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Sign of the Cross

Sign of the Cross
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Watch Rock in Rio and hear Dave Murrays best solo at 7.50
This is inarguably Blaze Bayley's best work with Maiden. It has that quiet, spooky intro that builds up into strong lyrics by Blaze. Janick and Dave's solos are brilliant in this song. Steve is brilliant as usual. It's a remarkable piece of work.
This is story of a man that that has felt he has sinned too much and thinks that he does not deserve God's love which eventually makes him turn to Satan. He is afraid of God's punishment. It is an epic piece that is haunting and very underrated and deserves a top 20 place at least.
Brilliant Song But Its Underrated Because Maiden Fans Love Bruce Dickinson...
But Blaze Is A Great Singer Too... Its Not Like Bruce But He Did Great Job In This Song... And We Hear This Song so far from 1995 until 2011... And My Dream Is To See This Song Live In The From Fear To Eternity Tour... Up The Irons My Friends
Ok, The X Factor wasn't Maiden's finest hour and this really came to life on the Rock in Rio live double.. May have been inspired by Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose, but the lyrics work on multiple levels, recounting a tale of a man finding a strength to carry on when the odds are truly against him.
WTF? The best song of Iron maiden in 65? Because of Blaze?
I think there are many people who haven't a good taste on music...
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a complex 11 minutes long masterpiece, that is really underrated, perhaps because of blaze bayley. The version that's on rock in rio is even better than the studio one. UP THE IRONS
What the hell is this doing below the top 5, let alone at #55? I'm sorry, but this is one hell of a masterpiece. And if the reason it's not up is because it's from the Blaze era... Then shame on you all...
Fantastic song and underrated. Long live Blaze Bayley!
Another awesome blaze song!
The X-Factor happens to be one of my favorite Maiden albums and this song is one of the main reasons why. An atmospheric and dark masterpiece, Steve pours his heart out into both the lyrics and the music. The Gregorian Chant and bass intro always give me chills, and the music continues to escalate brilliantly to a stirring coda with a flurry of amazing solos. Blaze's vocals on this are also amazing and fit the music perfectly. Instrumental section is hard to top.
I Love this song, Daves solo just owns
Very good song. I only like the Rock in Rio version though. Dave's solo is his best.

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