put it back on the App Store

Flappy bird is the best! I played it 2 days strait!

17The Sims
18Minion Rush
19Ferrari GT Evolution
20Eliminate Pro

I love this online experience of FPS and futuristic sci-fi I also love the graphic and guns and its FREE hope you can join

This game deserves the #2 spot right under infinity blade

Awesome shooter game best multiplayer

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